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Metal Gear Solid V Fan Theories are in - Two Snakes, Grey Fox and... Solidus/Master Miller is Snake?

From GamesReviews:

"What's a little Metal Gear hype without a few wild (and a few less wild) fan theories? We've all had over a week to watch and soak in the extended version of the first "proper" Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer, shown at the beginning of last week's Microsoft conference, and I'm sure we've all got our own ideas about what's happening and how it all fits into the series as a whole.

"Perhaps we're not thinking about it as deeply as some of these people though, who predict clones of Master Miller, a ton of Snakes and the triumphant return of David Hayter..." (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Donnieboi  +   745d ago
The Miller Clone thing sounds far-fetched...but then again, I always wondered why Liquid looks like Miller, and why his hair is naturally blonde.

Plus, without a doubt, Liquid is FAR more intelligent than his father or brother. He single-handedly revived the patriot system and ran it himself, controlling the world for a brief moment. That is something that Miller would have done (if he were evil). He has Big Boss's facial features, and battle prowess; but also looks a bit like Miller too, and definitely as an equivalent intelligence and charisma (when getting soldiers to join his "cause").

Plus Liquid was able to fool Cambell and Solid into believing that he was Liquid.

Just a theory, so don't crucify me, but: Is it possible that Liquid (if he is Eli in the trailer) is a genetic fusion of Big Boss and Miller. Just think about the possibilites before you shoot it down.

Every single MGS prequel end up reveal so much more about the lies that Solid Snake had been told about Big Boss and his own origins. Maybe there is more to reasoning behind why they cloned Big Boss.

Although Big Boss is the soldier, Miller was the brains. Combining them both would result in a person who is battle efficient and a natural born commanding officer(miller). This genetic fusion would create the kind of mindset that could run MSF, Outer Heaven, and eventually FoxHound--all in one person. Those are all qualities that Liquid possesses, and things he's accomplished alone. Yet it took BOTH Miller and Big Boss to accomplish what Liquid has done alone.

Just a theory.
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Unicron  +   745d ago
Liquid Snake never ran the Patriots, but Liquid Ocelot was able to run SOP for a time. Different things.
Donnieboi  +   745d ago
Edit: I wrote a response, but I saw some flaws in what I wrote in it, so I'll have to respond again later (I erased it for now). Just too tired to go into the depths of this story-line. It's just to deep of a story that Kojima has weaved.
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Unicron  +   745d ago
Oh I know. I've been following it since the beginning. I'm sure this game will retcon something or change something (BB's roboarm is a nice nod to his non-canon snatcher upgrades in snakes revenge), but I'm just going to sit back and wait on the ridiculousness.
HmongAmerican  +   744d ago
liquid snake= snakE LIquid backward. Take the letter E at the end of the word snakE and the first two letter from the word LIquid LI makes ELI. Thats my theory.
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Donnieboi  +   744d ago
Wow that's exceedingly far fetched.

No, imo his name is Eli because it's a play on David and Eli of the bible. It represents a similar fate for Solid and Liquid to those of mythical characters from the bible.

This video (below) has been very viral. I think it kinda explains what their names might mean.

It starts at 9:50 in the video

Related video
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omi25p  +   744d ago
Everything you have just written is exactly why i have NEVER been able to get into MGS.

90% of the characters seem to have the same damn name.
gamertk421  +   745d ago
David Hayter is definitely trolling the fans. He'll be in the game.
matgrowcott  +   745d ago
I'm absolutely open to the idea that it might happen (if only because I can't see them getting Kiefer Sutherland to voice Snake across little spin-offs and cameos), but you shouldn't get your hopes up.

All the evidence so far points to the fact that he probably won't be in the game, and "BUT KOJIMA LIES ALL THE TIME" isn't evidence.
Timesplitter14  +   745d ago
My theory is that the afghanistan Snake is actually Mei Ling's time-traveling clone wearing a mask
DarkBlood  +   745d ago
Elaborate sir?

edit: lol
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Timesplitter14  +   745d ago
it's obvious

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Donnieboi  +   745d ago
Lol at the clowns who disagreed with you. Can't these people see sarcasm when it's in front of them? Damn, some people are slow.
segamon  +   745d ago
please, let the story be on par with Metal Gear Solid. something credible that compliments the player's intelligence and provokes his thinking.

part of MGS's superior success simply was its authentic story, it stimulates the doubt that such conspiracy and technology could exist.

no cheap out-of-this-world conspiracy theories, no sexual vulgarity, no dumb computer AIs and no tired relationships.. Metal Gear Solid was a masterpiece on every single level.

I hope MGSV deliver a unique experience.
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Maldread  +   745d ago
Agreed. The whole patriot story line was always the worst aspect of the series and the less of it the better in my opinion.

Really hope Hayter`s in it too as solid snake somehow, but i don`t think so.

I don`t want Jack Bauer. I want the real Snake.
Imalwaysright  +   745d ago
The "real" Snake is Kojima. Everything he does and says is Kojima. Hayter is just Solid's voice.
Maldread  +   744d ago
Imalwaysright you certainly don`t live up to your name ;)

Kojima created the character, but saying Hayter is just his voice is stupid. A character is born when an actor use his voice and body to give it life and humanity. That would be like saying Heath Ledger wasn`t the Joker, it was just Nolan. A director may come up with the concept, but skilled actors must be there to bring the vision to life. Snake was named David for christ sake, so that should say something how iconic he is. Why do you think so many fans want him back?

