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5 Reasons The Last of Us Might Be The Last Great PS3 Game

E! Online: ''At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013, we witnessed new consoles and unbelievably next-level games. The downside is that most (almost all, really) of the cool titles won't be in our homes until this fall and next year.'' (PS3, The Last Of Us)

P_Bomb  +   299d ago
3 reasons it might not be the last:
1)Beyond: Two Souls
2)The Puppeteer
3)GranTurismo 6

Relientk77  +   299d ago
And Tales of Xillia in August, can't wait for that
LOGICWINS  +   299d ago
WHAT? Tales of Xillia is getting localized!?
blitz0623  +   299d ago
August 6. Same as Dragon's Crown.
brodychet  +   299d ago
I know GTA isn't a Sony IP anymore, but I still consider it since I'm old-fashioned. So no TLOU isn't the last one.

But it may be the greatest of the last ps3 games.

It's already one of the best games of all time.
MidnytRain  +   299d ago

The porno?
TechnicianTed  +   299d ago
'I know GTA isn't a Sony IP anymore, but I still consider it since I'm old-fashioned.'

GTA has never been a Sony IP. It was a timed exclusive, nothing more than that.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   299d ago
If they somehow manage to shock us at TGS this year with The Last Guardian and mention that it has been coming along just great and give us a release window and mention it's ps3 only, then that may be a serious contender for GAme of the generation. In due time we will know
DerekFlint007  +   299d ago
'Rain' also looks very promising.
showtimefolks  +   299d ago
Beyond 2 souls
Yakuza 5
Yakuza 1-2 HD collection

Lol I hope the last 2 do come to west sega do it lol

Also don't forget most if not all games will be coming out on ps3 and Xbox 360 even after newer consoles

Will we get a game like last of us on ps3, no we won't it's simply once in a decade kind of a game. Like the first bioshock and now we have last of us

Half life
Last of us

4 games which IMO changed gaming in some major ways

I can't wait for last of us single player DLC

Also LOU2 on PS4 just imagine how great it will look but we won't see it till 2015-2016 lol
brodychet  +   299d ago
I'd say Uncharted may come first. Try 2017 or maybe even later.
showtimefolks  +   299d ago

its ND so i don't think sony will force them to do uncharted series but its a huge IP and has a big fanbase so i think we will see an announcement for uncharted 4 at spike tv video games awards

fall 2014 release
fall 2015 sequel for last of us

they have work on 2 different games at any given time
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guitarded77  +   299d ago
Beyond will be amazing, GT6 will be one of, if not the best racing sim to date, and I have high hopes for the Puppeteer, even if it doesn't sell a lot. Also, RAIN looks awesome.
Xer0_SiN  +   299d ago
xillia AND dragons crown in one day? GET OUT! damn thats awesome lol.
vork77  +   299d ago
what about deadpool?
Thisisjuju  +   299d ago
"1)Beyond: Two Souls"

So stoked for this game, can't wait!
AnimeAvenger  +   299d ago
Oh gawd, I can't believe I forgot those games. My wallet is crying.
Relientk77  +   299d ago
No you forgot

Tales of Xillia, Beyond: Two Souls, The Puppeteer, and Gran Turismo 6
ltachiUchiha  +   299d ago
Also Rain looks to be another Jouney type game. The ps3 is definitely still a console very much alive even when the next gen systems arrive.
hulk_bash1987  +   299d ago
Really look forward to Tales and Beyond. Still some great times ahead for PS3 owners.
Inception  +   299d ago
Here some PS3 exclusive for this year & next year:

- Exclusive
Beyond 2 Souls
GT 6
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Tales of Symphonia HD
Disgaea Dimension 2
The Witch and Hundred Knight
The Guided Fate Paradox
The Puppeeter
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star
One Piece Musou 2
Saint Seiya: Brave Soldier
Dragon's Crown
BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma
Drakengard 3

