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PS4 PlayStation Plus Details: Cross Game Chat doesn’t require the service

some new details on PS Plus for the PS4. It will be required to play online but not for free-to-play games or MMOs. One subscription will grant access to all accounts on that system.

Cross game chat and other media functions won’t require the subscription. This includes services like Netflix. (PS4, Tag Invalid)

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MariaHelFutura  +   546d ago | Well said
You know that stings a little. Thanks Sony!!
allformats  +   546d ago | Well said
And that's why Sony is a better games company. They have the gamers in mind, and that's a good thing. This means I can chat with my friends who don't have PS Plus. It also means they feel engaged with PSN, as compared to those with Xbox Live Silver...

Good move, Sony. Keep making them.
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President  +   546d ago
If you're smart, you'll subscribe to PS+.

I would declare you insane if you passed on the amazing value it offers.
Tvensky  +   546d ago
its also a smart move, the best commercial I know is the power of people storytelling.. just imagine how many times you will hear someone saying in cross came chat "hey man, you should definitely get ps+, its awesome"... and the man get's one... and they play together happily ever after! lmao!!
loulou  +   546d ago

you know that stings a little... smh

i thought everyone knew that you needed gold to be in the party chat, and that one on one chat in any game is for everyone. does it sting??
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ABizzel1  +   546d ago
To be honest I don't know why it cost at all then. I mean almost EVERYTHING is still free to play online besides games that specifically state themselves to be multiplayer.

You'd think MMO's would be the exact reason to charge for online.

Not that I'm complaining, because I keep my PS+ subscription up faithfully.
loulou  +   546d ago

it is simple, sony have been looking enviously at microsofts return from pay to play on-line, and rightfully want to cut themselves a slice of the pie.

i have been paying since 04, and from the end of this year will be paying for two. the way of the world i am afraid
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ThanatosDMC  +   546d ago
I'm thinking it's the Gaikai streaming thing.
darkride66  +   546d ago
I will never use that feature but I'm happy to hear it's included just so I don't have to listen to people who probably never owned the PS3 in the first place bitch and moan about it for another 7 years.
dantesparda  +   546d ago
"it is simple, sony have been looking enviously at microsofts return from pay to play on-line, and rightfully want to cut themselves a slice of the pie."

This i actually agree with. The only thing i'd like to add, is while i dont like the fact that Sony is charging to play online, I understand why they are doing it, cuz i do think they need the money. And at least it is part of Plus, which is more than worth the money, unlike XBL
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GrownUpGamer  +   546d ago
Mmmmm one on one chat on Xbox Live is freeee.

Now cross game chat in party and multiplayer cost on Xbox Live.

mmmmm... PSN+ doing the same? mmmm...
Heartnet  +   545d ago
It is a good move but I see no reason to Xgame Chat with friends if ur not playing multiplayer as if ur playing single player ull miss like half of the story... same with netflix etc...
pixelsword  +   545d ago
If you don't have plus, you can still cross game chat with people you can't play with! Coordinating games you'll never join.

Very useful.
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SilentNegotiator  +   546d ago
It still stinks that they made PS+ a requirement for online play, but it's great to see they won't paywall cross chat, Netflix, etc.
MariaHelFutura  +   546d ago | Well said
Absolutely. I just think they way they chose to pursue it couldn't have been any better. No real walls except for online play and when pay for online play they reward you w/ 50 games a year, discounts, etc. It really couldn't have gone any better.
MizTv  +   546d ago
I think psplus pays for it's self in a month
It's like look at all the games right now on ps3 and vita for free!
Deus ex, uncharted3, lbp karting, Gravity rush, uncharted Golden abyss just to name a few
All good games
FFXI101  +   546d ago
Think this way, by paying for online gaming. Sony will be able to provide better online service and features. Is a win-win.
brave27heart  +   545d ago
Im glad cross game chat is outside the paywall. Still not renewing my subscription though. I dont believe its right to charge for something that has been free since the PS2 days. I think plus is great value and worth it in itself, hence why Ive been a plus subscriber from day one, but if I dont take a stand for what I believe in I'll be being untrue to myself.

