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Submitted by -Mezzo- 961d ago | opinion piece

The Last of Us Ended Perfectly, And It Doesn't Need A Sequel

Kotaku - As the old saying goes, "Video games beget more video games." Successful video games beget sequels. And The Last of Us seems by any available measure to be a successful video game. That being said, I hope it doesn't get a sequel. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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wantedboys  +   961d ago
yes it ended Perfectly but we want a sequel
ArchangelMike  +   961d ago
What a climax... I was very surprised by Joel. Anyone else? I was like "WTF Joel?!" It was awesome.

ND if you guys don't make a sequel to continue the story of Joel and Ellie... C'mon don't leave us hanging like that. Does Ellie ever find out??? You've got to tell us!!!
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xPhearR3dx  +   961d ago
I agree. I really hope they make a sequel to this before another Uncharted game. I downloaded U3 off PS+ and so far I'm enjoying much more than 2, but The Last of Us was insane. I don't want to ruin anything, but the winter part alone was like "Holy shit!". That, and I really love violent mature games. Just started my Survival playthrough now.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   961d ago

I thought the ending was genius.
I was like WTF Joel is actually the bad guy!?
when did I become the bad guy!
but you can see the reasoning behind his actions after the loss of his daughter and his journey with Ellie. You could see it in Ellie's eyes at the end that she knew he was lying to her, which is why she gave him that one chance to tell her the truth. Man I thought this game was so great.
Anyway we will get a sequel but I hope it focuses on different survivors, Joel ans Ellie's adventure ended perfectly.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   961d ago

Yeah man.When he seen her on the operating table and said "Oh no, baby girl" It was a throwback to when he called his daughter baby girl, as he tucked her in bed that night.

Right in the feels man.Right in the feels.
abzdine  +   961d ago
The Last of Us 2 on PS4!!
this is one hell of an idea. One of the most stunning games i have ever seen... and Unchated 4 on PS4! OMG
minimur12  +   961d ago
I want DLC on why bill is so fat 20 years after food has perished :D

but seriously, for a sequel I want a different story, differnet setting. Maybe where you get separated from your wife/kids/family. something like that.

Your family is on the other side of the quarentine and you need to get past. That would be epic.

Also, was the story changed dramatically?
In the easter egg in UC3 it says extremely clever girl; shes immune, not clever enough to cure it (if that was the plot at the time)?
And nothing was said of her intelligence in the game..... at all.
brodychet  +   961d ago
Could be a prequel though, the way Bill apparently owes Joel a very important favor but we don't know how.

And 20 years of possibilities before the journey with Ellie. And a regular Sequel with them apparently finding a good home at Tommy's.

So much Sequel/Prequel Room.
rpd123  +   961d ago
I thought it was pretty clear that Ellie already knows he was lying. She just doesn't care because Joel is the only person who has never left her. If they do make a sequel, they should make it about different characters in a different area of the world, because the ending doesn't need to be explained. There was a time when people drew their own conclusions, and didn't need to be told what happened. But they should do plenty of DLC for Joel and Ellie on this one.
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The_Con-Sept  +   960d ago
Naw it won't be a properly named sequel. It will be named " By any means necessary" or something along this pretense for a title.
Kalowest  +   961d ago
Sony patented TLOU 2 and 3 already, and Naughty Dog loves making trilogies, so I can see sequels being made.
christian hour  +   961d ago
Whenever a movie ends like this I pretty much know instantly all my friends will hate it, because theres too much to bite off in such a short time and rather than analyse and discuss it, they'll just throw it aside and say it ruined the movie, but the movie was still good... Hollywood blockbusters you have spoiled my friends :(

I was honestly afraid the same thing would happen with the last of us but I was pleasantly surprised. Every damn one of my friends got it, and understood it, but they all took something different from it which made it great for debate and "what-if's".

To me that is exactly what the perfect ending should do, not treat its audience like children and spell everything out for them but rather give them enough here and there to peice it all together and come up with your own conclusion to the characters stories after the "camera" stops rolling, or you reach the end of page.

No country for old Men comes to mind, a lot of friends loved that film but couldnt make head nor tails of the ending, or a couple of other things in the film. They thought they were watching a film about a ruthless killer with a cattle prod. Not a film about Retirement :)

So again, delighted that everyone received Naughty Dogs ending exactly as it was designed to be, art is subjective, and if you're ending is subjective then you are doing it right.