I don't know if i can buy all of them. But surely i will have a lot of fun with my PS3, even when PS4 will release on this year ^^
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e-p-ayeaH  +   299d ago
The Last Guardian will be coming for PS3?
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mt  +   299d ago
I just wish it makes it to PS4 ,let alone ps3 version.
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ape007  +   299d ago
umm.......GTA V
kratoz1209  +   299d ago
Yeah still looking forward to Beyond Two souls.
Beyond: Two Souls looks way better than The Last of Us so if anything Beyond: Two Souls will probably be the last great PS3 game.
KUV1977  +   299d ago
Well from all the listed games in this thread (puppeteer, GT6 etc.) Beyond is certainly the only game that really has a chance of even comparing with TLoU. However, knowing Heavy Rain I feel that TLoU will come out on top easily. Heavy Rain was, while a nice try, a mess in story-telling and gameplay (if you can call it that). I hope that Beyond will be great and that it proves me wrong, I just can't see any game topping TLoU for a long time. I think it really set an extremely high mark to which all upcoming story-games will have to be measured against.
ltachiUchiha  +   299d ago
It will be a great game but the last of us is going to be a tough game to top. Even the great GTA & Watch Dogs will have to be spectacular in every way to beat the last of us. Its that freakin good.
dollison27  +   299d ago
Just what I was waiting for another "5 Reasons" articles...this damn website is terrible...
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   299d ago
I also particularly hate articles that begin with the word, "Why...". In other words, I hate articles trying to convince me about something.
Reportillo4  +   299d ago
change the title
these are 5 reasons why the last of us is a great game not why its the last of good game coming to the ps3
assdan  +   299d ago
E!, delivering BS game news for no apparent reason!
josephayal  +   299d ago
The Last Guardian
Gears of war Trilogy
Final Fantasy 10 hd
Castlevania los2
Lost Planet 3
BA Furious 4
Batman Origins
etc etc
TheMrMalro  +   299d ago
GTA 5... XD
level 360  +   299d ago
I think it could very well be in terms of truly pushing the boundaries of cinematic, character/environment design elements for this generation of gaming and giving gamers' the most engrossing gameplay yet.

In a way The Last of Us also just turned the PS3 as the most influential console that progressed gaming to the next level.
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Kirnisorey  +   299d ago
Dark souls 2
Xof  +   299d ago
Naughty Dog's zombie shooter wasn't even on my list.
Hicken  +   299d ago
And no one's life has been changed for the better due to your comment. Not even your own. Twenty seconds of wasted typing, two second of my life I'll never get back.
Xof  +   299d ago
Twenty seconds? Christ, how slow do you type? It was half a second at best.

And it was just a comment. Get over it.

You know what's REALLY pointless and annoying and stupid? Complaining about comments like mine. Get over it, pal. This is the Internet--no one cares.
yakuzakazuya  +   299d ago
I was going to give away my PS3 and games to a nephew once I get a PS4. But you guys have convinced me to keep my PS3 for yet another year for all those awesome exclusives still in the pipeline. Sony really delivered the games this gen.
SonyPS4  +   299d ago
Tales of Xillia, and hopefully a localized Xillia 2 next year. NIS, Namco/Bandai, and Atlus will also likely support the PS3 for years to come.

Also GTA V for sure!
ninjagoat  +   299d ago
And again articles talking like just cause there a next gen console coming PS3 is ending its life cycle ;).

Yes i will be getting next gen console like anyone else but I'm far from finished with this gen and id be more than pissed if the publisher stopped making games now cause they just couldn't be arsed.

There's still plenty off potential in the Ps3 and a mass market and Sony know this. There will be quite a lot more big hits to come even after the current incoming wave off titles. Why would Sony just walk away from something that is making them a sh#t ton off money?.
badboy776  +   298d ago
beyond two souls and GT6
Victorvondoom8  +   298d ago
What the hell did that have with it being last great game???

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