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Why The Last of Us is the first truly mature action game

GamesRadar - Many have tried. Only one has yet succeeded. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

-Mezzo-  +   698d ago
The Last Of Us had everything, Story, Graphics, Enjoyable Multiplayer, Characters,... but the 1 thing that out-shinned them all was,... Joel.

I absolutely loved him, it actually felt like that he has SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS...................... ............................... ........'Survived 20 Years Of Apocalypse'.
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Donnieboi  +   698d ago
Don't say any spoilers. Whats the matter with some people, sheesh!
kraigslist_killa  +   698d ago
SPOILERS ALERT!!!!! Joel and Ellie definitely bang. I mean thats what I've heard.
Ezz2013  +   698d ago
this game has the action, the stealth, the horror and on top of that it's a survival

i have never played a game like it in my life

ND really is the top dog now
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HammadTheBeast  +   698d ago
That part in the hotel with the tense horror was just amazing. I can't remember the last time I was that tense in a game.
ABizzel1  +   698d ago
After the elevator fall?

That part was scary. I was hoping nothing was down there, but it's always too good to be true.

The tunnel is another scary part at first, but it's rather easy to navigate, after dispatching the runners first.
Raccoon  +   698d ago
Once i see bottles and bricks laying i see it as a giveaway, the more crap the enemies... And as for the elevator fall part all i did was find the solution to door and make run for the door LMAO! Not even a scratch was made or a bullet spent all i heard were clickers and bloaters going nuts but not a single f*ck was given.
Septic  +   698d ago
Ah man yeah, try playing with surround sound. My days it was insane. Luckily I managed to do that bit right. My brother on the other hand.....lol I was in the room next door and I knew he was on that bit and all I could hear is him screaming like....."WHERE'S THE BLOODY KEYCARD?!! Omg BLOATER! This is so unfair!"

Lol I was cracking up. He was terrified.
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onyoursistersback  +   698d ago
i got tears in my eyes....
...this game was released so close to father's day.
And it sucked!!!! cuz i didn't spend it with my kid.... T_T
i had here in my mind most of the game...
WorldGamer  +   698d ago
The approach taken for TLOU is phenomenal. Gameplay is subjective, but the story ND has woven with this game is just great. This is a serious game that elicits real feelings. Definitely can't wait to see what comes next.
ThePsychoGamer  +   698d ago
I read the article hoping to see why the guy said this was the first mature action game as apposed to other games known for there mature stories like Specs ops the Line or Yakuza, though it seem after reading it, he just didn't play these games :/
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ifritAlkhemyst  +   698d ago
Most gamers and especially reviewers don't have a clue what it means to be mature. They have this very narrow idea of what it means to be mature in a game and fail to recognize (in most cases, never even experienced) many titles throughout the 90's that delivered maturity in spades.
andrewer  +   698d ago
Yeah lol, the game can be good, but too much overhype cause articles like this.
cyguration  +   698d ago

I dare anyone to play the entirety of Max Payne 3 with

the human organ trafficking sub-plot


and tell me that it isn't mature.
Wni0  +   698d ago
No, stop. Just look at the title "Max Payne!" That's so matureeee.
cyguration  +   698d ago

Spot-on. It's such a shame Max Payne didn't receive more awards because the writing was killer.

Some of that stuff will literally make you queasy but it's like no one could get past bullet time or Max's "drink-o-vision".
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   698d ago
Max had it's mature moments in it's writing and plot but i wouldn't say it compares to what the TLOU did.

So many taboo subjects tackled head on.Parents killing their children to spare them the infection, corpses of children hidden under tarps throughout the game.Ellie, a 15 year old girl, viciously murdering people and scenes of her even getting brutally killed (if you die)

David, being a cannibal and a pedophile/rapist and trying to seduce ellie.

The whole Bill/frank gay relationship thing which i think was well done, in the sense that it wasn't so stereotypical and "in-your-face".

Among many other things as well.Overall it was just a triumphant leap forward for video games as a medium.We've come along way from being seen as mankids playing childrens toys.Games rival hollywood now, and in this case, sometimes surpass them.
j-blaze  +   698d ago
TLoU must be his first game lol sucks to be him
DigitalRaptor  +   698d ago
Sucks to actively hate a game without playing it.

Explain to me, with those 2 bubbles you know you can use, how is this author wrong?
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Y_5150  +   698d ago
The violence was appropriate in this game unlike many of mature games out there in recent years.
Lovable  +   698d ago
The violence here is brutal but beautiful. It's called perfection
ifritAlkhemyst  +   698d ago
Violence is appropriate in any game about survival if you want to play that contextual game.

The violence in Doom is appropriate considering you're fighting for you life, for example.
DigitalRaptor  +   698d ago
Except the combat here makes you feel worse about yourself, not better.

It's not just about defeating "evil" to survive. It's the fact that you are just as evil as the ones you kill to survive. Perhaps even worse in some respects, considering the people infected have no choice or control over their outcome. The hunters are doing whatever it takes to survive. The fireflies are doing whatever it takes to ensure humanity's survival.

