5 Signs The Console Wars Are Over (Before The Next Generation Has Even Begun)

WC - 2013 is truly shaping into a new dawn in the era of console gaming.

Back in February Sony Computer Entertainment announced their next generation console: the Playstation 4 (even if it did take them another 4 months to show eager fans the actual hardware that would sit at the foot of their TV.) A pretty tense three months followed as gamers and journalists speculated at when rivals Microsoft would follow suit and announce their next generation console. In May the Xbox One was showcased by Microsoft a mere month before E3.

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Brute_Shot_Adam1976d ago

I wouldn't mind being watched... I get lonely playing games sometime, it's nice to know somebody could be there with me.

no_more_trolling1976d ago

i guess the 3 people who disagreed with you have no idea what sarcasm is

Smootherkuzz1976d ago

Funny u really think Xbox is done BS. Games and more on Xbox, be for real. As for Sells it took ps3 almost ten years and the end of last gen to catch up let's keep it real. Will Sony Stay on top of sells with ps4 is yet to be seen because even after all have said about Xbox one the Xbox one is no joke this will be their best console to date with features for everyone including games. Not taking anything from Sony after all they have made place in the gaming world long before Xbox but like I said before Xbox one is no joke.

Lunarassassin1976d ago

I'm sorry but you're quite possibly the furthest from the truth as you can get. Xbox is done, microsoft have done nothing but try and squeeze every drop of money out of the consumer as possible. As for their games, they are mediocre at best, sunset overdrive has nothing on other zombie games such as dying light. Dead rising has gone to serious, it was better when the gameplay was just fun. As for th consoles features they are ridiculous. You can watch TV on your TV! Providing you with a kinect that 90% of real gamers won't use. Xbox doesn't really have a chance.

Sayai jin1976d ago

These articles are for hits. I remember all the rubbish articles PS3 is dooooomed and this and that.

Console wars....There was a good spread of sales (if it is basing off of this) amongst the 3 consoles. Sony had 70 plus percent during the PS2 era, with MS and nintendo sharing the other small ownage. Last gen things were quite more balanced. Who would of thought that the Wii would have been as successful as it was.

This gen has lasted since 7 years and counting with changes of sales rate, popularity, etc. Expect the same...if you doubt it then just give it time.

S2Killinit1976d ago

I don't think you are completely off target. Just don't agree with you about the 'best xbox ever' comment. I think as far as sales goes, PS4 will take it, not by a huge margin, but by a comfortable one. My reason is that Playstation has proved itself. I'm one of those people that believes the recent troubles of Microsoft didn't initiate due to the reveal or even the draconian anti consumer stuff they tried to pull. I think it started halfway in the middle of the current generation when they stopped catering to gamers and focused on casuals and applications. In the mean time PS3 was pumping out exclusive after exclusive. I think some core gamers were disappointed and Microsoft underestimated their number or level of disappointment. So they kept going with business as usual and announced a console for casuals at their reveal which infuriated the people who had hoped they would come back to gaming. To be fair, I think Microsoft WILL focus on core gamers for the first three years or so of the next generation, but then they will again turn their focus to casuals once that market is saturated. This is their game plan, and this is why they don't invest in 1st party studios. They buy exclusivity at the onset of each generation when the small install bases allows for such a purchase, then once gamers have bought into the consuls, they turn focus to casuals. Its an interesting game plan for profits, just not a good one if you are a gamer.

AO1JMM1975d ago

One battle might be over but the war rages on.