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The Escapist: "David Cage's cinematic experience pushes the boundaries of how we define 'play.'"

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edwineverready1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I hope this game can match TLOU'S storytelling.

Septic1632d ago

Rather impressively, this looks like it might even trump TLOU in the story telling and voice acting/animation departments. No mean feat considering how TLOU set a new standard in those areas, in my opinion.

Etseix1632d ago

[email protected]
Maybe yes, on those departments, due that we all know that they are focusing on those mostly, while TLOU , just, damn, i expected nothing but a good gameplay (stealth-based-game) and i got maybe one (if not the most) touching story ever told in this generation /period (

Ghost_of_Tsushima1632d ago

If David Cage would take the QTE out of his games I think the would really shine especially with his great story telling.

wordthrower1632d ago

if he could take the qte out of his games there wouldn't be a whole hell of a lot left

Salooh1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I really don't see why people complain about heavy rain. It's a new type of gameplay. Just play it for what it's created for , it's like bashing GT6 for not having a story in it's campaign when the game is all about gameplay.

The creators think gameplay should make sense by connecting it to the story. That's unique vision. Just play it to the end then judge it. I think anyone who want a serious game should buy beyond: two souls . I'm tired of games like call of duty. Just kill kill killlllll , riding a horse to confront tanks , helicopters , army -.- ..

ABizzel11632d ago

It's because some people prefer action based everything, and while I'm usually one of those people I still accept a game for what it is and for that reason I enjoyed Heavy Rain a lot.

There are some control issues I have with the game like holding R2 to walk instead of the using the left thumbstick. That's a legitimate complaint, because it's just awkward, but QTE's are just how the game plays and you know that going into it. Would it be better with actions based controls? There's a chance, but that may not be their strong suit and I'd rather have a great story with simple, but intuitive gameplay than a game with a great story and awful gameplay.

Salooh1632d ago

I think they are evolving the story telling of the games. They are trying to make a game story that reach the quality level of the movies but in reality it's better because you controle the story. It's something the movies can't do. Yes , the gameplay is not for everyone but it's part of this vision and if they separate it then the goal will be different. The goal is to be serious , putting mindless gameplay isn't a smart idea for this game..

I say people should accept it and support it , doing that will make other developers try to make better story's with the gameplay they want. After playing the last of us i think gaming have a better future then movies if they make steps like beyond , final fantasy 15 , mgsv ..etc

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1632d ago

He already took the QTE out for this game. The only thing close to it is your reaction time based on what you do in a fight scene or w/e. It doesn't tell you to press a button, you just have to react to it in the right way or you get hit (although the fight will likely still continue unless you get hit too many times or something).

Inception1632d ago

Isn't that ironic. I mean, your id name is 'Kratos_Kills' and God of War series very popular with QTE. But you want David Cage to take QTE out from Beyond Two Souls?

showtimefolks1632d ago


with conventional gameplay controls these sort of games are not possible, its not all QTE in heavy rain and in beyond 2 souls david cage said he learned a lot from his last game so controls could be better

what i disliked about heavy rain was in controls just to walk straight was a mess, you had to hold 2 buttons if i am not wrong. Heavy rain is one of my favorite games of all times

spoiler alert:

when you have to cut part of your hand for next clue that scene is so powerful

than when the character has to strip for someone that felt very weird/uncomfortable so david cage knows how to get the emotion out of us as players

we know its not conventional gameplay but if half the people who are bashing it actually played they would understand why to so many its such a special game

I am tired of being handed a weapon to be a hero even though i have to kill thousands of people and in the end there is very little reward or emotional attachment

asura wrath is also most QTE but its also a very good game

badz1491632d ago

that's like saying point-and-click games should stop being what they are or RTS games should allow you to be one of the unit and play regardless of commands!

that's not how things work and that's why we have genres. if this genre is not your cup of tea, then fine, there are other games for you but saying that David Cage's games need to throw away all the QTE is just ridiculous.

you know what game need to lay off the excessive QTE? Ryse!

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RememberThe3571632d ago

I think this game is going to be like Heavy Rain where you either love it or hate it. I fkin loved Heavy Rain so I'm looking forward to this but its hard to read into these previews since all their impressions are different.

Wni01632d ago

heavy rain was absolutely amazing in terms of trying new stuff, if they could just nail those controls.

This is the future of games, it will just take some time.

_QQ_1632d ago

I wouldn't call interactive movie button prompts the "future of gaming" especially considering how niche the market is.

RememberThe3571632d ago

2+ million units moved. Thats not really "niche."

_QQ_1632d ago

when compared to other big games it is...,Not everyone wants to play a game about button prompts,Regardless of how good the story is. I know allot of people that didn't understand what they were buying hen they purchased heavy rain. The reception for HR is very divided between the people who played it.Not saying it's bad for what it is, but its not "The future of gaming"

Allowen1632d ago

In terms of storyline this Beyond two souls, TLoU and GTAv should be the best games of the year.
Even beating some RPGs on that matter.