What Sony didn't say at E3

If Sony didn’t have the digital rights dragon of Microsoft’s Xbox One to slay at E3, would we still all be saying they won on the strength of their games alone? They said all the right things as far as policy was concerned, but their software have more to say than Microsoft's?

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_FantasmA_1878d ago

M$ did what M$ does and that is screw gamers, but give them shiny shooters to make fughetaboutit when it comes to thinking twice about handing over their cash for fees and subsciptions and crappy hardware. I don't care what games M$ brings, even the exclusives because of their business policies. I don't like their restrictions, limited options, and higher price tag for less gaming that were part of the Xbox 1 and 360 cycles, so why would I want to throw my money away just so M$ can ask for more money for a third time? Sony covers all my bases, even though shooters are my favorite genre, M$'s policies will keep me from ever going back to them again.

Belking1878d ago

Stop all that silly fanboy talk. Just don't buy it i'm sure they will survive without your money in which you probably were never gonna give anyway. We all know how things go here on this site.

_FantasmA_1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

You're right I won't buy it. I am not falling for it 3 times! I don't like buying boxes that will become useless once M$ gets tired of them and considers them old.

georgeenoob1878d ago

Oh look, another Sony fanboy.

malokevi1877d ago


Oh, so your Xbox360 is obsolete? Funny, because MS promised me that MY xbox360 would relish in years of continued support.

You must have the specialized "screw this kid" version.

TheEvilWithin1878d ago

Is this article for real? We see some first party support for the first time in YEARS from Microsoft and all of a sudden there the gaming gods of next generation? If HISTORY serves them right this is IT from Microsoft. Where SONY is SPITTING games left and right. Hell the PS3 ALONE right now is DESTROYING Xbox gamers on games. Umm game of the year contender The Last Of Us. Beyond Two Souls? Plus I keep seeing JRPG support coming to the PS3 as well. Tiered of X bro gamers trying to say Microsoft brought the games. NO! They brought you TRAILERS!!! Oh and ANYONE who keeps saying well well Microsoft has TITAN FALL! Guess what??? If this is supposed to be the COD killer game that everyone keeps stating then why is it going to be only on one system when COD is launched on every platform out there??? You can't compete with that if your not playing on ALL fields. BECAUSE ITS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE. Remember when Microsoft said we spent a billion dollars on games? It was for timed exclusive games. Xbox fans need to start cooling down with the whole Well Microsoft showed me games at E3! CONGRATS! They did what they were supposed to do Show games at a gaming convention. SONY has ALWAYS brought games and GAME OF THE YEAR GAMES. What's the last game of the year game from Microsoft?

CrossingEden1878d ago

the trade off is that games generally run better on 360 because of the easier to develop for hardware, that may change with ps4

kreate1877d ago

For a second, I thought u were evildead360 and got a bit confused reading ur comment.

nypifisel1877d ago

This is true, I can't see MS keep supporting internal development for much long - and even less so in the future than now seeing how the X1 is even less of a game focused machine.

I'm sorry but if anyone believe MS will beat Sony in software, based on what was shown on E3 you got serious amnesia.

CrimsonStar1878d ago

Oh look ..... someone bringing up MS negatively in the very first comment for a Sony related article ..... how original .


ThatCanadianGuy5141877d ago

Oh look... another new account that joined just hours ago, crying and complaining about PS fanboys.

It's literally the only thing you guys ever do.

Why o why1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Lol, well spotted dayZ..multi account confirmed.. when it comes to output sony has earned the right for me to trust games will come.

Sony haven't front loaded like ms has. Time will tell if ms has changed but as of now I see one company with 6 titles coming out this year varying in genre and size. 3 of which are new ips. I've not even included some of the smaller psn games. Sony have been consistent. They have already announced more exclusives to be revealed at gamescon and really think they'd have nothing to show like actual gameplay or trailers which some are now using as

Some can project all they want....history gives an indication; time will be the proof giver

AngelicIceDiamond1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Unlike most people on here, I'm not having night sweats on weather MS will continue to support games for 4 or 5 years down the line, because that's ridiculous to worry that far ahead. I'll look on what's on plate now than worry about later.

Multiplats that I want to play: The Division, Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Witcher 3, BF4 and Mirrors Edge.

Excluives: Ryse, killer Instinct, Quantum Break, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Halo 5 and yes even Sunset Overdrive.

MS is still committed to Crack down

Its only natural to look forward to what other games MS could announce. I hope that 1 billion dollars invested into games is worth it.

AngelicIceDiamond1878d ago

If you wanna see the rest see Sony's games. Stay tuned at Gamescon.

I know I will.

kreate1877d ago

And I thought u said u will worry about games now and not later ... than ur looking forward to the 'later' games ....

Its a bit ridiculous to look at 4-5 years down the road. That 1 billion? I can only hope they use it to make games and not throw money to secure timed dlc.

Clarence1877d ago

The only game that looked good on the exclusive list is titanfall.
Don't hold your breath for crackdown.

hakesterman1878d ago

Time Cures all Broken Hearts. You will go back once they give you a wink wink and a Free Braclet to come back home. It's inevitable.

palaeomerus1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

If the bracelet makes XBoxOne run without Kinect attached and it's $400 then MAYBE.

