Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Back to Batman's Roots | The Escapist

The Escapist: "The dark knight of Batman: Arkham Origins isn't the same one we've known for the last two Arkham games; he's younger, less experienced, and pretty early in his masked vigilante/superhero career. Origins brings him face-to-face with some notable villains for the first time, though he appears to already be familiar with a spry young Joker, who's just as insane as ever."

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seepamann1730d ago

No Rocksteady Means risk

rocky0475861730d ago

There was an inherent "risk" when Rocksteady was making the very first Arkham Asylum game. No one had hardly ever heard of them, they were taking on this huge character, and they got it to work. So what's wrong with another dev, who works very closely with Rocksteady, mind you, taking on the franchise and further developing a great story and characters? It's not like they are taking it and spinning it completely around, it's fundamentally the same thing as before.

NihonjinChick1730d ago

I saw the gameplay and it looks like they didn't change much from what Rocksteady was doing. It looks good so far.

RavageX1730d ago

Rocksteady only made two Batman games, and to be honest neither were that great in the story area. They did get the atmosphere right and I think that along with gameplay can equal a good game even if the story's a bit weak.

From what I've SEEN...this game has the atmosphere and gameplay down...just curious to see how the story plays out.

Conquerbeard1730d ago

A game named "Origins" gets back to roots, huh? Stellar reporting, Escapist.