Next-Gen Consoles Aren’t Worth Their Price

GenGAME says next-gen isn't enough of a leap to justify a $400 or more cost of entry.

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Donnieboi1852d ago

PS4 is more than worth $399. Especially with all the F2P games it's coming with out of the gate, and the free PS Plus games we get with PS Plus (if u already have it, then it's a steal).

Just because you may not have the money for it (understandably, in this global economy) doesn't mean that it's too expensive.

People spend 2.5 times that amount on Tablets which they will need to replace in 2 years and are easily breakable. The next gen consoles are meant to last 5-10 years, and with cloud computing--possibly an eternity.

Corpser1852d ago

Why do people need to replace their tablets every 2 years?

Mikelarry1852d ago

some people think the latest means better and more improved functionality in some cases it is true but not all the time.

Donnieboi1852d ago

I don't know, they just do. They don't NEED to, but are often convinced to. At the very least, they definitely do that with their I-phones, to get the latest version. The same for the TABLET's to (the Apple I-Tablets).

Apple has a knack for getting ignorant people to keep rebuying slightly "improved" versions of their phones and tablets every year or 2. And these things are highly expensive for products that are so restrictive.

I been using the same Android phone for 3 years, and it can still do more than the latest I-Phone can do. Especially because Google supports it via updates. Apple just expects you to buy a new phone. So that's why people keep buying new one's.

But with Cloud Computing, the next-gen might be able to bridge the gap between the next-gen, and the one after that. Of course, cloud will require always-online, but the very NEXT gen after ps4/xbox one will be able to provide a non-online rendition, while ps4/xbone will be able to last forever (if they wanted to) by using cloud.

Not saying they WILL do it, but the technology IS there for a reason.

S2Killinit1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

because its a status thing, apple has people convinced that to have the iphone, ipad, is a fashion statement, and so if you dont have the latest, you are a has-been. To think that people pay 600 for a phone and then complain about a console price point blows my mind. The Playstation 3 was the best 600 i ever spent.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

"Why do people need to replace their tablets every 2 years?"

Same reason they need to replace their phones every year.

They don't.

It's just the state of our consumer world.

Pretty stupid actually.

3-4-51852d ago

Why do people need to upgrade their phones every two years?


Corpser1852d ago

So it's a bad thing you CAN get a better tablet every year? You would prefer Apple release one every 8 years (and not backward compatible)?

inveni01852d ago

I jumped onto the iWagon before Android came out, and I've upgraded every two generations. I've never felt like I didn't need to upgrade. Each upgrade has been welcomed. As a software engineer, it's not my ignorance that gets me to upgrade, either. I upgrade because I want to move forward with technology. The iPhone 5 is much more than a "slight upgrade" over the iPhone 4. And the iPhone 4 was more than a slight upgrade over the 3G. It's also time for me to upgrade my iPad, because I'm still on iPad 2. The upgrade will be more than "slight", especially when talking about the potential with games.

SolidStoner1852d ago

I still have Sony Ericson k750i... lol

it has a screen, and I can call from it!!!! :) What else I might use a phone for these days!?? :)) I can protect myself with it by throwing with it!!! thats for sure!!

badz1491852d ago

exactly what I was thinking! consoles "cheap" compared to smartphones but somehow some people are willing to justify their prices and think consoles are somehow "expensive"? the stupidity of some people...smh!

smartphones are expensive with or without contract and can you believe that you can only get a mid-range SIM-less phone for $400?? un-freaking-believable!

I have an S3 myself since early this year but for some reason I got 2 for the price of 1 and gave 1 to my wife! obviously we're on a 2 years contract too but just because of the offer and I upgraded from the 1st gen Galaxy Tab I had since 2010. bottom line is...smartphones prices are ridiculous and there's no justifying it!

greenlantern28141852d ago

Not sure need is the right word for him to use here. there is a case to be made that many people do. I know some people that just have to get a new tablet or smart phone every year.

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MariaHelFutura1852d ago

Wii U - $349
PS4 - $399
Xbox One - $499

medman1852d ago

Millions of people will buy the launch. Something is worth what the consumer is willing to pay for it. The PS4 is priced appropriately and offers a good value. I find it hard to believe that the author could have played Destiny, The Division, Watch_Dogs, or Infamous Second Son and have a legitimate question as to whether those could be running on current hardware. That is not reasonable. So when the "author" brings up that point, he loses all credibility. It was obvious at last years E3 that the Watch_Dogs demo was not running on a 360 or PS3, so I have to question the "authors" credibility and credentials.

