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Insomniac Games has been making great video games exclusively for Sony consoles for years, but that formula has now changed with Fuse. Once called Overstrike 9, Fuse is Insomniac’s first multiplatform game, and it’s a great coming out party for the former masters of the Playstation brand.

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Saints941882d ago

Really? I've read that it's a flop on most sites. Go figure.

brich2331882d ago

The game is trash, i played it in a coop with a friend, it was really lackluster. I'll Give it a 5/10. The newest army of two game was better and more fun even with all the glitches.

Donnieboi1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Dude please don't promote that new Army of Two game, just because Fuse sucks. Lets just agree that they both suck. Man, am I glad I rented that P.O.S. Army of Two Devil's Cartel game before I purchased it :O

1882d ago
RandomDude6551882d ago

Fuze iced tea in ad bar lol

anywho game is flop

SolidDuck1882d ago

I played the demo and it sucked. Now some demos are misleading, but the few people I talked to that played the full release said the same thing. Also most the reviews said it was mediocre at best. Be careful before spending $60 on fuse.

matrixman921882d ago

played the demo, that was enough for me

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