E3 2013: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview – Geralt’s Final Journey | C.O.G.

CD Projekt Red is back with Geralt's most badass journey yet. Wild Hunt looks bigger and better than its predecessors by far and COG sat in on a closed door preview at the recent E3. Screens, video and impressions inside!

"The Witcher 3 has been the talk of E3 2013 and rightfully so. After my time watching a demo of the game, the last chapter in the highly acclaimed series is now one of my most anticipated titles for the next generation consoles, and I dare say that The Witcher 3 truly has the potential to be one of the best RPG’s ever made."

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Mariusmssj1763d ago

I just can't wait to play it

showtimefolks1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

i am with you, only few games actually looked next gen and awesome to play

witcher 3
infamous 2nd son

but witcher 3 is at very top of my most wanted games

i hope at gamescom we hear something about witcher 1-2 coming to ps3 or ps4 and xbox one

Pintheshadows1763d ago

Along with Thief, I am really really looking forward to this. Granted, there are other games I love the look of as well but these two are my most anticipated due to what has come before them.

RememberThe3571763d ago

I've never played this series, but form what I've seen this is my most anticipated game for the next gen. I'm a huge Battlefield player and I'm loving what I'm seeing from a bunch of other games. But nothing I've seen looks like this and it has me completely fascinated. I'm actually avoiding news about it so when I finally play it it's completely fresh.

oIITSBIIo1763d ago

I played the first two games and I liked the story so much it is fantastic can't wait for the last part .