6 things you’ve heard about next-gen (that aren’t true)

GamesRadar - Always online? Game sharing? Free-to-play console MMOs? Backwards compatibility? There’s been plenty of news and announcements over the past few weeks concerning the next generation of consoles. It seems like there are just as many new features being announced as there are refuted, convoluted, or, as of a few days ago, completely renounced.

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GdaTyler1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

One thing I know that isn't true is that Microsoft didn't screw up. It's like they intentionally want to lose their customers by robbing them of flexibility. The only thing that will help Microsoft is them making a complete U-turn. The PS4 and Wii-U will murder it in sales until Microsoft decides to make the Xbox One look at least slightly attractive to the majority of gamers. Microsoft needs to stop with these gimmicks and focus on what gamers want most- games not TV. Evidence of their desperation includes them wanting to milk Halo to hell since it brings in so much income. Get your act together Microsoft.

Software_Lover1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

they did make a U-turn. Months before the console even released.

They focused on games at E3 and had a great showing. There was only one game with a gimmick, I guess you're meaning Kinect, that they advertised and that was the Kinect Sports game. Halo isn't coming out until next year sometime, and they showed plenty of other games.

GdaTyler1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

U-turn? Please. They need a miracle. Have you seen how many gamers want the XBOX-One compared to the Wii-U and PS4? It's amazing how little want Xbox-one. Just accept Microsoft is a money hungry company that hates and doesn't give a crap about its customers.

snipab8t1736d ago

Finally someone on N4G who makes some sense around here.

Software_Lover1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

They made a mistake, people revolted, they changed their mistake.

For some it's that simple, for others it is not. For some they will accept anything microsoft throws their way, for others, even if the console was free they would find a negative.

The bottom line is people just want to play games. Some of you take it a little personal for some reason. If someone says they are gonna buy an XBone to play Halo, Forza, and Killer Instinct you call them idiots? Who are you to tell someone what to do with their money? If someone says they are buying a PS4 to play Infamous, Drive Club, and Gran Turismo you say they are stupid. Why?

Take a step back and a deep breath at the same time, now hold that breath...................

GdaTyler1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I never called them stupid if they wanted to buy the Xbox-one, just saying Microsoft's making it look very unattractive. Just pointing out that Microsoft really has problems and hasn't changed around enough. :) I don't mean to get into a heated argument. Just sharing my views on why Microsoft really needs to turn around or lose a lot of its credibility. Exclusives don't matter if no one wants to buy the console if they feel like it's suffocating them. :p

Dee_911736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Unfortunately for MSFT,consumers ( especially gamers) aren't quick to forget.The fact they thought about pulling this DRM filled anti consumer machine off don't sit well with people, and it showed just how msft see its consumers.Really all companies see us as money machines but the good companies knows its a partnership with the consumers.Some think they control the consumers.You can guess which MSFT is.. or was.They can change but like I said people arent quick to forget.

Utalkin2me1735d ago

Well when it comes to xbox 1 nothing is true. Seems they can change policies or whatever they want and when they want.

JayD-1K1735d ago

What I can't understand is, why do you still need to connect to the internet (I know, it'll only be for one time) to get rid of the DRM? They should be able to do that right now! I mean come on, did anybody notice that? It's still months away and you can't fix the problem?!
Sounds fishy!
Does any body else remember PlayTV?

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r40k2131735d ago

Is it a bad thing that 4 out of the 6 deal exclusively with the Xbox One? Microsoft needs to be very careful with how they approach PR after E3.

Jakens1735d ago

I haven't seen enough information (for myself) to decide if the PS4 is really more powerful. It is really hard to think of any thing argue with the developers about though.

I do hope that some instant switching between games make the Xbox seem cool. Because, I'll have 35 games and I like every game leaving off where I switched out of it to another one. I can then switch between that one and my other 34 games. If this dream that I have about my 35 game instant switching is not true, then that makes my eyes rain.

sAVAge_bEaST1735d ago

no more instant switch ,, they took that out with DRM.

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sumus1735d ago

error 310, too many redirections.... lol

Gardenia1735d ago

Even if Microsoft cuts the price of the Xbox to 399, the PS4 has so much more power. At first this might not seen important but after a year or so you will see PS exclusives that look so much better than anything on the Xbox. Just wait for games that are made by Naughty Dog