SoapShoes1852d ago

It's not just the power, it's the jump in features. PS4 allows you to view what your friends are playing in realtime and even take over the controller if they wish. Instant start, no waiting for it to boot if you put it in sleep during a game and much much more..

Saigon1852d ago

I am not certain why you received a disagree because you stated a fact. Either way I understand what this author is trying to say but I think he missed the point of this next generation. To me this next generation is about the physics of the games along with expanded technology to imply these physics. Before any of these consoles were even thought of I new this is what would become of this next generation. Our current generation had many issues in many games and I hope that this next gen allows devs to fix some of the glaring issues such as draw distance, frame rate drops, AI issues, etc. sometimes its not just about graphics, its the physics around the graphics.

joeorc1852d ago

"PS4 is more than worth $399. Especially with all the F2P games it's coming with out of the gate, and the free PS Plus games we get with PS Plus (if u already have it, then it's a steal)."

100% Agreement:

what is it that people really expecting for a $299.00 price? you cannot expect, to purchase a topset box like the PS4 OR THE XBOXONE FOR $299.00!

People its not happening not with these Spec's

legendoflex1852d ago

Why does gaming need $400 specs in the first place?

joeorc1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"Why does gaming need $400 specs in the first place? "

while many may see your Question as dumb to ask, it really is not a dumb question, To Give you an Answer you must look at the reason's of why your design and make a system like these game consoles in the first place and how to tackle logistic's and design problems along the way.

For instance when you design any hardware you must look at its purpose, and where effects of your design can and will go wrong, and ways to avoid problems down the road. that's why you have R&D testing.

Now take for instance developer's need at least 6 to 18 months to develop a game for said platform, from inception to design to in effect publishing to market, that does not include the resources required for up keep and development for online component upkeep's for bug fix'es an such. now you are looking at at min another 6 months to a year to support cycle set aside for support for that game off the get go, than Added development DLC for online component added to the game for non static development for advancement for aid iP of the Game from story board to expanding the game moving forward, and maybe starting to request more development studio staff to increase speed of development. by the time you are done you spent in upwards of multiple of millions to get this one game out the door.

the concepts need to apply for more projects going forward without the hardware level being able to handle direct to metal coding you will not be able to SDK growth for new optimization techniques built for such platforms, that why trying to correlate the PC to the game console really does not work. when you make a game for Consoles you code direct to metal, unlike PC's where your PC's system design of the OS is designed first and foremost to run Applied Applications first gaming 2nd. You need the Game console's hardware to be able to take advantage of said tool chain advancements to further garner less development time more ROI for your development project's. with PC being just as viable now being able to take advantage of Tool chains that PC's use in Game consoles now, gather's more or less Parity with the PC platform for the development environment.

but you need such robust hardware because its far cheaper to enable advancement tool chains that can cross development straight from PC's than it would be if your system was less static. that is what has changed all Game consoles are no longer static from last generation to now.

All game consoles system software can be updated. by having the hardware robust enough tool chains for development will be far cheaper to enable because the hardware is able to handle new advancement's as you go along.

vikingland11852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I agree, And to the author, don't buy any of the next gen consoles then. And be stuck in the past.

Edit: I was agreeing with Donnieboi

M83_1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

It's not just Apple, most people I know have their phone (android or iphone) for 2-3 years and upgrade. When the S4 came out there were loads of people I know that were going to upgrade from their S3 and a big amount did in the end. It's not just Apple, it's us wanting the best thing, which is natural enough.

I've an iPhone 4 for 3 years now and I'll make the jump to a HTC One soon, there's nothing wrong with upgrading every year or two if you like. It's your money, I just hate this BS that only Apple people upgrade every year like the otherside of Android doesn't either.

Fanboys on either side are complete idiots. Stay neutral as that gives you more options and a clearer insight. If someone wants to upgrade every year then what is it to you? Not your money or decision.
I say let them off, they could see you buy something and think that's totally unnecessary so best to let everyone off, we all justify our purchases differently.

kwandar1852d ago

Donnieboi - I don't know about "worth", but if you want to play games online you have to pay for PS+ and that puts the PRICE of a PS4 up to close to $700.

