Nintendo at E3: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

GenGAME writes: E3 has come and gone, and although Nintendo didn’t hold a large-scale press conference, they still made their presence felt by hosting an E3 Nintendo Direct and making their games available to play on the show floor. Now that we’ve had some time to let everything sink in, let’s take a look at the highs and lows of Nintendo’s presence at E3. Read on to find out what excited us, what left us a little disappointed, and what just made us cringe.

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legendoflex1886d ago

I still have no idea how to feel about this conference. I mean, I want to play all this stuff... but it's not like any of it (apart from 3D World) was particularly exciting for me.

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Kos-Mos1884d ago

Your little captain will rise when Bayonetta enters the stage. And your mind will be expanded if you play only 5 minutes of Tetsuya Takahashi`s X.

LOL_WUT1885d ago

Here I thought they wouldn't have an E3 presentation so they could cut all that investor talk and focus on what really matters the games. The games they did we already knew were coming, little to no surprises, no price cut, disappointing 3D mario game definitely one of Nintendo's worst E3 showings. ;)

PopRocks3591884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

One of the worst? Yeah, this was SO terrible compared to another all-casual game showcase with zero Mario, zero Zelda and piss-poor demo presentations with Reggie and other CEOs fiddling about and making the game look broken as oppose to fun (ala Nintendo's E3 showcase of '08 and '09).

Not to mention how this year's otherwise disappointing at worst presentation doesn't come anywhere close to the disaster that was last year's show.

DivineAssault 1884d ago

Ya, nintendo really needs to rethink their strategies.. Mario kart, mario world, DK, etc all over again in HD is cool, but not good enough to stay relevant in the wake of nx gen systems from Sony/M$.. I mean, mario 3d world doesnt even have online coop! Plus smash bros and all the others look just like the wii versions but with sharper textures & some with less detail..

Wii U games are already starting to look dated even though its a new console & the gamepad features arent anything to brag about either.. Those PS4 games are only using 4GB or less ram to operate & are in pre alpha stages, can u imagine when theyre using full power? Hopefully wii u can still get some 3rd party & all the publishers dont leave em behind.. It seems as if they already have though, considering that wii u cant even get many current gen multiplats

PigPen1884d ago

Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Deus Ex: HRDC and Rayman: Legends are not announced for the Xbox One/PS4. Those games are coming out by the end of this year. Monolith Soft X game looked better than anything that was at E3 to me. Wii U games are already starting to look dated, common. The PS4 controller is nothing to brag about. I want to see the little android fly around your head then burn your hair, ha ha ha ha.

Kevlar0091884d ago

I'm wondering if there will be branching paths in 3DWorld, it looks like there are different areas of each level you can go to. If each level can feel like a world in itself I can see this game getting good reviews

Until I see complete level runs I will withold judgement. If it's a simple rehash of 3DLand I will be dissapointed, but if they can expand on the linear level concept into branching paths and more complicated level design I will view it more favorably. A pre-scripted demo doesn't tell me much

PigPen1884d ago

That was a good read but only Bayonetta has the potential to be a big seller, really. Monolith Soft X don't like it has the potential to a big seller? That said, I totally agree.

Erimgard1884d ago

It said Bayonetta 2 was the only Third Party game with selling power. Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo. They are First Party.

PigPen1880d ago

It did say 3rd party, you sir is indeed correct.