Agree with the author 100%, this game tied everything up perfectly, left enough open for our imaginations to run rampant and a solid cast of strong characters and a beautifully invisioned world that fan fiction writers will have decades of material to write.

As much as I feel this game does not need a sequel; a) because it was an actual ending that worked and b) because future sequels may ruin the original, I think its safe to say that the majority of us would still love a sequel... I have to say I'm torn. I want it left as is, but I want more... Even if it wasnt Ellie or Joel, I still want more stories in this universe.

Even if its just short stories, graphic novels, I just love the world and the infection, would love to see how other parts of the world fared when things went south, how did other governments handle the outbreak? This world is ripe with story potential. Once it stays light on the conspiracies and agencies at work in the world, and maintains a strong focus on characters, a sequel would be welcomed... but it wouldnt.. .AH! i am TORN! :(
minimur12  +   961d ago
believe it or not, No Country for old men was actualy an inspiration for the game - pre concept!
christian hour  +   961d ago
Haha meant to say I chose No Countrys ending as a comparison as I heard it was inspiration and because the contrasting reactions my friends have had to both :P High-five minimur12! :D
xBigxBossx  +   961d ago
I want it to be bigger. I want an open word TLOU w/ full day and night cycle. Maybe even don't online similar to dead souls where other survivors can join your world. Aid you or kill you and take your gear
Maninja  +   961d ago
So you want DayZ?
Veneno  +   960d ago
To make Last of Us open world would actually make it a worse game. Open world games have only one setting. The last of Us now has several locations which keeps things interesting.
ginsunuva  +   961d ago
No. Sequel would ruin the impact of the first game.

See GoW: Ascension, Kingdom Hearts, MGSV, etc.

All unnecessary stories that ruin their universes for the sake of more gameplay.
Maninja  +   961d ago
Are you serious? I understand what you mean when you say God of War: Ascension, but kingdom hearts and mgs both have tons of stories left to tell. MGSV seems to be the game that brings the whole story full circle, explaining how Big Boss becomes the villain we see in the metal gear games, and yes the Kingdom Hearts series did have some games that weren't necessary, but the stories they told were, and I was fine with that. Those series are terrible examples as they are both known for their superb story telling.
nick309  +   961d ago
The game will probably have a sequel that will be featured in the same world of the last of us, but without ellie and joel.
ArchangelMike  +   961d ago
Yeah, but the Ellie and Joel story has so much that is unsaid, it's just begging for a sequel.
Wintersun616  +   961d ago
Naughty Dog have stated that if TLoU sequel was to happen, it would be a different story with new characters.
Veneno  +   960d ago
@archangel mike

People asking for a sequel to joel and ellies story didn't understand the story and what ND was trying to do. There is nothing else that needs to be said or explained. If you refuse to accept that, sorry but no offense, you don't understand complex and layered narrative. The ending gives the illusion of open endedness but the real story has already been told. It sucks that most just arent intelligent enough to grasp this.
ArchangelMike  +   960d ago

The issue is not about "this" Ellie and Joel story. That story is told and is complete.

What fans are asking for is another story featuring Joel and Ellie. Maybe set 10 years in the future, where Ellie is now an adult, but Joel still trying (or not) to maintain the relationship that has built up between them. What happens if Ellie wants to remain with Joel / or if Ellie wants to go her own way and Joel wants her to remain?

That is what I mean, there is so much character depth between them that their relationship can still be taken deeper. It doesn't mean that "this" story has to continue, a new story and development is what we're asking for.
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Classyismyname   961d ago | Spam
sway_z  +   961d ago

...Speak for ya'self!! ...I wanna see a sequel on PS4 for sure....different characters...maybe, but a sequel is a must.

This is one hell of a game!!!!
GAMExxOVER  +   961d ago
It is about the profit, a game with that high a rating will get a sequel, hell, this will probably be one of those games that gets a new release year after year until it stops being profitable. That is just how the industry works. Why wall up a gold mine with plenty of gold left to be had.
sway_z  +   961d ago
Except Naughty Dog don't work that way...otherwise we'd be on Uncharted 5 by now....