Im not knocking anyone who buys plus, it is great value, but the principle is wrong to me and Im strong enough to take a stand against it, even if that means I lose out on the other great features of plus.
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komp  +   546d ago
Being a PS owner, I can remember back in the day, waiting for that 'special ps3 firmware update' that might come and give us cross game chat... it went on for months and months... looking back it was funny.

Everyone on edge on IRC, etc. hoping for it.. me included :)

Oh the happy memories of PS ownership.
Minato-Namikaze  +   546d ago
I've never once thought about Cross game chat let alone wait for it. I really wanted in-game music for every game though. Wont knock the people who are happy about this though. :)
Heartnet  +   545d ago
they werent happy memories lol they were rumors which got hopes up and were dashed every update by sony...

Tbh that feature made Xbox live the dominant multiplayer console this gen... Imo..

Made people want to get a headset and talk to each other, sony shudve provided it when it was such an asked for feature for years. Sucks they ruined it with there OS and ram usage :(
Blackdeath_663  +   545d ago
well you were stupid because sony confirmed it wouldn't be possible due to ram limitation on the ps3
MysticStrummer  +   546d ago
Personally I'd rather basic online gaming was free and Cross Game Chat was part of PS+.

Netflix shouldn't have an extra charge, so that's good.

I've read that Drive Club would be the full version and I've read it would be a stripped down PS+ version. Not sure which is true.

@MizTv - Yeah I can't deny PS+ is a great value, and the more I've thought about it the more I've realized that my gaming habits make PS+ a no brainer. I just think "free online play" has always been a huge selling point for PS so I'm sad to see it go.
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MizTv  +   546d ago
But since I have had plus since day one I'm not really upset about it
What i do want to know is how many ps4's can I have my profile on for game sharing with my friends?
Why o why  +   546d ago
Driveclub, less cars and tracks.
Serg  +   546d ago
I love the fact that a lot of stuff is accessible without PS+, but yeah, I'm also not a fan of the multiplayer paywall either. But since there is no option now we have to deal with it. I also did the math, I used to burn through more money in one night at a club, than PS+ costs for an entire year. And On top of being able to play multiplayer, I get a ton of free stuff, discounts, could storage etc.

It does suck to pay for multiplayer access, but some free 2 play games don't require it and the crazy value PS+ gives you makes up for it in my opinion.
cell989  +   546d ago
@MizTv I hope they atleast keep it at 2 like they currently do with PS3. If not, we are all going to have to raise our voices
Sharius  +   546d ago
me, i rather have the cross game chat free and multiplayer behind the paywall

i pay for PS+ anyway so i don't worry much about multiplayer, but after put multiplayer behind the paywall, they are get rid of the online pass that mean my used game trade will be more valua due these sucka who buy this don't used the online pass as the reason to de-valua it

it's win-win situation for me
brave27heart  +   545d ago
Its was announced as Driveclub plus edition at their conference and specified that it would be a stripped back version.

Still not bad for a launch title though.
mattdillahunty  +   546d ago
i hate the fact that you now have to pay to play online for the PS4, but i have to admit, at least they're not going the Microsoft route and putting everything behind a pay wall. on my 360, i feel like i have to have a gold account just to experience everything the console offers (and i finally canceled it since i never use my 360 anyways).

but on the PS4, i probably won't bother with PS+ since i never play online and don't want to rent their "free" games, yet it seems like i'll still have a fully functioning online service that doesn't feel gimped just because i don't want to pay. have they detailed whether you can use the ustream/capture/sharing stuff without PS+, though? maybe they did and i missed it, but that's the only thing i'm worried about. if you can get full functionality for that stuff without paying, that is awesome.
Why o why  +   546d ago
Fair comment. Ps+ games are indefinite rentals but for cheaper than any game rental service I know for that price. I'm still annoyed they say they had to charge for multiplayer even though I was always a plus subscriber. Great service btw.
KUV1977  +   546d ago
I#m pretty sure I heard them say you can upload and share video-content without plus. Don't have a source though.
Aloren  +   546d ago
What about party chat ? Cause if that's just cross game chat, what is there to brag about ? as far as I know, cross game chat has been available for free on 360 for years... I hope they mean party chat.
Gasian  +   546d ago
I wonder about that too. Interesting
duff916  +   546d ago
I hope PS4 has party chat.
PsnGammer21  +   546d ago
It does have party chat. Did you not watch the ui video. The vid clearly shows
Rivitur  +   545d ago
Yea cross game chat is free on 360 but what that actually means is i can send you a text message...That does not mean i can talk to you in a party as a silver memeber you cant talk to anyone at all other than by sending messages via xbox.com
Aloren  +   545d ago
Nope, what it actually means is that you never had a 360 or at least never knew how to use it, cause you're wrong.
Any silver member can start a private chat with anyone playing any game or doing anything on their 360, as long as that person is not in another voice discussion (whether it's party chat or private chat). That's cross game chat. And that's been available for years. It works just like a phone actually. And it's free ;)

