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The Escapist: "David Cage's cinematic experience pushes the boundaries of how we define 'play.'"

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edwineverready1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I hope this game can match TLOU'S storytelling.

Septic1882d ago

Rather impressively, this looks like it might even trump TLOU in the story telling and voice acting/animation departments. No mean feat considering how TLOU set a new standard in those areas, in my opinion.

Etseix1882d ago

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Maybe yes, on those departments, due that we all know that they are focusing on those mostly, while TLOU , just, damn, i expected nothing but a good gameplay (stealth-based-game) and i got maybe one (if not the most) touching story ever told in this generation /period (

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RememberThe3571882d ago

I think this game is going to be like Heavy Rain where you either love it or hate it. I fkin loved Heavy Rain so I'm looking forward to this but its hard to read into these previews since all their impressions are different.

Wni01882d ago

heavy rain was absolutely amazing in terms of trying new stuff, if they could just nail those controls.

This is the future of games, it will just take some time.

_QQ_1882d ago

I wouldn't call interactive movie button prompts the "future of gaming" especially considering how niche the market is.

RememberThe3571882d ago

2+ million units moved. Thats not really "niche."

_QQ_1882d ago

when compared to other big games it is...,Not everyone wants to play a game about button prompts,Regardless of how good the story is. I know allot of people that didn't understand what they were buying hen they purchased heavy rain. The reception for HR is very divided between the people who played it.Not saying it's bad for what it is, but its not "The future of gaming"

Allowen1882d ago

In terms of storyline this Beyond two souls, TLoU and GTAv should be the best games of the year.
Even beating some RPGs on that matter.