Please don't confuse Naughty Dog with MS Studios...thanks!
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DoomeDx  +   961d ago
This is ND were talking about. They didnt do yearly releases with Uncharted either.

They have an image of quality. They dont want to lose that image
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   961d ago
Very true.
I also think they just get burned out on doing the same series which is why Sony let them move on to different projects. They could of easily carried on with Crash and Jak & Daxter for many years but then we would never of had Uncharted or The Last Of Us.
GentlemenRUs  +   961d ago
Uncharted was a true Trilogy! It ended on the 3rd one and that was the perfect ending.

And there was Halo... Supposed to end on the 3rd game but Microsoft got greedy... This is why Halo lost its charm, The only real good game now is the first one.

Also, Never say anything bad about Halo or people will go nuts!
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sway_z  +   961d ago
With respect fellow gamer, and this is in no way directed at you...but if I want to say anything I find negative about any game, on any platform I will...including when I thought Halo Reach was complete crap!!

I don't give a Rats tutu about upsetting some silly fan boy who's life revolves around polygons and pixels.

Agree 100% MS milked Halo in a ridiculous way....
Septic  +   961d ago

Leave the fanboy nonsense out of it. Clearly you've never been interested in Halo.

Halo is a force of its own and the countless number of failed Halo beaters are a testament to that fact.

Us Halo fans, who actually understand the universe want more. The Halo lore is incredible with a one billion year timeline. My friend who only just recently played Halo Anniversary and Halo 5 only absolutely loves the story and read the book Cryptum, which he thought was amazing.

How did MS milk Halo in a ridiculous way? The reviews for the games speak for themselves. Or are you going down the typical N4G fanboy route and say that all reviewers were paid off? Its just sour grapes for those who can't swallow the fact that their beloved console of choice hasn't come close to providing a Halo beater of it's own.
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grimmweisse  +   961d ago
Played Halo 1 - 3, borrowed them from a friend. Found the series to be meh. But that's just my opinion and don't really hate on the series.

One billion year timeline is all and well, but I feel that's a copout so they can keep making the games. Although I never read the novels, if the lore is as strong as many say it is then I feel there is no reason to stop making the series, as it clearly sells very well.

Although the same cannot be said for other series, which are just yearly updates and cash cows.
Maninja  +   961d ago
@Septic I read all the books, including Silentium, and played all the games. I loved the story and still do, but the multiplayer in Halo 4 felt lacking, and stopped me from going back to play the game. And they are absolutely milking the series. Halo 2 came out in 2004, with 3 releasing three years later. I honestly thought Halo 3 was a huge improvement over 2. Now Halo 4 came out 5 years after 3, with Halo 5, or whatever it'll be called, coming out 2 years later. This indicates that 343 is spending less time developing the game just so M$ can release it sooner. That and the fact that I will probably never get an Xbox One means that I have to say goodbye to my second favorite series (kingdom hearts will always be first). It's all because of Microsofts greed.
fattyuk  +   961d ago

It's game over for you!! It's naughty dog we're talking about here.

After reading your comment it's quite obvious you actually don't know shit.
Tyrant 8 RDFL  +   961d ago
He is right we dont need a sequel, but I can see how we would love one. I guess is that we want to experience that ride all over again, but maybe they can create another great survival game. This way our hunger can be feed again.
kneon  +   961d ago
The problem with a sequel to this game is that it's almost certain to be a let down. TLOU is just so phenomenal that the hype for the next one will be insane, and no game will be able to live up to the expectations no matter how good it is.
GentlemenRUs  +   961d ago
There will be one, Not a direct sequel but a prologue for those 20 years.

Or, It could be a sequel which takes them on the trail of why the outbreak really happened.

