Half-Life 2: Cinematic Mod 2013 Take Valves Source Engine To The Limit

Here are the very first infos about the upcoming Cinematic Mod 2013, a brand new mod version of Half-Life 2 from the modder FakeFactory. CM 2013 “changed the old smoke explosions (moving alpha-texture planes, simple and ugly) to particle effects. Most outdoor maps are completely re-sculped with new dispalcements. Added Bumpmapping to most old (flat) textures” and many more. Check out more infos after the break and the first stunning Alpha Screenshots in the video below!

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hundsgemeini1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I'm waiting for Half-Life 3. Please Valve!

Polysix1884d ago

Good work, an all time classic game like HL2 deserves to be kept looking it's best (especially until we get an HL3)

karl1884d ago

the source community is amazing..

i would totally play through half life 2 all over again

FlyingFoxy1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Source engine 2 isn't far away now, i personally don't like these kinds of mods. They only increase graphics a bit and are very poorly optimized giving low frame rates apparently.

It seems Valve may be testing the new engine on a L4D title, but i wonder if they'll do what they did with HL source and not upgrade the textures and models? i don't see much point personally other than to show off maybe particle effects and lighting, i'd rather see a game built on the engine instead.

Colossal_Dragon1884d ago

Looks pretty, but most of those character models look nothing like their counterpart.

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