The Best ‘Last Of Us’ Fan Made Graphics

Here are the best fan-made graphics about "The Last Of Us".

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Kiddcarter1915d ago

I lol'ed at the brick vs bottle one.....i always pick a brick myself

Dee_911915d ago

the zach galifianakis one killed me

JackVagina1915d ago

I always got the bottle cause it sounds cool

Transporter471915d ago

Brick melee the bastards until they die, Bottle breaks on impact... only good thing is to distract.

Y_51501915d ago

The only one I didn't like was the Frank Woods one. But the rest was pretty funny. :)

theDECAY1915d ago

Why does that last one say 2043? Wouldn't 20 years later be 2033?

Dee_911915d ago

that one really flew over you head...

its 10 years after that 20 years

theDECAY1914d ago

I get how time works. I guess the whole 10 years after the game didn't make much sense to me.

GenericNameHere1915d ago

2033, Ellie is still 14. 10 years later, 2043, Ellie is now 24, who becomes Lara Croft, and Joel becomes... That other guy I don't know.

Anyways, they should have put this one

theDECAY1914d ago

I guess it was just lame? lol.

Dee_911914d ago

How can you call something you dont get lame ?
thats like calling calculus stupid

Wagz221915d ago

Haha I liked the ammo one. I stealth kill a guy with a shotgun thinking this is awesome cause I only have one shell left. But apparently he was just holding a shotgun with no ammo, but if he saw me he would've shot me haha still love the game, but when that happened...what?

DarthBigE1915d ago

Bottle ftw!

lets see who gets the most agrees =D

Septic1915d ago

Its a tough choice. Bottle is louder but a brick is what Craig used in Friday to knock out Deebo.

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