Sony has you by the balls here too - if they raise PS+ price, what are you going to do about it other than play offline?

So tell me - is the PS4 worth more than $399? Particularly with the anaemic initial library and no backward compatibility? I don't think so (certainly not for a PS3 owner). I'll stick with my PS3 for at least a couple more years.

Donnieboi1852d ago

Okay u do that. I'll be on ps4 and ps3, so yay for me!

Hicken1852d ago

PS+ is $50. To push it to your total, that's six years of Plus, during which time a few hundred dollars in savings will be offered to you each year.

Six years of Live added onto the console price would be $860.

Whether or not the launch library is to your liking is subjective, but since they're planning more than 25 games- which is what the Vita had; keep in mind that Sony says the PS4 will have the biggest launch library in PS history- and are touting roughly 140 over the first two years or so, and since we don't know what any significant amount of those games will be, calling it anemic is jumping the gun.

Now, if we're basing the value on a $700 price tag over six years, then you should also include six years of deals through Plus- let's say, $150 a year for a total of $900 over six years. So, a system worth $400, plus games and deals worth $900 is $1300 worth of stuff.

And you're paying just over half for that.

Still see no value?

SatanSki1851d ago

@Hicken PS+ free games have no value becouse they arent games i want to play.

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GamersRulz1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

X1 is expensive @500 for a 1.23TF machine+ Cheap slow DDR3 RAM. PS4 is very reasonable @400 for 1.84TF machine+ blazing fast GDDR5.

my point is PS4 is cheap considering that you buy a dedicated GPU for the same price- or more- and 25% of the ram.

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Corpser1852d ago

You can't say gaming on ps4 is cheaper than PC anymore now you need to add 50 a year to play online , and a graphics card equivalent to ps4's gpu costs $160

RankFTW1852d ago

$450 is still cheaper than 1 of my GPU's not to mention all the other PC components. In fact your comment is stupid, PS4 is way cheaper than PC gaming.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

I could buy a PS4, no games, and no PS+, and still happily play Planetside 2, DC Universe, and Warframe online for a long time.

Corpser1852d ago


You are only going to play ps4 online for one year? Over 8 years it will add $400 to the cost. $800 is more than enough to build a mid range PC

DarkHeroZX1852d ago


Yeah but why would he want to wait 8 years to do that? And besides exclusives talk. I love PC gaming but until KH3 and FF15 are announced for it and games like KZ and all the other IPs I have come to love from Sony then PC gaming will be secondary. PS3,PS4, PS vita, and 3ds are my go to devices for games first, then the PC

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MariaHelFutura1852d ago

Exactly. For this and about 25 other reasons, it's a no brainer.

kwandar1852d ago

Did you factor in the PS+ price you need to pay to play on-line?

With no backward compatibility, anyone with a PS3 (unless they regularly subscribe to PS+) will avoid a PS4 for at least a couple of years, unless they just have money to burn.

ExCest1852d ago

Wasn't DDR3 faster than GDDR5? It's just that GDDR5 has higher bandwidth for streaming textures and whatnot.

GamersRulz1852d ago

essentially GDDR5 is a modified version of DDR3 but it has almost 3x the bandwidth. that's why GDDR5 is chosen in the highest end GPUs these days. bandwidth is crucial for graphics and GPUs in general.

when I said "blazing fast" I meant bandwidth not clock speed which is also favors GDDR5.

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PositiveEmotions1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

The ps4 is worth the price to me .

The only thing i hate is the wait.

DragonKnight1852d ago

I bet the author has either a $600 phone or a $700 tablet.

legendoflex1852d ago

Try a $49 (after rebate) LG Rumor and no tablet.

DragonKnight1852d ago

Still doesn't help anything. You were either going to be one of those people who has an overly expensive mobile device, or one of those people who doesn't think anything is worth the price, as currently evidenced by your $50 ancient phone.

Point being, unless you have intimate knowledge of the cost of the tech, and what it took to design it, you've no authority to say the consoles aren't worth their price.

Subjective and incorrect statement is subjective and incorrect.

Master-H1852d ago

Download an android emulator on your (probably ancient) PC and stick to mobile gaming if you're this cheap, dude lol jk

strigoi8141852d ago

PS4 is a steal just saying