Call of Duty: Ghosts Appears on TV, Gives us "Press X To Bark"

Kotaku - Tonight's featured demo on Late Night's Video Games Week was a few minutes' worth of the new Call of Duty's canine companion demonstrating his abilities of sneaking, silent killing, and... barking.

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brodychet1826d ago

Dude, press X to bark, press Y and give the game an emotionally devastating animal death that makes the game GOTY.


Qrphe1826d ago

>"man, I remember playing CoD Ghosts, that was my childhood game, I cried sooOOOOOOoooo much when Sparky died, I wish they'd made good games like those from back then"

I'm calling it

creatchee1825d ago

But his name is Riley! :D

Hassassin1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I had a dog named Sparky... and he died :'(

edit: he's Riley? ah, ok doesn't matter then :P

LackTrue4K1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

lol....notice how he made a face when he said...
"comes out on the XboxOne, and PS4"

he said PS4...and then he swallowed!! lol!!!

Nitrowolf21826d ago

are you talking about Grant Bowler? Isn't he just a VO? I know it looked like he slumped down there, but I don't think it was cause he said PS4 XD

Wenis1826d ago

You can't say nailed it, thats DICE's catch-phrase

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FITgamer1826d ago

Lol i wonder if there will be an achievement/trophy for shooting the dog. "Night Night Riley"

FITgamer1825d ago

It's a video game people. I'd never kill an animal in real life, it would defeat the purpose of being a vegetarian.

dazzrazz1826d ago

You guys make fun out of this but the sad part is this garbage will shovel 7 million copies on day one :(

ape0071826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

in your opinion*

the settings look fantastic, im very excited to play this, cannot freakin wait, because simply CoD gameplay >>> Killzone and BF gameplay and you'll see that in PSN and XBL as the top most played game, yeah


dazzrazz1826d ago

All the kids their mommies got them shit for Christmas...

coolmast3r1826d ago

It's not his opinion, it's the clever gamer community's opinion. Clever people are not excited for this garbage. But stupid little kids are.

ape0071826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )


Clever gamers like great gameplay, not acting cool hating something popular

rpd1231825d ago

Anyone who hates on CoD does it because everyone else does. In reality, it's got pretty fun gameplay and multiplayer and gets an incredible amount of justified hate. And guess what guys, with the 10+ million people who will buy it aren't all casuals. Real gamers will play whatever they want because it's fun and brings them enjoyment. "Clever gamers"... get over yourself you prick.

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The story is too old to be commented.