Battlefield 4 dev DICE on the importance of 60fps

Buy the next-generation version of Battlefield 4 and you'll get the "full Battlefield experience", developer DICE has told Eurogamer.

The Swedish developer has used the PC version of the game, which as Battlefield 3 players know features huge 64-player battles and, if your computer is up to it, 60 frames per second visuals, as the target for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4, due out later this year.

Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One includes 64-player battles and 60fps visuals, unlike the console versions of Battlefield 3 and the current-gen versions of Battlefield 4.

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titletownrelo2005d ago

COD dev: we have the leading FPS engine gameplay running at a constant S I X T Y fps. Come at me bro!

BF4 dev: 66 players on next gen consoles, larger maps, enhanced destruction and graphics, and at 60fps. B00M.

COD dev: ...b-b-but...fishie A-I...and doggies...

ABizzel12005d ago

Between Battlefield and TitanFall Call of Duty is going to start to feel the heat.

UNGR2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Pretty sure they're bathing in lava at this point if they thought fish AI, and dogs was the best new thing to bring to the table. Still no word on servers being used, god forbid they update that game to 2013 standards. Call of Doomed should be it's new name, it seems fitting.

SonyPS42004d ago

To be honest, similar things were said when BF3 was about to be released that it's going to give CoD a run for its money. That didn't happen. Nothing can kill CoD but CoD alone and it seems CoD is killing itself. Rock Band didn't kill GH, GH dug up the grave they're lying peacefully in.

Upbeat2005d ago

I couldn't stop laughing at E3 when they were showing cod and said "as you swim towards fish they move out of the way"

Donnieboi2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Ecco the Dolphin did it even before Mario 64. That means that COD's "next gen" feature was capable on a 16 bit Genesis. LOL.

jmc88882004d ago

Ha ha, was just going to say Ecco.

quenomamen2004d ago

Lol so true, but if we stop and think about it for a minute 75% of COD players are 13 year half brained boys. All they had to do was throw in stupid ass fish and a mut and they're in.

3-4-52004d ago

Exactly...I just started playing BF 3 for the first time this week ( my first BF ever) and I'm loving it.

Compared to COD, it's a breathe of fresh really is..

So many more strategic options in Battlefield.

I'm going to be playing BF4 next gen and not COD ghosts. I've owned every COD and still like the series, but with every release my total time played goes down.

4 days.....2days....1 day 5 hrs.....16 hrs... stuff like that.

It doesn't have that magic appeal it had with COD 2,3, WaW & MW1&2...

windblowsagain2004d ago


Sit ubu sit. good dog.

PurpHerbison2004d ago

And COD will still outsell everyone.

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UNGR2005d ago

Call of Duty is done, at this point if all of the sheep stop buying it because their friends have it BF4 will soak up the (well deserved) sales. BF4 looks like a massive improvement, especially the destruction.

Monkeysmarts2005d ago

And there's still people who think these new consoles are barely upgrades over current gen or, even more retarded, no better than tablets. SMH

Been trying to decide which 2 or 3 games to get at launch with the PS4... Battlefield 4 on there for sure.

ABizzel12005d ago

Watch Dogs
PS+ (Drive Club)
Free 2 Play games

That should tide you over, and my exact line-up.

2005d ago
kassler2005d ago

Wonder what resolution it will be on PS4, they don't mention it so maybe 720? Really hope for 1080.

Tundra2005d ago

720p XB1 and 1080p PS4 I'm betting.

Jovanian 2005d ago

1080p and 60 fps on PS4? Hah, you jest

Not for 400 dollar hardware.

No_Limit2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

If Killzone, a first party game, can't even do 60fps, there is no way Battlefield with 64 players online can run 1080p @ 60fps on any of the two consoles. That is just fanboy talk.

Donnieboi2005d ago

@Swadian: That $400 hardware is more powerful than the Xbone. Don't be stupid enough to think that more money = more quality. PS4 is 50% more powerful.

Why pay more for copper, when you can have gold at a discount?

Tundra2004d ago

1080p/60fps isn't difficult if you lack AA, turn down the LOD, bring down shader quality to a minimum or close to it. Popping up to 1080p doesn't mean you need everything on ultra with 16x MSAA.

1080p and nothing cranked up to ultra, it's not all that difficult.

MasterCornholio2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I would love to see the PS4 version run at 1080P but i have a feeling that they will be both 720P with a more stable framerate on the PS4 version.

BTW 1080P 60FPS is possible on both next gen consoles but that depends on the amount of detail that developers want to include in their games.

Edit: Forza 5 (XBOX One) and Warframe (PS4) are examples of games that run at 1080P 60FPS on both consoles.

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3Bit1997d ago

They've made Killzone before they new the exact specs of the PS4 so that's quite irrelevant.

It's possible to have 1080 at 60fps but if they'll do it, that'll be interesting.

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