But, At the moment its fine the way it is ;)
fattyuk  +   961d ago
It will be a trilogy with perhaps a psn prologue special.
jimmywolf  +   961d ago
Or, It could be a sequel which takes them on the trail of why the outbreak really happened.

if i remember right it was tainted meat or wheat, they ignore it at first since they did not see the threat, as it seem like small cases of food poisoning.

but when thing went south they trace the source tried too contain it but it was too late
fattyuk  +   961d ago
The ending was 100% obvious there's going to be a sequel!!
kelixaleir  +   961d ago
If they bring out a sequel it will be different characters but set around the same time. Either that or 5-10 years after the outbreak, may even run into a younger Joel.
r21  +   961d ago
I am ok if there isnt a sequel. Joel and Ellie's story has been told. Just as long ND takes the stealth, combat, and crafting and put into another title of theirs, I'd be happy as a clam. No need to worry bout the story, ND has that got down easily :D
BuffMordecai  +   961d ago
I'd love it if there was a Vita spin off title in the future, especially since Capcom was a dick about not releasing Resident Evil Revelations on the Vita.
USMC_POLICE  +   961d ago
Make another game but new story and characters maybe Tommy's story
mafiahajeri  +   961d ago
Ummm Tommy was a character in it hes not exactly new and some of his story was already told I would want someone completly new ALTHOUGH I wouldnt mind Joel and Ellie to be back.
fourOeightshark  +   960d ago
If they told Tommy's story we would already know that he isn't going to die.
USMC_POLICE  +   960d ago
Not true they can take it past what we already seen about his story. They didn't say he lived to 90 and died. We just know Joel went back to his the dam. He could of found tommy dead for all we know.
isa_scout  +   961d ago
I agree it ended beautifully, but I really REALLY want a sequel. The Last of Us universe is to unique and interesting not to want to dive back in. I wouldn't want a sequel with Joel or Ellie even if it were a prequel, I feel as if their story has been told and their journey has ended, but a completely different set of characters told in a different part of the world(Africa or London could be cool)would be just as interesting. If anyone could make do it it would be Naughty Dog; just look at the leap from Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2, can't imagine the type of experience we'll be getting from them on the PS4...Goosebumps
mafiahajeri  +   961d ago
Why are people saying their story has been told!? Do you guys think the fireflies are going to stop? Their whole clan if you will is based on the hope of finding a cure and Ellie is that hope for the cure. Yes their leader is dead but thats easily fixable, she was weak anyway...

I predict a ruthless firefly leader hunting Joel and Ellie AFTER the fireflies have taken over most parts of the country it would give stealth a whole new meaning in the sequel and that would be the premise of the game.
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isa_scout  +   961d ago
I somewhat agree it could be a cool concept, but the ending kinda reminds me of The Road. Why potentially screw up such a meaningful ending with another story about Joel and Ellie when there are so many different characters to draw from and create. I strongly believe that The Last of Us wasn't a story about finding a cure or saving humanity, humanity had already been lost, it was Joel and Ellies story and I personally would let it be.Your concept is actually quite good, but sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone.
ginsunuva  +   961d ago
But it takes away from any realism whatsoever knowing that Joel has to plow through another thousand people and kill them with bricks and bottles.

It's like Master Chief blowing up halo and then Halo 2 comes and says, oh hey guys there's six more halos for you to destroy!!!!!!
mafiahajeri  +   961d ago
I see where your coming from but its too huge of a factor in the universe to just sweep under the rug, its THE cure! I dont see anyones story being anymore meaningful then the potential cure no matter how much of a bond ND create with these "new" characters.

If they have to go that route then at least have them in the spotlight or background like Joel and Ellie turning in to an urban myth and how all the fireflies are hunting them down. No matter what route this cant be the last we see of Joel and Ellie.
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isa_scout  +   961d ago
I like your idea of Joel and Ellie playing background roles as the fireflies hunt them down, and maybe coming into contact with them throughout the course of the story. Another thing to remember is based on the recording device found in the hospital Ellie isn't and wasn't the only individual immune to the infection... So maybe even the story of one of the people immune that wasn't as lucky as Ellie...Either way I'm sure Naughty Dog WILL do a sequel, the game is to damn good not Wont see me complaining either way.
ufo8mycat  +   961d ago
Perfect ending, though big big part of me wants a sequel, as the story and game was absolutely amazing.
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sGIBMBR  +   961d ago
I would love a sequel! So many different options and routes they could take with a new game!

