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Submitted by MakiManPR 963d ago | news

This Tiny $99 Android Game Console Wants To Destroy PS4 And Xbox One

Ouya hopes its cheaper cube-shaped console will prevail over the long-established gaming triumvirate's pricier hardware. The new device has more than 150 free-to-try games, media features such as Flixster and radio service TuneIn, and an open ecosystem built on Google's Android operating system. (Android, Ouya, PS4, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   963d ago
Wants to but never will. This thing is nothing compared to PS4 and Xbox One.
SynGamer  +   963d ago
Was JUST going to post the exact same thing. I'm hearing some not-so-great things about the Ouya too, especially with build quality. I's to be expected for only $99, but I'm tired of people thinking mobile is going to completely overtake/overshadow consoles.

Two completely different markets that if done right, should compliment each other, not compete.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   963d ago
If the title is true...
This Fiat or Smart Car wants to destroy your Lamborghini or Bugatti in a race

anyway, Android gaming is not taken seriously enough to be on par with consoles, I do not think it ever will be as well
HammadTheBeast  +   962d ago
^ Technically a Fiat could. The Lamborghini or Bugatti would probably run out of gas halfway.

But who am I kidding, MS and Sony have tons of First Party Studios.
inveni0  +   962d ago
Hey, Ouya, show me an Android game that can compete with ANY of Sony's first-party studios.

Yeah...that's what I thought.
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Classyismyname   962d ago | Spam
Perjoss  +   962d ago
I read a review for this thing yesterday, they were saying it has frame rate issues on games that run perfectly on a phone...
Heartnet  +   962d ago
Most likely cause those games were optimized to run on certain hardware or sumin
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   962d ago
Not surprised, phones and tablets that actually run demanding games decently still cost about as much as PS4 when subsidized, or well above 500 when bought with no phone plan involved.

I know phone builders don't exactly take it easy with pricing, but even considering a big profit per unit, the hardware cost alone must be way over Ouya's 99 bucks for any high quality mobile device today.
greenlantern2814  +   962d ago
I only know a handful of people who even know what ouya even exists. And no body that wants it. And can you really see some going to best buy and picking up ouya over any console. I don't think so
SpinalRemains138  +   962d ago
You could have said the same thing about the Wii late 04.

Then when Wii hit shelves, ppl went berserk for it. It was a Nintendo product and that of course mattered, but the Ouya has Android behind it. Millions and millions play all those silly Android games on their mobile devices already, and a 100 bucks is nothing really for the ability to play them all on your tv with a nice little gamepad.

I say this thing does surprisingly well.
Casuals are gonna eat this thing up like Angry Birds and Fruit Samurais.
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StockpileTom  +   962d ago

Those games are popular on mobile devices simply because of convenience they didn't buy those devices for the games... They bought the games because they already had the device. Convincing those crowds to pick up a dedicated device for those games won't be easy.
Relientk77  +   963d ago
I have zero interest in getting a Ouya, and I dont think the Ouya even has a chance. Hardcore gamers aren't gonna buy it, they're gonna buy PS or Xbox, which are 4x and 5x the price.

I'm buying PS4 and that's $300 more
ChickeyCantor  +   963d ago
"Hardcore gamers aren't gonna buy it"

You honestly think they are aiming this at "hardcore" gamers?
shivvy24  +   963d ago
i dont see the point of ouya , we have adroid tabs/phones for that ! and theres not too omany great games
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Kurylo3d  +   962d ago
Sadly, casual gamers already have this console.. its called a phone or tablet. So causual and hardcore are out. Whose left? Geeks who dont own pcs already? lol. Its a good try... respect that, but so far i see no real marketing for it nor do i see a reason to have one if i have a tablet or smart phone. I mean lets face it. Tablet and smartphone tech has already gone past this "console". I mean its stuck on tegra 3, tegra 4 will be out soon enough lol.. hell tegra 5 will soon enough. Tegra 2 and 3 seemed like a stepping stone to greater things.
Donnieboi  +   963d ago
Without the ability to play discs and have used games, most stores won't carry it. So it has no chance, just based on that point alone.