It's even plain in this world.
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Hydralysk  +   698d ago
So what, did Spec Ops The Line just stop existing at some point?
Wni0  +   698d ago
Simple twists with condemned ripoff effects don't make a game mature. Spec ops is like playing a game version of he movie "the rock" everything is so fucking over the top that its hard to take seriously. TLoU has real characters not just some grunts on he wrong side.
gamertk421  +   698d ago
Yeah, there was no mature theme in the recent Tomb Raider...
nerdkiller  +   698d ago
this game has best voice acting and writing in videogame history. every game has cheesy writing but this one was damn near universal picture quality

..... ok maybe too much but damn good for a game
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Corpser  +   698d ago
Ninja please, so the Uncharted games are not mature action games?
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cyguration  +   698d ago
WTF is up with this guy?

The Lost & Damned anyone? Did we just forget about that?

L.A. Noire?

And I can't believe this guy just blew off Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is arguably one of the greatest games ever made... ever!

The Last of Us is great, no doubt, but I'm not about to dismiss other "mature" games just because TLOU is the latest greatest game to come out for consoles.
SonyPS4  +   698d ago
Great game, better than Uncharted by far, but this blog is stretching the truth a bit.
rpd123  +   697d ago
Exactly. It's great, but it's definitely over hyped.
SlapHappyJesus  +   698d ago
There were plenty of truly mature releases (L.A Noire, Max Payne 3, Witcher series, etc) beforehand.
Nothing to take away from the Last of Us. It truly is phenomenal.
The writer really needs to broaden his gaming horizons, or at least take off the blinders.
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j-blaze  +   698d ago
agreed, except the game wasn't "truly phenomenal" imo it was ok, gamers and journalists have gone nuts because of this game just ridicules
SlapHappyJesus  +   698d ago
I can't speak for it, personally. Going to be purchasing my first PS3 this fall and can only go by word of mouth.
edwineverready  +   698d ago
The story telling is great. movie quality and i really felt a connection with the lead characters. i felt arrange of emotions when i played this game sadness happiness frightened. if that is what he means by mature i agree with him.
Hazmat13  +   698d ago
not gonna lie in the hunter city, i love when they beg for there lives then i beat them with a brick or a crowbar..... i thought they beg for life scene in the last of us hotel level Demo (i thought the shotgun to the face was just for cinematic reasons) but some guy was like NO NO NO NO! then i shot him..... this game is awesome!
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rpd123  +   697d ago
Haha, same. The doctors in the last part were unarmed and posed no threat but I still killed them all mercilessly....there's something wrong with us
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   698d ago
I've played all games(except Witcher)mentioned here.They are all mature,but for me there is just something different about the TLOU.That makes it a cut above those games.And is it just me or does the TLOU seem a little Half Life ish
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Sharius  +   698d ago
this game is both resident evil and tomb raider trying to be, horror and survival
Jamaicangmr  +   698d ago
Trying to be? Have you actually played it? Another thing TLOU has redefined what survival horror actually is, RE lost it's way many, many installments ago.

It strikes a perfect balance between stealth, action, survival and horror.

My only complaint is the Multiplayer i'm not very fond of it. Feels a bit too clunky and grind heavy for my taste but it sure doesn't detract from the amazing single player.
Lovable  +   698d ago
This is a slap in Capcom's face and their RE stance of going into action game.
Jamaicangmr  +   698d ago
They need a slap in the face, they ruined the franchise. Now ita just another action game and not even a good one at that.
MikeyDucati1  +   698d ago
Maybe to a young kid whose gaming career isn't that long but TLOU is not the first mature action title.

The game is good but my god, just stop with the wayne's world "we are not worthy" articles.
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Maninja  +   698d ago
I think what the author means by mature is that the gameplay itself is mature. Yes games like spec ops the line do have a mature plot, but the gameplay is still just shoot hundreds of guys. The last of us actually makes you feel like you are killing a person just to survive. Every time I strangle a person, watching them try to slap my face really makes it seem as if Joel doesn't want to do this, but he has to. And I think the infected represent Joel and the humanity he has lost. While he is forced to survive, killing these things that have lost all their humanity just reminds you of the people you have killed to make it to this point. This is the greatest video game I have ever played, and I hope they make another game in this universe, whether it's a sequel or a prequel explaining a characters past.
S-T-F-U  +   698d ago
Giraffe. That is all. :)
joefrost00  +   698d ago
I agree the last.of us has everything
But to say truly mature is nonsense
Looking at the themes bioshock infinite touch on and its story
Last of us is not even close
Which is the better game is another discussion
babis1974  +   698d ago
THE LAST OF US is a masterpiece , a diamond in the game industry and a landmark for the new age of gaming!
aaronobst  +   698d ago
The "It's me" scene at the end of winter was utterly captivating… It hit me right in the core.

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