PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Which one has the better gaming controller?

The brutal rivalry between the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One is surely one of epic proportions. Specs sheets are being thrown left and right as arguments in favor of one console or the other, exclusive titles get analyzed and compared, while each company is using every possible occasion to strike at its opponent. Sometimes, though, we can get a bit carried away in our silly little arguments, focusing on small details that don’t always have a profound impact on our gaming experience. We do tend to forget the importance of some fundamental features of every game console, such as the controller.

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GoldPunch-TR1520d ago

More advanced controller: PS4
More comfortable controller: Xbox One's controller

Wintersun6161520d ago

So you've held and played with both of them? Even if you had, it's all subjective as far as comfort goes.

I prefer DualShock but they're both great in their own ways.

Nitrowolf21520d ago

I think the DS4 obviously wins in terms of changes.

But Until I have felt either one of them in my hand, why are we getting asked this so f'n early when the consoels aren't even out

georgeenoob1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Xbox 1 hands down.

360 controller was the best controller and this one is even better. I understand some people have their own preference, but majority of unbiased people would agree the x1 controller is way better.

Notice I said unbiased, definitely not n4g.

Lord_Sloth1520d ago

@ georgeenoob

You realize people can be bias towards the 360 controller as well, right? It isn't just PS fans who are bias against the competition.

miyamoto1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

how can anyone defend or buy a product from a backstabbing company like m$?

if they had their way its the end of gaming as we know it

product over principles?

some people has turned into mindless robots

Sitdown1520d ago

So you believe all for profit companies are squeaky clean? Do share....

opinska1520d ago Show
The Real Peter Moore1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Xbox 1 hands down."

"Notice I said unbiased, definitely not n4g."

Says the ultra biased MS fanboy with the 2 bubbles. You aint fooling anybody, except yourself.

And to opinska, what choice do you have? what use linux? no thanks, far more difficult to handle and way less driver support. What pay Apple their ridiculously high prices? What go with some other more obscure OS? you really dont have a choice and its not like he was buying/got his computer for the MS OS. So shut it stupid!

sic_chops1520d ago

Apparently George up there has held and played the DS4. I won't make a judgement until I use both.

Heartnet1520d ago

Ergonomically speaking its all on the Xbox controller... has been since the 360 and why Sony havnt changed there analogue placement is beyond me...

Ds3 controller was far to small and bad placement of analogue sticks.... didnt bother me to much but in comparison to the XBox 360 controller it isnt comfortable :L


and having a touch pad and a bright led light on it doesnt make it more Advanced xD by that logic having a windows 8 doublesided tablet makes it more advanced than an iPad cuz its got 2 screens..... No... just no...

Patrick1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

The Real Peter Moore hit the nail on the head. When you go in to buy a PC you dont get a list of operating systems to choose one from.... you dont get a choice at all. Can you imagine what would happen to MS if you walked in to buy a PC and the guy behind the counter could say "Would you like MS Windows OS or Googles new PC Android OS in your PC?" lol.. Id be like hell yeah I want Android and so would a lot of other people and MS would begin to be less the huge deep pockets company many of yall gloat about. The only reason they are as large as they are, is because you have no other options. Give people options and see what happens.

OT... I love the dual shock and I am looking forward to getting the new one in my hands. Looks even more comfortable.

Greatness Awaits and U R NOT (red)E

Boody-Bandit1520d ago

All I know is what I didn't like about these controllers (360 & DS3) it appears both companies have addressed. I will wait until I get my hands on them for myself before passing judgment.

TotalHitman1520d ago

@Heartnet, what's wrong with the analogue placement? I assume most PS fans including myself prefer the analogues where they are. I've tried using the 360 controller and the analogue placement is off putting. For those with small hands (including myself), the DualShock3 is much more comfortable, whereas the 360 controller feels big and clunky. However, that is my opinion.

Dee_911520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I just like how the xbox one controller looks.but I never liked the thumbsticks and rop buttons on the xbox controller

fyi when someone talks about how they feel they mean based on previous models.So please dead that snarky "so youve played both" crap
its getting old

Chris5581520d ago

X1 2013 controller AA batteries ahahahaha

abzdine1519d ago

DS4 just for the features built in it! it's a true next gen controller.