Also, it is just an android on the TV. The games are mostly free, not many are premium games, so quality is not guaranteed. MANY are micro-transaction games, meaning it is P2W = "Pay-To-Win". Difficulty in those games are not challenging--they are outright unfair and unbeatable/unplayable due to the fact that u must pay microtransactions in order to win. They suck u in and make it easy at first, then make it impossible to win later.

Not fun.

So these factors (plus the crappy graphics card and lack of support) will see to it that the Ouya stays as a novelty item, at best.
nick309  +   963d ago
You cant trade mobile games since forever+ mobile games sale easily because they are cheaply priced. Multiply 99 cents times millions. Yea i know mobile games arent what hardcore gamer wanna play but there is tons of casual players.
gamer42  +   963d ago
Do you honestly think casuals are remotely interested in the Ouya? Why play phone games when they can play those on your phone? Your phone is more accessible than the Ouya and the games will probably look better on a smaller screen than on your t.v. The only thing remotely interesting about it is it's emulator, and even then only a few people will buy just for that.
Baka-akaB  +   962d ago
Seriously who are you kidding ? Casual gamers have access to simpler and cheaper means to play games .

Hell Casual means they wont even know about the ouya's existence
Heartnet  +   962d ago
Most game stores will stock a few i think and im sure they can make a deal with google to stock android gift cards that would fun this
Donnieboi  +   962d ago
GAME UK promised to stock a few. No one else did. Maybe Amazon, but with no advertising, how will casuals even find Ouya on Amazon, among the billions of other items (whether gaming or not) that are already vying for their attention on Amazon?
StockpileTom  +   962d ago
Retailers carry disk based games as something to get people into their doors. They make very little profit margins off the games themselves and instead get most profit off of hardware and accessories.

Used games however is a different story completely as those do net them HUGE profit margins and every retailer now is wanting a piece of that.

If they can get a high enough profit margin off the Ouya to justify the footprint on the shelves then they just might carry it. I think it will likely have many of those dumb mobile games on it but I also think that the intent is to be a more open platform experiment.

Support from small developers is part of what made this thing happen in the first place. With Sony allowing self publishing on the PS Store I have to wonder if all of them will flock to Sony and try to take their shot with the big boys of the industry.

The excitement for the Ouya was high at first from a small developer standpoint... even I was mildly interested but now all I can do is sigh and move on. Retail or not I don't see this coming even remotely close to what it takes to "Destroy PS4 and Xbox One."
DJMarty  +   963d ago
LOL, not in a million years
T2  +   962d ago
Wow ive had android for five years not one game ive played longer than a couple weeks
Heartnet  +   962d ago
Tbh a couple of weeks on one game is quite a long time...
GreenRanger  +   963d ago
The only thing this thing is going to destroy is crap, I can't think of anything...
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fattyuk  +   963d ago
IPhone 3?
THC CELL  +   963d ago
Good luck. Love android but only more than Apple not other gaming devices
Moncole  +   963d ago
Only good thing to use the Ouya for is for Emulators.
fattyuk  +   963d ago

Edit: who doesn't like xbmc lol
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a_squirrel  +   962d ago
I love me some N64 goodness.
DJMarty  +   963d ago
Not even good at emulators, hav'nt you seen Ouya crap specs.
zeal0us  +   962d ago
Tegra 3 SoC which is strong enough to run most emulators up to the N64/PS1 era.

Sadly theres isn't any mobile hardware on the market that can run the Dolphin emulator(emulator for the GC and Wii).
SonyWarrior  +   962d ago
zeal0us last time i checked ouya isnt mobile so dont give them that excuse... if you want emulation buy cheap computer thats powerful enough and just leave it for the tv...
fattyuk  +   963d ago
How do I play blu rays on this device?
zeal0us  +   962d ago
The same way you play blu rays on a Roku box or Apple Tv, you don't.
RiPPn  +   963d ago
Didn't people at E3 say the controller is awful? Don't think this thing has a chance.
GentlemenRUs  +   963d ago
I welcome them to try ;)
M1chl  +   963d ago
This was DOA from the beggining, since many Android phones can be plugged to TV by HDMI and you also could connect xbox controller (I think that DS is also supported via bluetooth, but I am not sure) whats the point of OUYA again?
contradictory  +   963d ago
yeah, no.