You're partially right though, cause you can also send text messages, and even recorded voice messages actually, but those are just "messages" to read or listen to on your console or on xbox.com, not what I call cross game chat.
stage88  +   546d ago
Haha so now Xbox live literally has nothing over PSN.
Funny how the tables have turned.
andibandit  +   546d ago
Isn't it a bit early to evaluate that yet? Unless youre comparing the ps+ thats comming with ps4 with the xbl for the 360, which would truly be "Haha" albeit for diffrent reasons.
PimpDaddy  +   546d ago
That's like me saying haha PS4 requires you to pay to play online and Sony fanboys who used to put down XBL now think its acceptable to pay because Sony is doing it.

Funny how the tables have turned indeed...
stage88  +   546d ago
@Pimp Well since live can't compare with Plus I'm not sure that's a great comparison.
psyxon  +   546d ago
pimpdaddy, that analogy made absolutely no sense.
Heartnet  +   545d ago
@ pimpdaddy

100% agreed... So much has changed in peoples minds that paying for online is okay just cuz sony is doing it whilst chucking in some average game "rentals" with it. I guess 'free' stuff just blinds people.
stage88  +   545d ago
@Heartnet Looks like you don't have the first clue about all the features of Plus and how it gives newly released games as a bonus.

Ignorance is bliss though. Enjoy Assassins Creed 2. It was a great game.... in 2009.
Benchm4rk  +   545d ago
And enjoy your cross game chat and party chat. Ive only been enjoying it......since 2005
Freedomland  +   545d ago

And enjoy your Blu-ray drive after swapping discs all those years.
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TAURUS-555  +   546d ago
thank you sony...youre the best ¡¡¡¡
imdaboss1  +   546d ago
its gets better and better
Pl4sm4  +   545d ago
and no ps plus gamers can still play free to play games... so awesome
my plus expires 6/14/2014
pixelsword  +   545d ago
It stings a lot.
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nosferatuzodd  +   545d ago
dedicatedtogamers  +   546d ago
"Cross-chat doesn't require PS+"

riverstars86  +   546d ago
Xbox Live Silver let you cross game chat, it was the Netflix they didn't allow. Now I want to know is if PS+ subscribers will get a party chat feature like Xbox Live Gold members get.
dedicatedtogamers  +   546d ago
I never said whether or not cross-chat was behind the Gold paywall. I'm just glad that Sony isn't putting it behind the paywall either.
riverstars86  +   546d ago
Yea sorry man, I just really wish I knew if PS4 is going to have party chat. I fully paid off my PS4, an extra controller, camera, battlefield 4, Cod, watch dogs, madden, and FIFA. I'm ready to go.
GentlemenRUs  +   546d ago
When I was last on the Xbox, They blocked partychat for Gold only... The only chat you was able to do was private.

Sony's one however will be open and free!
loulou  +   546d ago

yes we have discovered that. but the question is whether the party chat will be free or not? cross game chat or the one on one private chat in any game is free on xbox now.

the 8 way party chat is reserved for gold members
LOL_WUT  +   546d ago
But how else would it work? You need PS+ to even play multiplayer
Heavenly King  +   546d ago
cross game chat is useful when you and your friends are playing different games. You could play game A in SP, and your friend game B in SP; both should be connected to the PSN obviously and you both can talk together using cross game chat.
joeorc  +   546d ago
"But how else would it work? You need PS+ to even play multiplayer "

Hold on there not completely..read it again!

