Four New Screenshots For The Evil Within

"Famitsu released four screenshots showcasing some of the interior of the Mental Asylum, as well as a shot where Sebastian is burning an enemy. The game was featured in last week's issue, so maybe the scans will contain more media or info, we will post them when they're up. In the mean time, check out the screenshots below."

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Axisian2003d ago

The hospital hall reminded me of Resident Evil a bit...

RedSoakedSponge2003d ago

thats a good thing if youre talking the old resident evil :P

Mr Tretton2002d ago

More like Silent HIll imo

-MD-2003d ago

This game is looking sooooo good.

THamm2003d ago

I always wanted to get into RE1 but the controls were crazy. Really turned me off to whole series. This looks really good though

VersaVulture892003d ago

This game looks freaking incredible! I'm going to be livestreaming this through Twitch on Xbox One. People will just laugh at me because as much as I love horror... I scare easily. I'll have an interesting livestream!

Either way, this looks like a GREAT return to the survival horror genre!

Thisisjuju2003d ago

This game looks great. Getting a big vibe from the old classics like Silent Hill and Resident evil.

Really looking forward to this one, about time the genre was revitalized.