MGS5 Rumor – David Hayter To Voice Solid Snake?

Despite Konami and Kojima announcing that Big Boss would be played by 24 actor, Kiefer Sutherland, it seems that David Hayter may indeed reprise his role as David, aka Solid Snake.

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Prcko1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Kiefer Sutherland is confirmed to voice snake so let's stop with all these rumors...
edit: You Learn Something New Every Day :)

ANIALATOR1361882d ago

Big Boss yes but Hayter is still solid snake. I doubt he will be in this game but he will almost certainly be in MGS6


Been calling this out since the initial confirmation for Southerland. If they intend on keep making Metal Gear games, specially prequels, timelines are bond to cross (which would make 'em no longer just prequels, but also sequels, without being spin-offs... I no longer know how to call it).

Kanzes1882d ago

Agree with you, I think MGS6 will be the remake of MG1 and 2, where Solid Snake will face Big Boss. That would be epic with FOX engine

Jayjayff1882d ago

Too bad Kojima keep referring to Southerland as being the new Snake*with no adjective to specify which version*, rather than Big Boss. Wishful thinking.

NewMonday1882d ago

I called Hayter = Solid long time ago.

Eamon1882d ago

So much wishful thinking.

When will you guys just accept that Hideo changed the voice actor of Snake. Finished. Done.

I wish he didn't but we'll have to live with it.

Timesplitter141882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Seriously if MGS5 has a final chapter set in 1987 in Outer Heaven and the final boss is young Solid Snake in the mine field I'm gonna bust a nut

minimur121882d ago

scuse the language, but piss off with the rumours on David Hayter and his voice. It's so annoying now


You see how Kiefer Sutherland is voicing "Punished Snake" and not Big Boss, if he was Big Boss they would write Big Boss, but there is emphasis on Punished Snake and HE IS NOT BIG BOSS!

Solid Snake will be always voiced by David Hayter (unless kid) and Big Boss always voiced by David Hater or Richard Doyle, Kiefer WILL NEVER SUIT REAL LEGENDS, he can just MIMIC being one with Punished Snake (whose identity will be revealed later whther Grey Fox, decoy Octopus or someone else) just to "let the legend live again" !

christian hour1882d ago

I've been thinking along the lines of "Game will span several years, you'll come across David (solid snake) at some point, Hayter will voice him." for a while now, and it's good to see others are thinking along the same lines.

But then I remember that the original japanese voice artist is still playing Big Boss so that just throws everything out the window every damn time :(

I don't want to get my hopes up but a man can dream can't he? :P

TheDivine1882d ago

Maybe all this is a show to throw us off? Maybe Kojima doesn't want to spoil the story of Solid being in the game. Maybe its just foresight for the next game when they face off, either way Hayter shouldn't voice multiple characters as much as I like him.

I also don't believe Kojima would shit on Solid Snakes VA. He has to know something.

Eamon1881d ago

People seem to be ignorant to the fact the Japanese voice actor of Snake is still voicing him.

So there won't be a Solid Snake at all. Yes, David Hayter was screwed because it appears Hideo Kojima just did not like his voice even thought we all do.

I hated the change as much as everyone else did, but we just need to accept this as fact now and move on.

ZombieKiller1876d ago

Kojima might even go as far as making Solid Snake the last boss of the game. If this timeline stretches all the way to Intruded 313 then it would make sense. Then David Hayter WOULD be in this game.

Any true fan at this point, knows not to trust what Kojima says anyway.

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Nitrowolf21882d ago

you act like there's only one snake.
There are 4 snakes in total, with two of the 4 originally voiced by David Hayter

Elated_Blackman1882d ago

this video is really good and kinda explains the whole hayter and sutherland situation:

basically, if you watch the ground zero trailer, that's naked snake i.e big boss - who is played by hayter. However at the end of ground zero is boss is injured and put in a coma.

in the phantom pain trailer, big boss wakes up and is greeted by 'Ishmael' - who is voiced by sutherland.

the video i posted suggests that the snake in the e3 MGSV trailer on the horse isn't big boss but a body double as he has green eyes and a horn and a different every patch whereas big boss has blue eyes and a different eye patch.

in conclusion hayter will voice bid boss in ground zeros, whilst Sutherland will voice a double in the phantom pain.

note* that metal gear v consists of both ground zeros and the phantom pain.

Nitrowolf21882d ago

this video pretty much debunks that

Gray Fox had his eyes still during this time. No reason for him to have an eye patch even during this age, and the video does show him pulling out a pair of binocs. That video is just wrong overall


I don't think Punished Snake is Gray Fox, not at all, but also wouldn't rule the Big Boss doppleganger theory and Ishmael may indeed be the new Snake.

