The Crew action-packed E3 multiplayer gameplay - Team VVV

VVV: "t's safe to say we have high hopes of The Crew and its potential to further innovate the genre when it comes to online multiplayer. Combining Test Drive Unlimited's online open world exploration and Driver: San Francisco's action-packed chases and destruction, The Crew looks set to utilise both team's talents in a compelling way that takes full advantage of the next generation hardware. "

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WorldGamer2005d ago

Looks fun. I haven't played a driving game since Burnout. Maybe it's time to begin looking forward to this.

boing12004d ago

Getting Midnight Club vibe from it which is a very good thing.

despair2004d ago

Looks good but I'm worried how much coordination you will need with your team, I like the idea and it can work but still, its wait and see.