Nintendo, E3, and the 'missing' Wii U games

While Nintendo fans were largely accepting of Wii U’s showing at E3, many felt short-changed by the unconventional 3D Mario and Retro Studio’s relegation to another Donkey Kong game. Yet there's reason to believe Retro just isn't up to a new Metroid, and Wii U isn't ready for Galaxy 3.

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Benjaminkno1879d ago

I think 2014 will be the year of Nintendo.
I think they'll struggle after the newest Zelda comes out in 2015. But that's my prediction.

PSNintyGamer1879d ago

Year of Luigi and the 3ds

leemass241879d ago

xbox one ps4 and wii u for next gen i feel sorry for those who can only get 1 your missing out, but i wont be ill have all 3, thats what a real job and life does for you :)

kirbyu1879d ago

"thats what a real job and life does for you"

Wow. Thanks for the insult.

And as a matter of fact, I don't want all 3, the Wii U is the only one that could possibly release games I want to play, so, I'm good.

andrewer1879d ago

"the Wii U is the only one that could possibly release games I want to play"
exactly. I feel lack of something in PS4 and Xbox One games (the last console that I liked that wasn't from Nintendo was PS2). For me, the only one who can deliver the experience I really want to have is Nintendo.

1879d ago
Whymii1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Is a quarter of third party games a twelf?

Maybe a lot of third party games are the same and maybe a lot of Ninty games are the same, however he prefers Nintendo's sameness. A great Mario game is a great game, just as a great Naughty Dog game is too. It's just that some people prefer one type over the other. Myself, I like variety so I play them all.

Whymii1878d ago

Here's the missing 'th'.

leemass241878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

it wasnt meant to be an insult i was just stating that if you can afford all 3 get all 3 because that way you dont miss any games/exculsives that you do like i was really drunk when i posted that so i am sorry if it sounded wrong wasnt my intentions :)

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kingxtreme811879d ago

I was with you, that is until you slammed others with your nasty comment.

Bubs down, leemass.

Triforce0791879d ago

The problem is nintendo's games are so good i'm happy with less 3rd party yearly rubbish.

_QQ_1879d ago

Funny thing is you are correct, i don't see why you have all the disagrees.

Whymii1878d ago

Right or wrong doesn't excuse the ignorance of his insult. That's what people are probably disagreeing with.

TURKEYonWH3AT1879d ago

Um I think a real job and a life gets you things better than video game consoles. Like friends? Women? Cars? Property? Ha you probably work 3rd shift at McDonalds

Whymii1878d ago

If you had a life you wouldn't need all three consoles or puff up your ego by insulting people from the very privacy of your bedroom.

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kirbyu1879d ago

The fact Retro's game is DKC doesn't proove the studio is less talented than in the past, it just proves they want to make a sidescroller instead of a first person adventure game.

And I can totally see why they don't want to make Metroid. What would it be? Metroid Prime 4? A sidescroller like the one on NES? Other M 2? Something new? And if something new, what specifically?

As for Super Mario 3D World, I still bet a true successor to the Galaxy games will come later.

Rubberlegs1879d ago

About Retro losing some talent, yes they have lost some key members over the last few years. Pretty much after they got done with the Metroid Prime trilogy some of their main devs went on to start Armature Studio. They are working on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Triforce0791878d ago

Try staff from Virgil,Crytek,Naughty dog that's how the fixed it.

punisher991879d ago

The real question is. Why didn't Reggie Fils-Aime take the stage and brag about sales and attachment rates like he has been doing for the past 6 years??? What happened?

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