MTV:PSN Next Wave Revealed - WipEout HD, Echochrome, Elefunk, PixelJunk Monsters Encore [UPDATED]

MTV writes:

"Thanks to some thoroughly unconventional machinations I was able to play the next wave of Sony's downloadable PS3 games last night.

And as has been true to the PS3's PlayStation Network games for the last year, the new slate of offerings are rich with originality and ambition.

Plus, I've learned that "Elefunk" isn't what it sounds like."

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Interpol Agent3704d ago

Thats the only game that is worth buying. The rest is crap.

Kyur4ThePain3704d ago

What's the matter?
Echochrome making you think too much?

level 3603704d ago

Thouroughly enjoyed the demo version of Echochrome which I downloaded from the Japanese PS3 Store, thought it was very cleverly complicated.
Will defintely get the PAL version if it comes out over here in Australia.