The loss of our first always online console sucks

Microsoft’s changed its tune on Xbox One and used games since a vocal section of the community lashed them during and after E3. But why ditch mandatory online altogether? Their backflip decision, though welcomed by much of the community, is reactionary and potentially damaging.

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MrMister1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Only a moron would be crying about this. either that, or all these "journalists" are being bribed by MS with extra advertising for their site if they push the idea of DRM. MS already preparing us for a future console after the Xbox One, full of DRM?

Not gonna work on us.

SynGamer1856d ago

Completely agree. Not to mention high-speed broadband internet access is still limited or missing in many places within the US, let alone the world...

The NEXT generation (if there is one) is when we'll likely be more prepared for always online + digital only releases.

JokesOnYou1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"Yet there were intriguing, game-changing ideas hinted at for Xbox One as well. For the first time in a long time it looked like the three big console makers were heading in different directions, with Sony likely to build on what they have with games consoles and Microsoft taking a left turn to make an always online, cloud-assisted entertainment stream-box."

Yep I feel the same way as the author.

Internet Penetration as of June 2012:

North America 78.6% 153.6% since 2000
Europe 63.2% 393.4% since 2000
Middle East 40.2% 2,639.9% since 2000

#1 All you need is a connection for a few kilobytes, not always on with highspeed connection. #2 Also is well known among those who can afford a game console plus buy games that the internet adoption rate is much higher. #3 You could even use a cell phone to tether briefly.

Bigpappy1856d ago

I will be fine with the 180 they did with disk base support if they implement the feature they announced for digital downloads. That is the way they should have gone from the start. But the downloaded stuff will need a different type of license, so they can differentiate and set rules for DD DRM and sharing options.

Here is the kicker: The X1 is a 100% digital only system. You CAN NOT play any of the games from the disks. Disk on the system are just there as an alternate delivery system.

nukeitall1856d ago

I was fine with it, because there were options and the trade-off was met with a number of benefits I liked, including game sharing and power of the cloud.

If you wanted a disc based experience there was PS4 and if you wanted a digital future, the Xbox One was it.

Instead we got dragged back in the physical disc stone age by the whiners!

Imagine if XBL was catered to dial up users, because supposedly 20% of the US population don't have broadband!

Well we made that bad choice by going physical discs!

Thank you whiners!

MysticStrummer1856d ago

@Jokes - Your internet coverage numbers are entirely meaningless. Even with a high speed fiber optic connection, which is much much MUCH faster than the average connection speed in the US, the cloud could process and deliver only a tiny fraction of the data that PS4'S internal memory could process in the same amount of time.

One's internal memory would be much faster than the cloud could match also, but PS4's is faster still.

The article that Maria linked down there will explain all this to you, but I know, you don't care and will keep talking about the power of the cloud anyway. Have fun waiting on that power to become a reality, because it's not going to happen during the One's tour of duty.

I'll be surprised if Sony's plan to stream PS3 games from the cloud will work either, to be honest. Doing it in the real world over a real network is a lot different from doing it on stage.

EVILDEAD3601856d ago

I liked the whole promise of online, didn't like that you didn't have a choice.

MS just saved themselves from a huge mistake they never would have recovered from.

Now the slate is clean and they can move on from here. Wounded but they can move one.

I think between the great selection of games and what is still offered with the media stuff and the Kinect feature in every box, that XBOX ONE will find it' audience.


Why o why1856d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I'm with bigpappy and evil

Ms should of kept their drm led features just implemented them differently and people should have the choice to use their console/games how they see fit ..that's how I would prefer it as a consumer anyway

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MariaHelFutura1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Cloud computing is a pipe dream.

Game sharing was done on the PS3.

DRM is not required for any of this.

Xbox One is just trying to emulate the PS3 by being an entertainment hub w/ BR, but is doing a bad job at it, calling it 'the future' because it was/is restricting you and lets you watch TV.

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GamersRulz1856d ago

That's true. also some complainers excuse that they planned to go all digital this gen and removing DRM is a blow to this idea!
hey..wait you can still go all digital if you want, both PS4 and X1 support day1 digital releases.

1856d ago
MasterCornholio1856d ago


And you can fully install your games on the PS4 or download them from PSN. Which is something that you can do on the XBOX One as well.

TheHybrid1856d ago

You are a short sighted idiot that holds back progress

palaeomerus1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

There is nothing wrong with holding back sucky versions of "progress" that have no unusual or proprietary technology involved. Especially since the reason it was held back was that demand for it was demonstrated to be weak.

It's like Steam but the games are more expensive and it's on a closed we can keep them that way. It'll be great! Honest!

So...just go get steam then?