you'd have to have AMAZING library of games for that to happen
Summons75  +   963d ago
Yeah, good luck getting games with the quality and developer devotion such as The Last of Us or MGS. Ouya will never get well built quality games only angry birds 7,8,9 and 10.
contradictory  +   963d ago
and lest you forget Angry Birds 11
Foxgod  +   963d ago
Hits article, the Ouya is not even in the same market.
Its for emulators and XBMC, not for mainstream gaming.
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Baka-akaB  +   962d ago
Agreed , problem is , it's not even good for emulation , and people that care about that already got rigs and devices fully capable
zeal0us  +   962d ago
Old emulator not really that spec heavy. Heck my Droid X2 can run N64 emulators no problem. Since Ouya is equipped with a Tegra 3 chip it should have a problem running emulators.
Baka-akaB  +   962d ago
That's a problem for the ouya actually . it can be done by cheaper machine than Ouya , also capable of playing other games

And do see stuff like ps2 emulation on it ? Nope , not even in sight for the distant future .

It doesnt cover the broad spectrum of emulation , while it can't even provide much better alternatives
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Foxgod  +   962d ago
Thats not true, it emulated everything up to N64, so it emulates about 80% of all emulated systems Thats broad enough if you ask me.

Besides, no system under 400 will emulate ps2 perfectly.
Angeljuice  +   962d ago
Not even close to 80%. No c64, Amiga, Atari st, Spectrum etc (all have emulators, not on OUYA). More like 20%.
Foxgod  +   962d ago
Again, not true, Ouya runs Android, there are emulators for those for android, so you can install them on Ouya.

In fact, the only stuff it doesnt emulate are systems that where released after the Nintendo64 and Psx.
For the rest it runs everything, including tosec systems such as C64 and Pc98.
So the actual number is probably closer to 90% then to 80%
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Baka-akaB  +   962d ago
You forget a big bulk of light to run 3d games and of course 2d ones on ps2 . They dont all requiert big computers .

And however one cut its , discarding everything beyond n64 and psx is a big deal . The staturn itself is only supported in name , as work only begun .

Especially if Ouya can only run stuff that's available everywhere else , and can run everywhere else for a cheaper price (you can easily find a 2000 PC for less and play the same stuff , or use a mobile phone) or in a more convenient fashion .

I know i sound very anti-ouya . Looking bck , my posts will exactly seems that .

I'm just not sure it fills a real market and need , beyond the enthusiast folks that kickstart funded it .

Even more so after negative reports on the pad .
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Silly Mammo  +   963d ago
Isn't the point of Android/iOS games that they can be played on your phone/tablet anywhere/anytime? By having to plop down on the couch and play them in front of your TV defeat the sole the purpose of them?

Also, most of these game will look pretty horrible on a large TV.
zeal0us  +   962d ago
Think of the Ouya as a Roku Box with android gaming capabilities.
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GamePeace  +   962d ago
I've pre-ordered a Ps Vita and a Ps4.
Happy with my choice, this Android market is for the Facebook Generation...
malol  +   962d ago
not with that ugly ass stiff looking controller it wont.
AKR  +   962d ago
I'm surprised the Wii U wasn't added to the mix either - the Ouya doesn't even stand a chance against that.

Android does have -some- great games, actually. Real Racing 3, Sonic 4 Episode: II, Riptide GP, Asphalt 7 ~ all come to mind. But compared to the diverse amount of AAA games available on other platforms ~ this is a system for:

- Someone on a REALLY tight budget
- A collector
- A wasteful person
- A little, little kid.
fattyuk  +   962d ago
And the people who invested there hard earn cash into the fund,
SonyWarrior  +   962d ago
no those people are already selling theirs on ebay...
Dogswithguns  +   962d ago
Who knows maybe one day one of these little things will kill consoles off... only time can tell.
kwandar  +   962d ago
If it had Steam (ie. it was a Steambox), they could possibly take out the PS4 and Xbox. I'd like a convenient small Steambox for the livingroom.

But ... it doesn't ... and it won't.
joeorc  +   962d ago
Many in this thread are really missing the point of the OUYA!
what many of the negative views about the concept about which part of the market the OUYA is being geared to are missing the over all picture:


the concepts of design and development environment dynamic for the market for the OUYA is not the same as it is for the Big three with their platform's.