But I already preordered a PS4 and I really don't need TWO $60 a year online subs.

medman1877d ago

The "author" of this article is going to feel very foolish when some more of Sony's first party developers show what they have been working on for the PS4 at Gamescon. Game over. PS4.

Concertoine1877d ago

You're ridiculous.
"I don't like their restrictions, limited options, and higher price tag for less gaming that were part of the Xbox 1 and 360 cycles"
The xbox 360 was cheaper than the ps3 no matter which model you bought. You also say microsoft makes crappy hardware, when the pc-based architecture pioneered in the xbox (though it started with the DC) has become the industry standard as the ps4 moves to pc based architecture as well.

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Virtual_Reality1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The E3 Part 2 continues at Gamescom.

Sarobi1878d ago

EverQuest Next! I hope it makes its way to PS4

MysticStrummer1878d ago

Yeah I'm hoping for that also. Seeing Legends of Norrath in the featured games list made me remember Champions of Norrath. I wouldn't mind a PS4 version of that.

GusHasGas1878d ago

The author of this article said that Sony didnt really shine with exclusives, to which I respond, wait for Gamescom. Reportedly, Sony will be showing off 30 new games for the PS4 at Gamescom.

fr0sty1878d ago

That's a bit inaccurate. They have 30 exclusives in development right now, with 20 of them due to launch within the next year. I seriously doubt all 30 are in enough of a completed state to be revealed. There's a good chance we'll at least hear about some of those 20 that are due within the year, however.

When you're in this business, even if you have 30 games being developed, and even if they're all ready to show, you never want to blow your entire load on one show. You highlight a few of them at a time, and let hype build around those titles. If you threw all of them out at once, many of them would be lost in a sea of hype surrounding all the titles. It just wouldn't have the same impact. It's all about strategy. If I were Sony, I'd be saving a heavy hitter AAA title for when MS reveals the new Halo (as in, not a crappy 30 second pre-rendered trailer).

_FantasmA_1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The Order>everythingelsethatwas hown

MysticStrummer1878d ago

That's supposed to be a bad thing?



fr0sty1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

30 titles in development by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios does not equal "indie". That's first party, about as un-indie as you can get.

Edit: I can't believe there are actually people dumb enough to disagree with that. The word "indie" means INDEPENDENT. As in, not owned by another publisher. SCEWWS is a publisher, so if SCEWWS is developing 30 games, none of them can, by definition, be INDIE games.

Virtual_Reality1878d ago

You are confusing 1st Party Exclusives games from Indie line up of games.

MysticStrummer1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Right after Gamescom is SOE Live

I imagine they'll at least talk about the PS4 versions of Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online, and hopefully have more to announce.

CrossingEden1878d ago

so now its ok to say wait for the "x" convention, YOU were making fun of people saying wait for e3 when it came to xbox 1 exclusives, hypocrite -_-

fr0sty1878d ago

Ahem... Sony showed 4 exclusives before E3, One more at E3, and announced 30 of them with 12 being new IP.

Microsoft didn't show much of anything other than TV shows and one game/TV show hybrid at their reveal, and only had a couple exclusives to talk about at E3. They're both pretty much on even ground as far as what has actually been shown and what is exclusive.

As such, now is the time where we do have to wait for both to show what else they have coming down the line.

qxrex1878d ago

wow you are really smart
then look at PS3 and X360
tell me what you Concludes from it
and what will happen in the future

Hicken1878d ago

Sony's got a history, though, of showing off new games at events other than E3. They've also got a track record for bringing out lots of exclusives for their devices.

Either one of these two things is enough to be patient. Both of them together? That's a no-brainer.

I give your attempt to flip the script a 2/10.

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Ragnaarock1878d ago

For some reason when I was reading this I was thinking:
Wouldn't it be awesome if a company adopted a policy that was a free premium account that you can donate money to each month. You would get to play online multiplayer with the account and you can unlock the bonus games(using ps+ free games per month as example) with a minimum donation. The donations would go towards making the online system better and users can feel free to donate as much as they feel like, kinda like the humble bundle.

Anyway those are just my thoughts that I felt like sharing.

fr0sty1878d ago

Not a bad idea, but it would depend on exactly what kind of costs that they are facing by upgrading their network infrastructure. They already spent $380 million buying Gaikai and all of their server centers and cloud gaming patents (That's 7.6 million 1-year PS+ subscribers needed just to pay for that alone.). They also are upgrading PSN with other features as well, so I would imagine that there is a significant investment going on with PSN right now.

I'm just not sure that a donation system would be enough to cover those costs.

hakesterman1878d ago

Do you know how many 1 Cent donations there would be? They wouldn't have enough money in the pool to service a gumball machine.

Ragnaarock1877d ago

Thats why I said minimum donation, on humble bundle it's 1 dollar to get the base and beat the average to get more. So $5 min I would assume. Plus there will always be the people who appreciate the value they get and donate more.

CalibriSerif1878d ago

random shill websites on the attack! lol @microsoft tactics. they used it 7 years ago and will employ the same this generation.

Parapraxis1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Protip: don't use the word "shill", it basically discredits what you are saying with rational people aka: the majority of people.

I bet you frequent /r/conspiracy huh.

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