Want to Play 153 (Mostly) Japanese Games for Free for 15 Days? Sony Says: “You’re Welcome”

Many don’t mind too much having to pay for PlayStation Plus to play online on the PS4, because with 21 free games for the US (at the moment of this writing) it looks like a very sweet deal. If you think that’s good, wait until you see what Japanese subscribers get…

At the moment of this writing the Japanese PS Plus Plus offers an enormous total of 153 free games between modern and classic ones to its subscribers, and thanks to a promotion you can play them for free for 15 days. Full guide on how to inside.

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ZodTheRipper1730d ago

Behold the power of Sony and PS+!

NumOnePS3FanBoy1729d ago

Can this possibly be a testing ground to see how many people download the games and based on that data they will create some sort of pricing for gaikai services allowing users to play as many current and previous gen games as they want for a yearly fee? time will tell. But i'm sure they're testing some grounds here

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Xaphy1730d ago

I woner why sony doesnt offer free ps1 games for nortth america/europe as well. It would also be nice to have some free ps2 games to play.

Larry L1730d ago

Sony stopped offering PS1 games for Plus because cry babies that post on the PSBlog who are the vocal minority were constantly crying about PS1 games just like they cry about anything, and once THAT gets changed.....they'll whine about something else. PSP games seem to be the current target.

I liked getting free PS1 and PSP games. They all look amazing on the Vita. That's why I love my Vita so much. All the PS1 FFs, Mega Man 1-3, even STar Wars Dark FOrces never looked more vivid and colorful. Gran Turismo PSP is still the best portable racing game on Vita. And being able to remap controls for these old games any way you want really makes alot of them better, there used to be no way to make Dark Forces play like a proper modern FPS, Vita is the only way.

I didn't even get it for Vita games for the most part. I more got it for the fact that PS1 and PSP games look so good on it along with it's browser being better than pretty much any phone's now that it's been updated. I just wish I could put all my digital comics on it. They would look AMAZING on the Vita screen.

Xaphy1730d ago

I hear you man. I absolutely love my vita and when a game comes out to ps vita and ps4 I go for the vita version because i just love holding that little device.

stage881730d ago

Downloading all of them now :D
153 games to choose from!

I love Sony!

pixelsword1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

PS+ is so good that they should allow us to choose whether or not we want it for our PS4s.

DragonKnight1730d ago

"Sony offers 153 free games"

Yep, Xbox Live is just as good.... /s

theEx1Le1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

There are also nice free dynamic themes on that store too. There are dark souls ones there so make sure to grab them!

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b_one1730d ago

Hmmm Sony could make some kind of cultural gaming exchange, sadly its all about publishers.

Abriael1730d ago

They did, unfortunately the wrong way.IE: they made events to sell western games in Japan

b_one1730d ago

i hope now it could be our turn ;)

admiralvic1730d ago

Well they added the Japanese section to the store a while back and MonkeyPawGames has been doing a great job marketing / bringing games over.

b_one1730d ago

on classics sure, as for jap section im from EU.

despair1730d ago

wish I could read/speak japanese as I assume most would not have an english option in them. Not worth it for someone like me :(

Abriael1730d ago

The true classics have very detailed guides online. They're still a lot of fun to play like that.

LKHGFDSA1730d ago

Most games don't require reading.

Cam9771730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Like Cho Aniki?
Why did I buy that game? If you don't know what it is them a quick Youtube search will set you right.

Abriael1730d ago

Haha oh goodness.. i DO know what it is.

Cam9771730d ago

This video sums up my reaction perfectly:

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