The OUYA is being targeted toward the grass roots development of games from 30 years ago, like those back in the early late 70's and early 80's but with much more robust hardware to work with this time along with very advanced SDK's for such chipsets.

If many on here would listen to the interviews from guys such as

Brian Fargo

I see many are still touting these are just Mobile games, but you also have to look at exactly what you can indeed do with this hardware, yes by no means is it any where near the level of the PS4 OR THE XBOXONE but there already is that level of hardware , its called the PS4 and the xboxone and the WiiU.

The OUYA is not being designed or geared to that level of Hardware

What many are not taking into account, is unlike many years ago for grass roots development hardware many did not have access to the chips that are on the level of the OUYA let along the advanced took chains and low cost for investment with really good level of results for your investment an return.


Look at that link and not just glance over those games but go to the links and really look at what those small indie development studios are doing with this Hardware. Im asking people here to keep an open Mind and not be too hasty to just be outright dismissive of this platform based on little info about this platform.

If you really are interested in new gaming experiences maybe keep an open mind, im not trying to sell the platform, what im pointing out its not as clear cut as people are trying to make it to be about the OUYA as a platform.

also GTA: Vice city running on the OUYA
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Gohadouken  +   962d ago
I dont expect to change your mind on the subject , but i'm sure in a fair fashion , you wont expect to change some of ours .

The key here is what one would call new experiences .

I simply dont see it here . I just see new controls and peripherals challenges .

I dont consider being able to play 70-80 of emulated games a new experience . Allmost all devices did or do it , through various degree of accessibility .

As for mobile gaming itself , the bulk and core of it , so far , have been inferior rehash of what's existing elsewhere on home consoles , pc or handheld . Most are takes on the above mentioned challenge of adapating to new controls , for old expériences , if not complete rip offs
#21.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
byeldell34  +   962d ago
il just get a android tablet...i do want a ouya but i thank il get one used
Chase51  +   962d ago
This thing is so stupid all it does is play android app games that's gay it will be nowhere near ps4!
fattyuk  +   962d ago
"This thing is so stupid all it does is play android app games that's gay it will be nowhere near ps4"

When did you escape from the crèche?
Angeljuice  +   962d ago
Going by what I've heard online,

OUYA is awful, everyone who has one and has expressed an opinion thinks so. Terrible UI and hardware quality.

Shield is almost as bad (poorly designed hardware and top-heavy)

Steambox has no market outside of the core pc gamers (who already have pc's).

All doomed to fail !!!!

Whatever happened to that Gizmondo, Gizmodo, Gism thing?
MonChiChi  +   962d ago
Haha this made my Sunday.
Silly gameAr  +   962d ago
Doubt it will put a dent in the next gen consoles popularity, but I would give it an honest try based on the cheap price.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   962d ago
This is just a hit grabbing headline. They have no intention of going against the big guys. They actually want to create their own market.
project_pat36  +   962d ago
mobile games are for pregnant and/or nursing women, children and people who are addicted to social media websites attempt at games that force you to pay to play after so many days.
redtideone11  +   962d ago
ouya is a waste of peoples time and money. it has a mobile processor what you find in an ipad, psvita and just when they thought small phones and tablets where going to replace the pc. ugh you people are delusional. yeah that be the day even if the games could handle what the ps4 can dish out. even the psvita can't sell what makes you think this with the same tech is going to?
SpinalRemains138  +   962d ago
Critical thinking says this Ouya thing may do quite well.

Not for us, obviously. We're all here because we prefer the latest and the greatest and the PS or Xbox brand. We prefer the more powerful consoles with the best licenses and studios.

Casuals may really live this thing tho. Its small and has hundreds of games right away.

You can play all those shovelware games on any tv.

Do not underestimate this little thing, guys. It might be the next Wii.
Gohadouken  +   962d ago
The Wii was still a marketing machine . I wouldnt expect casual to bother with something they simply wouldnt know about .

Pretty much every casual i could summon here for you , would be like "but i can play those on my phone" .

It's a double edged sword imo . The one clamoring for mobile gaming play on a pad and tv set , are not necessarily the same making mobile gaming a commercial success to begin with .

Things like licensing pads on ipad and android phones , are literally the kiss of death for it , in the casual market imo .
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