Sutherland's voice on Ishmael is really really weird if he's also Snake, and I don't buy the allucination theory for the hospital sequence, because the problem is not Ishmael's voice, but Big Boss's. Listen closely, it doesn't sound like Sutherland was voicing both at that moment at all, only Ishmael.

There's also the eye colors not matching but this and most stuff (eypatch, ponytail binoculars) could be simply work in progress or different design decisions, let's not read so much into it.

But what really grabbed my attention is the fact that this "Punished Snake" character is always being called "Snake" and never "Big Boss"... If you played Peace Walker you know that was the moment that defined Big Boss, that he completelly abandoned the Snake codename when turning his back on his past with US military and decided to live only by his mentor pure ideals (hence the name change), he even says he's doing so to take control of his future... It's just made too much of a big deal in Peace Walker for John to accept being called Snake again after.

And I don't see why it's so unlikelly to have an arm cut off in Metal Gear universe... Seriously, have the debunker ever played MG? They implant arms, rebuild your whole body from scraps, make you a cyborg and if you wait long enough for nanomachines you can't even die... Some will haunt you even after they trully died (Sorrow and Mantis anyone?). Also, if memory serves me right, Big Boss also has both arms in the MSX Metal Gear (which could as well be a plot hole, like losing the Eye to a shot from Ocelot in MGS3 when in MG1 it's stated to have happened from a granade blast in the late 80's).

Also the "what about him" moment, the debunker should know better than trust Kojima... "Oh that's me"... Yeah Kojima, that made sense, you are there in the game, not just the point of view, but actually you are being seen by Miller... Call me paranoid, but Kojima had trolled us so many times it's not even funny anymore... Well, actually it is.

But anyway, the point is we never really know what's goign on in Metal Gear 'till we get to play it and when something smells fishy on a Metal Gear game, more likely than not there's more to it. So I'm not ruling anything out.

THamm1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

ELI is Liquid.. DAVID is Solid. I believe both will be in the game. Eli under Big Boss. David under Kaz. Big Boss w/Eli turns bad, Kaz w/David turn good,

Gardenia1882d ago

This could all be a trick that Kojima is pulling on us. I can see David Hayter play Solid Snake in the future yes

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TrevorPhillips1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Kiefer Sutherland will be playing Big Boss aka Punished Snake and David Hayter will be playing as his son Solid Snake. Also, this game is set 11 years before the original Metal Gear Solid :)

GdaTyler1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

If Solid Snake is in this game I will call bs if David Hayter doesn't voice him. David IS Solid Snake and was the first to voice him. They even have the same first names! :p

Honestly though, David Hayter is the best person to do Solid Snake. If anyone else does Solid Snake it would sound wrong. Fine they can change Big Boss' voice, but Solid Snake's? No.

In the event that they choose someone else, however, I will still play the game.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1882d ago

When Resident Evil 6 was being announced it had James Earl Jones voicing Sherry Birkin lol so we should take this with a grain of salt although I would like if Hayter Played Solid while Keifer played Big Boss.

LightSamus1882d ago

I'd buy that, that could be the funniest thing ever.

mgszelda11882d ago

Anyone else find it odd that the guy in the redband trailer with the beret on does not speak.... !

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1882d ago

That guy was Kaz. Theres that seen where Ocelot is torturing Huey by throwing a bucket of water on his face and then you see Kaz wearing a Diamond Dogs beret. His sleeve was dangling since he is missing an arm and also you see his legs under the table and you can see that one of his legs is much skinnier than the other which to me indicates that he has a prosthetic. He looks at least ten years older than when Big Boss rescues him in Afghanistan.

Nitrowolf21882d ago

ah thanks for that, didn't noticed the first time.

Nitrowolf21882d ago

This guy?

That's Roy Campbell and I think he does speak at one point.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1882d ago

Thats not Roy i promise you. Those sun glasses belong to Kaz those are his signature shades. Watch the extended trailer again and you will see in that exact part from the picture you posted.My first comment i explain why it's Kaz.

THamm1882d ago

Yeah someone pointed out the fake left leg and missing arm in sleeve. Its Kaz

ZombieKiller1876d ago

Has anyone else noticed Kaz is blind too? Thats not Campbell. Not at all. You can tell my his movements and the way he acts that he was stripped of his sight

I bet his want for revenge is what stems this whole thing. I bet its deeper than that, but I bet once you rescue Kaz. When Snake puts on his sunglasses you can really tell if you look closely at his eyes.

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