Nintendo takes down Gateway flashcart with new 3DS update

Gateway was in the news last month for declaring that it managed to create the first working 3DS flashcart. It allows games to run through microSD cards, which led to concerns regarding piracy.

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Subzero2001882d ago

stop promoting this crap dumbasses.

linkenski1882d ago

Yeah it's better if all the hacking stuff just happens in secret, because it will get to the system eventually and bypass whatever blockades Nintendo's been making, and the more that know about it the more piracy will influence the system. It's inevitable but annoying. (Still totally getting one heheheeehhh!)

nyobzoo1882d ago

to be expected but since it's been hacked, it'll be going back and forth from now on

SonyNGP1882d ago

And the cat and mouse game begins.

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The story is too old to be commented.