10 Most Embarrassingly Poor Superhero Games Ever Made

WC - As a kid my two favorite things in the world were comic books and video games. When these two things came together I was usually happier than a fat kid who just got a gift card for Taco Bell. Though, my excitement was usually bought to a screeching halt once I actually played these games.

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vork772003d ago

Tmnt for nes dont suck

kirbyu2002d ago

I have that game. Whenever I play it I always seem to get a Game Over at the same spot, and I have no urge to keep playing when I do. I wish it had continues.

But I'm guessing you had it in your childhood.

vork772002d ago

well we all know nes games are harder and you must keep on playing until you get use to the enemys patterns

WeAreLegion2002d ago

Not clicking ten links to increase hits. WTF and No on this story/site. I'm so tired of this!