"It will be required to play online but not for free-to-play games or MMOs."

notice Free to Play an MMO's are not PSN required. for instance those that do not know in playstation Home there is 8 way party chat! already on the PS3 but it only works while in the PSN home Environment. Thus for instance in the Game No mans Land you can have an 8 way party chat among each other, even if your not on the same playstation Home server!

if people do not think this is true , try it yourself, it does indeed work, no telling a fib. this is in fact 100% true. So its completely free through playstation Home, i would imagine for the PS4 it will still be free , but this time even outside of playstation Home, example party chat for the PSVita is free, through the social App.
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specialguest  +   546d ago

Majin-vegeta  +   546d ago | Funny
Check mate.Your move M$
LostDjinn  +   546d ago
"Check mate.Your move M$" - I'll give you a minute to think about that.
Classyismyname   546d ago | Spam
cpayne93  +   546d ago
I think you just meant to say check...
MizTv  +   546d ago
MizTv  +   546d ago
Bubble for being funny!
Sevir  +   546d ago
lol! Give him a break guys, he meant "check"
Lol! We know who the chess players are! Still funny.
Master-H  +   546d ago
Self ownage lol
shirleybaine11   546d ago | Spam
ShadowL9  +   546d ago
Glad Sony is only making multiplayer a barrier for PS Plus, everything else still works like normal.
Heartnet  +   545d ago
Why are u glad there making it a barrier at all?
CyberSentinel  +   546d ago
"It will cost $59.99 or $5 per month."

I thought it was going to stay a $49.99 a year?
Is the price going up?
Nitrowolf2  +   546d ago
eh I don't think so, i think the guy just took the $5 per month and added them. It will still be $50 a year I think, with $5 being a month for the lower subscription that don't buy yearly.
Codeman420  +   546d ago
pretty sure sony has already come out and said that PSN+ is staying at 50$

Here's the source of no change
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Smoovekid  +   546d ago
I think they said less than $5 a month at E3. It would make more sense than saying $4.17 per month.
Gran Touring  +   546d ago
MizTv  +   546d ago
Great news
from the beach  +   546d ago
But.. I just want to play my games online..
Hicken  +   545d ago
Then pay for it, just like you do on Xbox, and stop trolling.
from the beach  +   545d ago
I guess so.. just got to deal with it..
Heartnet  +   545d ago
Just cuz Xbox does it doenst justify it lol... How is this trolling? no1 likes change as N4g clearly demonstrated but this one is A-OK.

Ps3 didnt pay for online and by these comments it did just fine if not better than Xbox (it didnt.. not by a long shot) so why wud the ps4? those who arnt interested in those game rental of ps plus cant get a discount on their subscription.
brave27heart  +   545d ago
@from the beach

You've got two choices, not be happy but pay to play online anyway or refuse to buy plus on principle. You miss out on multiplayer gaming but you take a stand for what you believe in.

Theres not many of us in that second group...
MasterCornholio  +   546d ago
Nice that it isnt behind a paywall.
EPiCDiNGO  +   546d ago
I know the ps4 will have cross game chat but coming from the Xbox 360 I am wondering if sony confirmed how many people will be able to be in the same chat? Will it function like the party chat system on the xbox or is it just 1 to 1 chat between two people.
SlyFoxC  +   546d ago
look up the cross game chat on the Vita...it the same thing on ps4
EPiCDiNGO  +   546d ago
Thanks for the reply, I will look into this.
WeaseL  +   546d ago
found this on yt about vita chat http://www.youtube.com/watc...
S2Killinit  +   546d ago
Playstation simply gives more than other systems. its a fact.
Aloren  +   546d ago
Maybe it does, but cross game chat is definitly not what proves it...
S2Killinit  +   546d ago
lol I know, thats not what I meant. I was thinking of how you don't have to pay for plus in order to enjoy netflix for example or that it has a history of supporting its consoles all the way to and beyond the onset of each future generation.
nevin1  +   546d ago
"One subscription will grant access to all accounts on that system."

wait a min, so if someone has PS+ on his personal PS4, he can't play online at a freind's house that doesn't have PS+?
DaPrintz  +   546d ago
It means if I own a system and my profile is the main, all other accounts on my system have access to the things PS+ grants. Games you've downloaded, map packs, etc. It works that way now. I do wonder how many PS4s I can have my tag on though. Or maybe they'll adopt the migrating tag system from Xbox.
rainslacker  +   545d ago
I believe it's currently 2 systems per account. I'm not sure if the PSP and Vita count towards that number, or they are also limited to 2 each by themselves.

