Retro Review: Golden Axe II | Fate of the Game

Jed Pressgrove from Fate of the Game says: "At best, this sequel to the hack n’ slash standard has a mixed reputation for being more of the same. But I’m firmly in this game’s corner. The little differences in this game add up for a better experience than the original. If you have to play a Sega Genesis Golden Axe game, this is the one."

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Inception1977d ago

Ah, good ol' time Golden Axe ^^ Playing this game over and over with my bro and friends.

1977d ago
Retroman1977d ago

who cares about Norma sitting making 4,637.00 get off this site with your scams shirleybaine this site about GAMING!! not scamming

sonicsidewinder1977d ago

I only played the first game :(

MWH1977d ago

I only played the Arcade games and both were classics.