With a story as good as TLoU, and with developers as good at telling a story as Naughty Dog, the possibilities are endless!
mafiahajeri  +   961d ago
Simply amazing game I would love a sequel BUT after Uncharted 4, I need to see Uncharted and more importantly Drake! on the PS4! O_O
Aces17  +   961d ago
It will surely have a sequel, do to the great sales and I feel the ending set up for a sequel.
aaronobst  +   961d ago
I don’t think a sequel is really necessary, given the ambiguity of the ending. Of course I wouldn’t complain if there was one.
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overlord23  +   961d ago
Just finished my Ellie edition of the Last of Us I loved every minute of the game.
But please Naughty Dog a sequel on Ps4 would be mind blowing.
ger2396  +   961d ago
I'd like to see a prequel, see how it all started.
ame22  +   961d ago
Have you played the game? Because you saw how it all started.
ger2396  +   960d ago
Yes I finished the game, we know how it started. Then it jumped 20 years. They can go more in to detail on what happened to Joel and his bother. How they ended up in Boston. Many possibilities there.
ame22  +   961d ago
A direct sequel would ruin the purpose of an otherwise perfect ending. I don't see them pulling out sequels unless they ditch the older characters and replace them with a whole new cast.
Veneno  +   960d ago
Yeah people's love of the game are getting the best of them. A direct sequel would just be redundant. New characters. New scenario. It will be the only way to keep the game fresh.
fardan85  +   961d ago
I don't think I enjoyed a game this much since I played MGS3.
TLOU delivered a great experience, I thought it wont deliver because of the hype and high expectations since the original announcement. I'm happy for ND, everyone loves the game.
Do I want a sequel? I'm always in for great games but this kind of experiences are rare. If ND decided to make a sequel then it will be so hard to make a game which can surpass the original or be on par with it.
It's not about the action/stealth in the game. It's the emotional experience which is hard to replicate.
But at the end, it's ND, if they make a sequel then I'm getting it day one. I absolutely want a sequel, hopefully Ellie is the protagonist.
Veneno  +   960d ago
Dude I totally had MGS3 in mind while playing last of us!
mgszelda1  +   961d ago

Continue Joel and Ellie story. There r other groups that will come looking, u can be sure of that. And to everyone saying Joel is bad blah blah blah. Not really. U r gonna send a 14 yr old girl to death, who hasnt experienced a real life. It is a tough choice and it isnt really fair. The whole game has no real right or wrong or black and white. Everything is shades of grey. That is what made this ending so good.
WitWolfy  +   961d ago
TLOU was amazing either way... Joel did what he did for obvious reasons, I wont give away anything but I think it has something to do with what happened when you start the game.
#23 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cyclindk  +   961d ago
Agreed, but a prequel 20 years prior in the onset of the epidemic where the world is falling apart, your daughter just died and survival at whatever cost is the soup of the day... Bring it on PS4.
franko  +   961d ago
We don't need a sequel. We need a SAGA.
tigertron  +   961d ago
I'm on the fence. On one hand I would love to continue to play in the TLOU world, because I think there are tons of stories to tell, but on the other hand I think TLOU ended perfectly and I don't want it spoilt.

That said, maybe they could do a sequel or a prequel with other characters. Maybe set during the outbreak or a few years after?
ChipChipperson  +   961d ago
I definitely know what you mean. I really love how the game wrapped up because the whole "growing up" of both Joel and Ellie was done very well. I probably wouldn't mind a 'sequel', not in the sense that it continues Joel's and Ellie's story, but maybe as someone else within that 20 year time period after the infection hit or who knows, maybe another 20 years after the events of the Last of Us. But, that's Naughty Dog's call; I'll support them if they decide for or against it. Other than that, I highly recommend this game to those who have not played it yet.
#26.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TXIDarkAvenger  +   961d ago
It's not like ND will ruin the franchise so I wouldn't mind a Last of Us sequel.

On a side note, what are they DLC are they adding to the game? I was surprised by the lack of zombies in multiplayer.
thoract  +   961d ago
I agree with the author on this game not needing a sequel. This game was amazing from beginning to end. The ending wasn't a cliffhanger ending, it was perfect.

Naughty Dog you guys are amazing. Can't wait to see your new PS4 game.
LiarasBoobs  +   961d ago
I think they could have added a scene which showed the ramifications of Joels decision... like the population of Earth reaching 0 or something.
Welcome2Die  +   960d ago

I would like to see a sequel, I know that Joel took Ellie away from what couldve been a cure to the world but a sequel would be awesome because I want to know what is gonna happen to the world now.
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