If you want to switch systems for some reason, you have to deactivate one of the systems. I'm not sure how often you can deactivate a system. I believe it's once every 30 days.
Sevir  +   546d ago
Not just on that system but anything that is connected to your ps+ account
For example, my PS+ account covers ny vita and PS3 so this fall when I log into PSN on my PS4 it also carries over completely to that as well.

And Just to be clear because I still sed people assuming that Online Play is no longer free... On PS3 and Vita, Online play REMAINS FREE. Given the new investments in gaikai and the launch of Cloud game streaming roll out in the US next year, Paying to play online on PS4 is ok and cool.

you just have to look at it more objectively, you have a PS3 with PS+ already, and you aren't blocked from online so you already don't see that paywall. Especially if it's a year's subscription. So immediately when you get your PS4 and Log in to PSN, it WILL be as if you were playing on your PS3. Because you already played for your plus membership how ever long ago that was.

So people should stop behaving as if they are somehow going to notice paying to play online especially if they are members already. It's not like you are gonna be asked to pay $50 again when you purchase PS4 even though you're an existing PS+ member, that'd just ludicrous.

You won't notice it. Your PS+ Membership is is all inclusive to however many different PS platforms you have that support it. So if you've already Paid for PS+ on Vita but you get a PS3 you automatically have it on PS3 and when you get a PS4 you just sign in and start playing Destiny online or whatever game has an online component. For what you're getting in value across 3 PS Platforms it's incredible value. For existing PS members who have plus it's it's really a non issue, for the people converting from Xbox 360 to PS4 they'll be the ones that notice... PS Vita and PS3 owners will recognize the value immediately so this too will be a moot issue.

Renewed my PS+ Membership in May, one month before the press conference, so I already know when the ps4 release in November this year that I've got 6 months of online gaming on PS4. And I've also got a mother PS+ card ready to go upon it's expiration.
LiQuiZoN  +   546d ago
That's very cool, wasn't expecting that. Pleasantly surprised.
Baller0385  +   546d ago
So will the division cost more to play then ps+?
Belking  +   546d ago
So it's 60 bucks a year now?.... get that money sony...lol
#16 (Edited 546d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Sevir  +   546d ago
$49.99 a year, no price hike.
the announcement said "...for less than $5 a month.."

And Sony already confirmed that it's $50 a year.
Pillsbury1  +   546d ago
I just renewed for 50$ and you can buy it for as many years as you want for that price.
ironmonkey  +   546d ago
Everything is equal this time except for ps4 having the best ram on the market. Cross chat is a welcome but like some you said im also curious if they mean party chat.
MariaHelFutura  +   546d ago
The PS4 has better specs, proven exclusive developers, is smaller, is less expensive, gives you 50 games a year for playing online, has better f2p games, way more indie games, isn't watching or listening, doesn't force you buy the camera, less paywalls and isn't powered by a cloud computing dream.

XBL - You get play online.

PS+ You get to play online and get 50+ games a year, free themes, beta access, discounts on games, cloud storage, doesn't block netflix etc. w/o it and free avatars.

It wouldn't say thats equal, at all really.
Belking  +   546d ago
yea, but PS plus games aren't yours to keep. It's only rental. And why you keep posting the same stuff over and over again....lol You must be a N4g bot or something...lol
#17.1.1 (Edited 546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(20) | Report
loulou  +   546d ago
did you get paid to write that maria?
GoreImages  +   546d ago
Um you get some free themes some free gamer pics xbox has some free themes and also free gamer pics 2 free games monthly yours to keep not to rent unlike Sony get alil info before posting fanboyish post :)
Silly gameAr  +   546d ago
I figured people would rub that "get to keep the games given from MS" in ps plus users faces. Let's just see how old and what kind of quality these games you get to keep are before trying to talk them up, hey?
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   546d ago
isnt the free games only for the x360? it wont roll over to the x1? im not entirely sure, so if anyone knows, please feel free to inform me.
psyxon  +   545d ago
"it's only rental" - i love when people use this as an excuse lol. obviously they're rentals because they can't just give you free games without making some type of profit. but $50 a year for 10+ free games? yeah, okay! logic, man, l2use.

