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Acrasial from Gaming Furever reviews Reus: "Starting with nothing but a barren and lifeless planet there can sometimes be a sense of hopelessness for the creation of life. If not for the powerful giants of your planet that create the very essences of life, there would be no hope for a flourishing populace to ever sprout from the dust that mars the surface of the world. Puzzle games for quite some time have been A to B while solving complex problems in a minimal prop location. However in Reus, you seem to have more flexibility with how you can create life on the cracked and lifeless surface of your world. The giants that you use each create a set of plants, animals, and minerals that correspond to their element (although fire and air are not among them). This can lead to an endless as well as seamless distribution of wealth in the populaces and in some cases an all-out war between greedy nations that do not respect the giants and ask more of them. You play God when it comes to Reus and the giants are your tools of creation as well as destruction."

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