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Cam9771520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

And you've held them? I've held them both and the PS4 controller is the superior product. Not only has it been remodeled to suit those XBONE fanboys complaining about a "tiny controller" (it has longer grips and better button spacing), but it also has more advanced tech integrated such as the touchpad and ability to charge it through a USB.

And I'm sorry, but the Xbone controller has very, very little new functions to get hyped about, it still requires a battery pack for goodness sake!

This aspect is fairly subjective but I firmly believe that the PS4 controller has the prettier aesthetics when compared to the XBONE controller. I don't know about anybody else, but I think the XBONE controller looks really ugly whereas the PS4 one looks sleek and comfortable.

UNGR1520d ago

Yeah some troll on N4G got his hands on both controllers. SMH you kids are getting desperate.

No_Limit1520d ago

@Cam977, "I think the XBONE controller looks really ugly whereas the PS4 one looks sleek and comfortable."

LOL, trolling at its finest. Well done sir.

georgeenoob1520d ago

Little new functions? Do you not know about its rumble, which is a lot more advanced than DS4?

thezeldadoth1520d ago

man this fanboyism has reached a new level. coming to a gaming news website is now more like entering into a church of people harping about how their savior is so awesome.

1520d ago
sic_chops1520d ago

Once again, Georgenoob has played and felt the rumble on the DS4. Doubt it.

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AngelicIceDiamond1520d ago

I'm sure they're both precise and comfortable.

Argument over.

AngryEnglish1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Nicely put Angelic

Your hands tell you which controller you find best for you.... Not your eyes

Both controllers will have been tested and gone through many changes before the versions we see now, its not a case of some tool sat in the office drawing shapes and choosing which he likes the look of.

After extensive testing these will both be excellent controllers seperated by personal preference

AngelicIceDiamond1520d ago

@Angry Exactly If I'm playing on PlayStation I can simply adjust to it, and same with Xbox.

Controllers have never been something to argue over. Its something that's purely subjective.

I can play with both and easily adjust myself to both controllers, I dunno what others excuses are.

dantesparda1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Nicely done Angelic

Very unfanboyish of you, now if we could all be this honest. I completely agree, i adjust real quickly to either controller, they both have their pros and cons, but that is just a matter of my opinion, not some fact. Its refreshing to see someone act so civilized about it, like that.

saint_seya1520d ago

Well i have to say i totally agree with you.
Well said.

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Donnieboi1520d ago

I dunno man, the handles for the pS4 dual shock 4 are more curved, rounded out, and seem longer. To me, it looks like it will be even more comfy than the dual shock 3 (which I already found to be pretty comfy). The bottom looks like it has a nice groove to grip the contours of my hands (damn I sound like an infomercial atm lol). And my hands are kinda large, so it looks like it will fit pretty snuggly.

I also like the slightly concave grooves in the analog sticks--it's not too deep, so those who hate concave won't dislike it too much, while those like me who do like it concaved can enjoy it more.

Heartnet1520d ago

It better be more comfortable than the Ds3 but i spose thats to be expected and a easy to reach milestone..

Heck i had to buy the EA sports grips just to have some ease of use wiht my DS3.... Controller far to small and light... Dunno about you but a controller needs some added weight to it.

fermcr1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

This gen the X360 had a better controller then the PS3... next gen remains to be seen.

X1's controller looks very similar to the X360's, with small alterations.

PS4's controller seems to be a improvement over the PS3's. It's bigger and looks more comfy then the DS3.

Heartnet1520d ago

Its bigger and aside from the led light thing attached to it looks rather similar albeit a little more curved..

Ergonomically i still reckon XBox will be more comfortable to hold. And i think the X1 controller is like us aid small alterations but theyve said something like 40+ changes... etc The D-Pad is a huge improvement lol glad they went with the sony like approach.. almost xD

MariaHelFutura1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Controllers are entirely preference. The 'share button' is my favorite feature of either controller and the PS4 controller doesn't have a battery pack.

Mystogan1520d ago

How does not having removable batteries something positive?

What do you do when the battery stops working?

The X1 controller has the battery pack integrated with the design. So it doesn't get in the way now.

No_Limit1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

It is the same argument regarding Apple iPhone and their computers not having removable batteries as an option while competitors allow for those options; yet, Apple fans will continue to defend their product to death. Same applies here.

Yea, if the battery dies within 2 years, buying a $15 battery pack vice forking out another $60 to buy a new controller is just not a better option. /S