edit: on xbl & free games

Free Games Coming to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers [Updated]

Existing Xbox Live Gold members will begin receiving two free games per month until the launch of the Xbox One in November. The first two games will be Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed II. Fable III was already made free to Gold subscribers earlier today.

i've seen nothing about it for gold subscribers on x1
#17.1.6 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
reko  +   545d ago

How's life working for ms? Lol
hellvaguy  +   545d ago

I realize the fan googles are stong with you, but at least use facts, please.

Xbl u get 2 games free per month, cloud storage, also some f2play games, doesn't force you to buy that touchpad gimmick controller. I usually buy live for $35-40/year max on sale.
#17.1.8 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
SpinalRemains138  +   546d ago
plus is amazing.
I've had it since it was announced and I figured I would be a digital guinea pig for it.

It started slow and there wasn't too much at first, but boy did it grow up.

I love clicking on + from my ps3 or my Vita every couple of weeks to see which free games I'm going to download. See, its never a matter of 'if' but always a matter of 'which'.

PS + gives away thousands of dollars of games a year between the two platforms.

Also, + is only required to play paid for multiplayer next generation.

There is no paywall for services, f2p multiplayer or anything else. Only purchased games which have multiplayer.

Plus is so superior to Live that it's like comparing a Cadillac to a Pinto.
#18 (Edited 546d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
nix  +   546d ago
i totally agree with you even though i only subscribed like 2 months back. i was planning to buy a game on vita and i realised that it was free on plus. so i finally took the plunge.

i got plus after my ps3 stopped working (it's in repair shop for now) even then i feel like i've already got my money back. my only regret is that i bought 4GB memory card with Vita. lol. i've been finishing games and deleting it and downloading the new ones.

it literally rains games on PSN Plus.
SpinalRemains138  +   546d ago
Ha good call.

I have been personally burned a bunch of times where I buy a game and then a month later it's free. Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush got me. Never in a million years would I anticipate that a less than a year old top notch game would be free, but I've been proven delightfully wrong in that regard.

Also, what you should do is before you delete the game off Vita, transfer it to your PS3. Its faster to put the game back if you want, and you don't lose your save data.

Its amazing what they give away on there.
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MikeyDucati1  +   546d ago
Cross game chat FTW baby!!!
GentlemenRUs  +   546d ago
Reminds me, Got to renew soon :)

Also, It's a good thing that this is not behind a Paywall.

Just goes to show who listens and who don't!
MikeyDucati1  +   541d ago
You know, I didn't know that until a buddy of mines told me that MS charged him for another month of XBLA when his yearly ran out. His credit card was expired but they still charged him anyway. He had to make a new XBL account. Terrible.
Rhezin  +   546d ago
maybe I'll convert to plus when PS4 releases. It's not like I have a choice anymore if I want to play online.
C-Thunder  +   546d ago
You're going to be happy when you do.
HurstDarkStar  +   546d ago
"I guarantee it"
Relientk77  +   546d ago
PS+ is hands down better
Rezka  +   546d ago
So am I gonna be able to chat with friends without ps plus?
Majin-vegeta  +   546d ago
Yes..and can't wait for your new new movie :D
Rezka  +   546d ago
lol nice one, sweet guess ps4 is really gonna be worth it I'm still gonna get ps plus when I'm financially stable though
cell989  +   546d ago
right in the family jewels for all those xbox fans
neoandrew  +   546d ago
I don't need cross chat if don't have free online, it is useless without ps+, for which they FORCE ME TO PAY, PAYWALL ONLINE, this is it, nothing more, they just TOOK something that anybody wants to use for free (as they used to), this is the only reason, to FORCE as many players as they can to PAY.

dazzrazz  +   546d ago
Well you see we live in a fucking world where servers don't operate, maintain, upgrade and pay their own bills for electricity so I don't know what is your problem ?
neoandrew  +   546d ago
Yeah, very interesting, then tell me why i don't need to bother with this on pc, oh i know, some free pc robots are doing this! Oh my, i'm silly, it must be that case...