I wish people would stop defending Kojima`s every decision. He`s definetly a genius and a fantastic game creator, but he isn`t allways right. Just look at MGS2 for evidence.

I hate when the creators mess up their own creations and will allways voice my consern about it. Just look in horror to what Lucas did with Star Wars.

If you want Sutherland as Snake, i respect your opinion, but a voice is definitely very important in video games.
Imalwaysright  +   744d ago
Hayter is just a VOICE ACTOR. What he does any decent VOICE ACTOR would do. Solid's personality is 100% Kojima. What Heath did was on a completely different level because he wasn't just lending his voice! He had the freedom to build his own character the way he wanted, to act the way he wanted and to give life to the character the way he wanted. Hayter doesn't have that freedom. Solid is a character that was built entirely by Kojima and Hayter just lends his voice. Like I said Solid is Kojima as is the whole franchise and the only person that would dispute that would be "Imalwayswrong".
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Maldread  +   744d ago
I don`t know why you keep insisting it`s just Kojima. A character is clearly the creation of a director and an actor. Just look at how much imput Nolan North has had on Nathan Drake in Uncharted in therms of lines, deliverence etc.

If you think Hayter hasn`t contributed to how the Snake charcter has become, why is so many fans reacting negativly to a change? Why is Snake named David, if he just did the voice? For me and countless others Hayter IS Snake and is such a huge part of what makes the character so great.

I mean look at DMC where the character is much less important than in MGS and how many people hated that change in voice and apperance. Voice actors are important in video games. Especiallty when the story and characters are as vital as in MGS.
segamon  +   744d ago
don't mind him Maldread.
Imalwaysright  +   744d ago
Again you're comparing two completely different things. Nolan was involved in Uncharted development. He did for the Drake what Heath did for the Joker. He wasn't just lending his voice he acted the part and gave life to the character. The difference is that it was using that motion capture technology.


If you want to talk about actors involved in developing the Solid character you should be talking about the japanese voice actor but even then I know that the japanese voice actor just lends his voice to Solid as well. Solid is character created by Kojima and nothing will ever change that.

@ Segamon Yeah Im a fanboy. Too bad I can use logic to back the points I'm trying to make. Thanks for bringing something irrelevant to the table.
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Maldread  +   744d ago
Segamon, i`m fine with people having different opinions than me, i just don`t understand his reasoning on this one ;) But thanks.

Hope they bring out a new Leagacy of Kain game by the way. Really liked Blood Omen 2, even though it was a bit choppy on PS2 :)
segamon  +   744d ago
He's a fanboy, he has no reason, this is why I encouraged you to not mind him.

Blood Omen 2?! oh Maldread, I don't want to debate you but Blood Omen 2 is considered a reject among Legacy of Kain fans. some say it's because Amy Hennig was not involved, I believe it's true. but likewise, I hope they bring back the series, Defiance's ending was and still is among the most epic I've experienced in a video game.

by the way, your avatar, I'm a big fan of Masquerade Redemption myself.

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Maldread  +   744d ago
segamon hehe ok. It`s the only Leagacy of Kains game i`ve played, so maybe that`s why i liked it ;)

Let`s hope they can bring back the series, but i`m a bit unsure how CD will with the whole Tomb Raider "sales failure" of recent. Think they need a new developer if it will happen.

Imalwaysright, so you have to do motion capture to contribute to the character?? Give me a break. If Hayter was just an voice actor, people wouldn`t care so much that he`s gone. Yes Kojima created the role, but Hayter brought him to life as we know Snake. If you want to pretend Hayter has just read some lines, suit yourself.
Imalwaysright  +   744d ago
I'm not pretending anything. Hayter just lends his voice and doesn't have any input on what Solid says or does. Nolan by doing motion capture gave life to the character, was an active part of building the character and gave his feedback to Amy on the character. Hayter doesn't have anything to do with the develpment of Solid. Just the fact that he just recently found out that he wouldn't voice Big Boss when the game has been in development for years and is months away from release is proof enough of what I'm saying. What Hayter does any decent voice actor would do. He is NOT the real Snake or are the japanese, german, spanish... voice actors the real SnakeS too?


You can sit there and say that what defines a person/character is that person/character voice but to me that is not what defines a person/character. I'll be enjoying a masterpiece made by the person that IS Solid/Big Boss and IS MGS: Kojima because I never played MGS to hear Hayter's voice. I'm not a Hayter fan, I'm a MGS fanboy.
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ZBlacktt  +   745d ago
My head is going to explode
yeahokchief  +   745d ago
We can only hope Hayter is playing SOMEONE in the new game... Pretty sure he is now based on a few of his odd twitter comments and how he keeps changing his profile pic to him and sutherland or him and kojima.

The best way to announce it would be a new teaser video just before the MGS Legacy Collection goes on sale in early July to get people hyped for the original games again.

I would buy those on the spot if they announced Hayter was really in the game again. Trophies for MGS1,2,3,4,PW and the original Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2 i havent played yet. If he's not going to be in the new game then i'm gonna pass on all of it tho.


On a sidenote, I really wish they wouldn't put review scores on the boxes of the games. It just looks trashy to me to have a website, magazine or metacritic score on the front of the box. On the back of the box OKAY, but id rather have that space taken up with details/pictures of the game.

I really love what Irrational did with the reversible cover. I'd like to see more of that. Have one cover to sell the game to people and the inside to be really nice looking.

I think the future of video game boxes is having something you can scan with your smartphone or vita to display clips of the gameplay.
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Der_Kommandant  +   745d ago
Hideo Kojima is the greatest troll ever.

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