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State of Decay starts you off similarly to most zombie filled games, dead smack in the middle of things. You begin your venture as a survivor named Marcus and are soon introduced to a world ravaged by the undead. The game makes quick work of introducing you to other characters, the nature of banding together, and working to survive.
To be honest, the amount of things you are immediately introduced to can be a bit overwhelming. I know I sure was. You learn quickly that fighting zombies isn’t necessarily your best option. Although zombies may be slow-moving and won’t make you turn on the first bite, getting battered up as you run around the map can have deathly consequences.

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TheFamous11883d ago

There is no Multiplayer yet right?

dreamoner1883d ago

They gotta set a release date for PC, it looks awesome.

P_Bomb1883d ago

Wait til the 2nd patch. The 1st one didn't work as per the developers. Frame rate has taken an even worse beating too. Wait til the fixes.

konnerbllb1883d ago

That said the devs are awesome with communication and fast to get their patches into certification.

UNGR1883d ago

Needs co-op, it would really broaden the experience. Other than that it's still pretty good.

Nightcrawler9131883d ago

This game is awesome. I just wish it was a full retail game.

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