Maybe this robots were working with sony on ps3, but they don't want for ps4, again, silly me...

Just tell me ONE more thing, why they don't charge for share, why they don't block share...

Everyone knows that mp bandwidth is very very tiny as opposed to upload/download movies.

WHY THEY DON'T CHARGE for some things that really USE A LOT OF BANDWIDTH? MP bandwidth is a tiny fraction of that used for share functionality, youtube etc.

The reason is simple, they don't charge for something that is a real cost to them, they will charge for something thats EVERYONE wants, no matter that it is just a tiny, very tiny resource usage feature.

They need to take something that will force people to pay, m$ has done it, now they have done it, an it is a shame...

Not to mention that if ps4 is so open why no to give developers an option to use own free servers as on pc?

So, no so open anymore, right?

I really love sony and i love ps4, but this, this just ripped my heart from chest...
#25.1.1 (Edited 546d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
SlyFoxC  +   546d ago
you can use it to play offline games.....just saying...you can still log into psn without plus...
joeorc  +   546d ago

Again No.. Not all Game's!

you will still be able to play Online multi-player games on the PS4 without having PSN required, its just that you will be limited to Free to play and MMO's for non PSN required online Multi-player games. So again Not all Online MULTI-PLAYER GAMES ON THE ps4 WILL FORCE YOU TO HAVE PSN+ in ORDER TO PLAY THEM ONLINE.
neoandrew  +   545d ago
Yeah, i'm pretty sure the games i choose to play will require from me to have ps+, the whole 3-4 games i will buy yearly.
psyxon  +   545d ago
get a job. stop the QQ.
Pillsbury1  +   546d ago
Sony and playstation just keeps making every right step, they do care about us gamers.
ala_767  +   546d ago
go on Sony, go on!!!
nominal266  +   546d ago
Im liking this so far. AS LONG as they bring us a free ps4 game each month, i will be okay with $5 PS plus. Even without PS plus, ill just chat with friends on Planetside when that comes out.
justlikeme  +   546d ago
How do consoles justify selling games higher than pc yet still make you pay to play online? Someone please explain.
nominal266  +   546d ago
It always came down to simplicity and consistency of use. Console players are willing to pay for the online because of the simplicity and consistency that it offers. I was a PC gamer right about until the end of the PS2 era. Once I saw the new generation at that time, and how simple "plug, play, and connect" mentality was, I was hooked into console gaming.

I was so tired of PC: "will it run" ...and then running down the list of: network, game spy, install, update, tweak, customize, re-tweak, reboot, restart, etc.
Sharius  +   546d ago
PC have alot of P2P MMO
psyxon  +   545d ago
because pc as a whole has no dedicated gaming network? consoles do? and comparing steam to xbl or psn is a fallacy-filled argument. (speaking in general here) - on the pc, you have a wide range of different services not offered in one place as a whole. there's no voice party chat in steam, people use other applications to achieve that for free. that's fine, and if consoles were catered around personalization on a level that PCs are, then they would have those features. but the bottom line is, they are game consoles. they offer an "all-in-one" type of platform filled with all the services gamers want in modern times. it's not very hard to understand.
#29.3 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
satam55  +   545d ago
ummmm..."Steam" does have it's own version of Party Chat. It's called "Group Voice Chat".
Flames76  +   546d ago
No thanks if im gonna pay it will still be with Xbox live.Its the only way to play online and i know the service for live will be off the charts.PS4 is just now catching up to what Xbox 360 owners has been doing for years
SpinalRemains138  +   546d ago
Just like it was yesterday when it went down for 6 hrs right?
AutoCad  +   545d ago
no just like how it went down for 24 days.
psyxon  +   545d ago
i must've been the only person who was happy psn went down lol. psn went down for a month which made me go back to WoW due to the Cataclysm expansion, killed time for a month making gold, came back to PSN and got 4 free games, 2 on 2 different accounts. which happened to be one of the best things that happened to me this gen cause it's what got me into the inFamous series, and now i'm a fan of that franchise and looking forward to second son. there was seriously no loss on my part. i had a 3 month time period of just great gaming. thanks, anonymous.
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