Destructoid- Review: Jak and Daxter Collection (Vita)

DT:Jak and Daxter is an excellent franchise and one of my all-time favorites, but the Vita collection doesn't really do it justice. If you're keen on experiencing these classics, whether it's for the first or fortieth time, it's probably best to wait for either a price drop, or just pick up the superior PS3 version.

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Tewi-Inaba1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

did they only play Jak 2?

Ilovetheps41998d ago

No, they played the Vita remake. The Vita remake is awful. Jak and Daxter is my favorite new IP from last gen and it saddens me to see it get such a bad version of the series. The framerate is awful, the graphics look worse than the PS2 in my opinion. It's so bad, that you can still turn the vibration off. The Vita doesn't have vibration.

Xaphy1998d ago

i never plsyed sny jak and daxter game. So you recommend skipping this one on the vita?

Xof1998d ago

To clarify some things:

-The Vita version is a port, not a remake.
-J&D has a bug where the camera will shake violently each time you move it.
-All three games suffer massive framerate dips; J&D averages 20-25FPS; 2 and 3 average 25-30FPs; all three occasionally dip down to 15FPS or so.
-All three games suffer from input lag.
-Shoulder buttons are assigned to touchpad, and frequently do not register properly (making vehicle sections ever MORE annoying).

The games are still playable on Vita, and probably wouldn't get as much criticism as they are if, you know, we didn't have the superior PS2 version and much superior PS3 version to compare them to.

If you can't buy J&D Collection on PS3, get it on PS2. If you can't get it on PS2, go ahead and grab the Vita copy.

hulk_bash19871998d ago

I bought and am currently enjoying it, to each their own I guess.

TheGrimOfDeath1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Have fun when you reach Jak 2 and the ever so laggy Haven city in your hover-bike.

tubers1998d ago

Why is this happening?

You'd think Sony'd increase quality testing from the recent horrible technical performance of Ratchet and Clank VITA.

Xof1998d ago

Because Sony outsources.

Mass Media, Inc. are the people you need to be complaining about. You know, the same fine folks who brought us "The Midway" trilogy, "Full Spectrum Warrior", and "The Bible Game."

Tei7771997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


Actually Sony are still the peeps we need to complain to.

They still need to apply quality assurance when outsourcing. The team who ported the game to ps3 should have handled the Vita version and we shouldn't be seeing it a year late. The feedback so far would have you believe the PSvita is weaker than the ps2 which obviously is not the case. Such a shame because I much prefer to play these classic titles on a handheld, it adds a sense of newness.

hopefully there is chance we'll see a patch in the near future. Lag where input is concerned is a massive no, no!

TedCruzsTaint1998d ago

Sad that this came in the state it did. Warming up to the purchase of a Vita, and this collection was something I was really looking forward to playing on the go.

TKCMuzzer1998d ago

It's not unplayable, actually it's pretty much in tact. It's just things like the vehicle sections and the jumping can go a bit off if the frame rate decides to dip at that point. I'm still enjoying it on the go despite it's annoying issues.
The most annoying part for me is the fact that every time I accidentally tap the back screen the HUD appears and you cant alter it.

TKCMuzzer1998d ago

For those thinking of getting it please remember you get the PS3 version as well as its a cross buy game (download off the store). I already had the PS3 version so the the Vita version is a bonus to be honest. There are issues but it's still playable but the PS3 versions do stand above it.