THamm1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Ummm did journalists forget that MS forgot to say anything of all this "cool" stuff to anyone and showed off all that TV NFL bull? They even acted as if we gamers weren't able to get answers to our questions until later dates, as if. I mean everyone who is hurt had the chance to buy the system but the majority went to PS4. I believe 60% of PS4 preorders are from Sony fans, 35% because of the price and 5% Xbox fans. I'm in the middle as I would purchase both but I feel there is no rush for X1 and MS attitude and Kinect is turning me off to all things XBOX. Btw the remote play stuff is also what I've been waiting years for too!

meganick1856d ago

I think articles like this are just popping up to troll and generate hits. No one in his right mind would want mandatory online and stringent used games restrictions. Getting rid of all that was a good move by MS. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

rainslacker1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Eh. You know what? Where were all these articles saying how great it would be when the entire internet was up in arms? Why didn't they voice their opinion then when it could have made a difference? Is it because they hope to start their own movement like the anti-Xbox one that's been going on? Are they being paid by MS to try and garner support for these policies so MS can reintroduce them in some way under a different name? Or is it the more likely scenario...they just want hits?

You know what I saw in these articles these past few weeks that were favorable to MS? They were nothing more than press releases for MS.

You know what I saw in forum posts here and elsewhere? 2-3 steadfast supporters who saw possibilities and were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and then a bunch of trolls saying it was all cool.

Very few reasoned arguments in favor of X1's policies, and even those reasoned ones conceded that it was a crap thing to do, and that MS was going about it all wrong.

Almost every argument I've seen from the internet in support of these policies has come across as a fan boy agenda rant. It's only now that apparently everybody is so willing to express their positive opinion on these issues.

They had their chance to be part of the discussion. Most people opted out.

LackTrue4K1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

i think this is off topic, but im still going to ask...
...what is the hard-drive size on the XboxOne, have they said???

Parapraxis1856d ago

500GB, same as PS4.
Additional space can be added via external HDD.

humbleopinion1856d ago

N4G Logic at it's best:
MrMister claiming Microsoft, a publicly traded company, is not only ***paying bribe money*** to unknown journalists, but is actually doing it to ***complain about Microsoft*** and how they removed a feature they liked.

And the absurd reasoning? Microsoft is paying them now, to set the ground for another console coming 5-8 years from now! Because that's a smart business decision. "Not gonna work on us" he screams while putting on his tinfoil hat so the government can't track him.

And the kicker? Instead of being banned from the internet for lunacy or whatever, gets 55 Agrees and counting.

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S2Killinit1856d ago

LMAO I had to read it twice.

kydrice1856d ago

omgg lol, it would of been better had the guy been Don Mattrick.

MrSwankSinatra1856d ago

i honestly can't believe people have the audacity to write these retarded articles.

Perjoss1856d ago

There are so many of them popping up everywhere too, something very, very fishy about the whole thing...

cleft51856d ago

Basically, these articles are trying to get people ready for an all digital future by using a bunch of lies to deceive people about what could have been.

Stuff like this is why I am staying away from the Xbox One altogether. Before these articles started popping up I was actually going to buy a Xbox One after the news of the DRM removal. I don't hate anyone that buys the system, but if I had known that buying a 360 would have supported this crude I never would have brought one and I love my 360. I see what Microsoft is doing and I want no part of it.

After this generation I am probably going to go all PC. If I have to deal with a bunch of stupid DRM I want to have more options how I play and alter my games at least.

rainslacker1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )


If the upcoming gen of console gaming is even 1/10 as bad as all these articles praising the future to be, then I'm just going to call it quits. I'll be in my mid fourties by then, and I feel that the gaming market is quickly outgrowing or outright ignoring what I want from games. Fun games that are simple to enjoy. That's what games where when I started gaming over 30 years ago.

The community itself has become so leaden with hostility I keep asking myself why I try to be a part of it. I've run BBS and websites related to game discussion in the past. I've always discussed games. But the utter hate that gets thrown around every day is just terrible.

For what you may ask? Games. Something that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Now it's becoming nothing more than a d*ck waving contest for people that want to tout corporate interest. Just sad.

This past week or so I've become very trollish in my comments towards MS. Never in my life did I think that I would just utterly hate a company that actually provides games. But it has really come to that...and I find that sad, because I'm a rather positive person, although I love to argue.

sAVAge_bEaST1856d ago

they are popping up everywhere.. def. stench of Reputation Management, going on....

cyguration1856d ago

For crying out loud, you gaming journalists need to stop taking the Doritos and Mountain Dew as payment for your integrity.

While the Dorito Pope is impressed, we the gaming community are not amused.

MariaHelFutura1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"the Dorito Pope"

LOL. You're awesome, thats great.

mydyingparadiselost1856d ago

Oh well you see there's this thing called a PC that you could pick up for around the same price....

cervantes991856d ago

Can I play Killer Instinct on this thing called a PC? No? Then STFU!!!

mydyingparadiselost1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Point taken, but PC has its own exclusives as well. As far as One goes I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some Crimson Dragon or D4...

cleft51856d ago

Yes you can play the old Killer Instinct games on the PC, you know the superior ones. But hey you enjoy your mk9/sf4 wannabe game that lacks the style and depth of the original KI games.

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