60% of Photoshop Users are PIRATES

Epicedits writes:

"So here it is… the one week results from our previous poll on software piracy. In that short time, we've had nearly 500 photographers cast their votes and the outcome is quite interesting. It looks like Adobe's high-end photo editing software packages (like Photoshop and Lightroom) are hot items in the pirated software market."

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360sucks3616d ago

arrrrrrrrr there she blows

Massacre3616d ago

I has a photshopz installed 2... I r a sad panda.

sonarus3616d ago

lol was gonna do that:(

Massacre3616d ago

I are beatz you. I is faster thAn you.

TheSadTruth3616d ago

No one is surprised, photoshop is an amazing tool but it's just too expensive. No one would be pirating it if there was an affordable price point, or some kind of express version for students like Microsoft does with Visual Studio.

Genesis53616d ago

And the other 40 are Steelers.

Cryos3616d ago

As a 'Burgher, I give you bubbles :)

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TheIneffableBob3616d ago

Out of 500 surveyed photographers.

DarkArcani3616d ago

I'm in Visual Effects, and lets just say a lot is pirated in that field of work as well.

Dark_Vendetta3616d ago

In school I was in a "design class" (don't know how it's called) and I was asked by my teacher if I have photoshop or if he should get it for me (for free ...)

ChrisGTR13616d ago

wel with a 600$ price tag its no suprise

fenderputty3616d ago

I always just jacked a copy of their to bring home and load up. The programs is awesome but, it's damn pricey.

Seraphim3616d ago

exactly what I was thinking... Software, especially PC related programs are too expensive. Chop that price to something more reasonable and you're still going to have Pirates but more people will be likely to buy... But no surprise it's heavily pirated considering the outrageous price tag...

ben hates you3616d ago

I have adobe photoshop 8.0

Kakkoii3615d ago

Ewww.. Only 8.0?


REbirth3616d ago

its good to know that im not alone:P
d'Oh........i already knew that!

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The story is too old to be commented.