Jeff’s Musings: Thank Sony for the New Xbox One

oprainfall writes:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the war is over!

“In case you missed it, I’ll explain: Microsoft has announced that the controversial used game and always-online policies they had initially laid out for the Xbox One will no longer be implemented. They have reversed course and will now implement the same policies they had with the Xbox 360. In short, after shooting themselves in the foot after the reveal—and then have Sony grab the gun and shoot them some more at E3 2013—they have decided to put the gun away.

“And while I’d like to think they listened when I had my future conversation with an Xbox One, we all know that we should thank Sony for this—or rather, we should thank the people watching the Sony conference for this.”

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MariaHelFutura1768d ago

Yep. The only reason Xbox One will even be "competitive", is due to Sony. Which doesn't make much difference, since Playstations always outsells the Xbox. Xbox had their best chance w/ the 360 and failed.

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sak5001768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

360 failed? Took 50% of PS2's 150million user base and sold as much as the behemoth PS3 was supposed to have been.

360 failed? It tripled it's user base from their failed first attempt console.

360 failed? caused Sony to lose franchise after franchise of A+ titles.

360 failed? Caused sony to revamp it's outdated online systems for ps3.

360 failed? Became synonymous with video games like ps2 was generation before.

360 failed? Was the most shown gaming device in movies/tv shows.

360 failed? Brought not only games but video entertainment and other social media to consoles.

360 failed? Was the for more than 3 quarter in the generation as better choice for multi-platform games games as well as having robust online.

But for you sony koolaid drinking SDF yes it failed.

SpinalRemains1381768d ago

For a console which launched more than a year before ps3, inflates its user base due to awful failure rate, and still came in last place........

You're dam right it failed.

What could have been a generational leader and the forefront, with every advantage on its side early, it ultimately became what Xbox is.....a third place console.

With those 2 major advantages gone now, (possibly. We don't know the failure rate of either new machine), you can forget about Xbox ever even coming close to being the leader this Gen.
Add the fact that 360 was easier to develop for and still lost, man there's no way it can compete with SONY's install base this Gen.

Its impossible.

greenlantern28141768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Rrod only had to delay launch a little bit to fix problem but wanted to be out as much ahead of ps3 as possible.
Last place in sales. World wide sales count, not just the u.s.a that's why they sell them all over.
Paid to be shown in movies/ tv shows. Seriously that is just a form of advertising called product place meant. And only shows that ms spent more money advertising.
And if we are just drinking Sony's koolaid then your just drinking ms
Also ms stated goal for 360 was to win not just take away from sony so yes failed

MariaHelFutura1768d ago

It sold less w/ a year head start, being cheaper, inflating numbers w/ rrod and having hundreds of millions more in advertisements. Yes, it failed and is now trying to horribly emulate the PS3 by being an entertainment center, having Bluray and sharing game digitally (which they took away)

"Welcome to 2006"

ricochetmg1766d ago

Dude we all know they fluffed the number of sold units with broken consoles.

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PigPen1768d ago

The war just begun, and Mircosoft will pure money into the XBOne to insure its survival. Sony had nothing to do with the XBOne always online policies or why they no longer have it. Sony shot themselves and trying to recover back to glory.

2pacalypsenow1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Um the reason they removed the DRM is because they saw how much Ps4 was selling compared to xbox 1 , Ms realized what we all knew here in N4G , that with DRM the Xbox 1 would of been the next Sega Dreamcast.

So it is because of Of sony that they removed it . Sony was pushing the No DRM from the beginning and us Gamers reacted positive to that. If sony implemented DRM Ms would've kept it.

Also thank Gamestop cuz they said they would've pushed the Ps4 more if Xbox1 stayed the same

PigPen1768d ago

They removed the DRM from their console because of the outrage that was on every forum since the announcement lol. Sony sold nothing and are taking preorders now. Fanboys rejoice cause the PS4 is a $100 cheaper while Sony is taking a massive lost on its console to get them out the doors. Sony is in line to become the next Sega Dreamcast.

greenlantern28141768d ago

Sony has been beating Xbox360 in sales month to month for a while. dominating pre orders for next gen. And totally crushed the first Xbox with ps2, and don't forget ps1 won that gen to.
But sure why not blame or thank sony for the stupid crap ms is doing. Or was trying to do.

PigPen1768d ago

PS3 beating the Xbox360 in sales but not by very much. While the Wii surpass the Xbox360 years ago, Sony just surpassed it (seven years later) not to long ago. That tells me it's about in even market for both. Sony had nothing to do with Microsoft removal of DRM from its Xbox One console.

greenlantern28141768d ago

Of course they didn't lackluster pre orders did.
Handle getting beat by sony again did. And getting beat is getting beat plain and simple they had a head start and lower price last time and still lost. And as for the Wii yup so far it is number 1 in sales this gen, however it has been dead in the water for awhile now and sold largely to a market that is gone, casual gamers. They play on tablets and smart phones now.

Clarence1768d ago

Open your eyes. Before and after E3 M$ was so sure of their DRM policies. It wasn't until the a$$ kicking in pre orders came about that they changed their policies.

PigPen1768d ago

It was the crying voices on all the forums that made Microsoft reconsider. PS4 preorder what, to think Sony had anything to do with it when Microsoft still has five months to sell people on its Xbox One is crazy talk.

KingMe421767d ago

You literally have no idea what your talking about.

PigPen1767d ago

I know Sony has junk status and sold two buildings. I know they are in talks to sell a part of their business and can't compete with Nintendo and Microsoft on exclusives (no money). How am I doing so far? I know that Microsoft drop DRM from the outrage on all the forums everywhere and not because of Sony preorders (that's crazy talk). I know you don't literally have a idea what you're talking about.

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vikingland11768d ago

Another thank Sony article. Wow how refreshing.

Belking1768d ago

lol..These articles posted on N4G should be used as a comedy sketch. Fanboy central

zodiac9091768d ago

Yeah just make an article that allows people to talk even more SHlT to each other over nothing..

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