Five Things Wrong With Microsoft

Art Green from ZeroContinues writes:

"Microsoft has held the distinction of being the market leader for most of the console race, until they were overtaken by the Nintendo Wii. Sporting a solid online service with Xbox Live (more on that in a bit) and a great slate of games that cater to the hardcore audience, the Xbox 360 has proven that Microsoft is a powerful force in this industry.

Yet, as with the Nintendo and Sony, I've got some problems with Microsoft."

Issues brought up in the article:

-Xbox Live
-Xbox 360 Ultra-Uber Gamer Hardcore Xtreme SKU
-Marketplace Redesign
-Recognizable Characters

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Breakfast3736d ago make stupid articles. Everything he has there is dumb. All MS REALLY needs to do is to fix my console before gta4 release.

THWIP3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

1.) Complaining about ads is pointless and stupid...ESPECIALLY since you have the option of turning them OFF. Besides, ads are EVERYWHERE...get used to it. At least they aren't pop-up ads.

2.) There aren't "6 different" SKU's for the 360. The Pro and Premium are EXACTLY THE SAME...just different names for the same SKU. The HALO 3 SE is the same as a Pro...just with the H3 look; this was a no-brainer for MS, and certainly not an industry first. The Arcade replaced the Core (or WILL, as supplies get displaced). There's really only 3 SKUs: Arcade, Pro and Elite.

3.) Complaining about "still having problems" with LIVE because you're "paying for it" is retarded. Problems occur with internet, phone, electricity...and most without a fuss. If it's a long-term problem, you may get a credit of some sort, but most of the time, not. Deal with it. I've not had one problem with LIVE since mid January, when the COD4 buzz died down.

nsky1713736d ago

@ 1.1
"There aren't "6 different" SKU's for the 360"

Not including the Halo, here's at least 5 different models.
2-Core and Premium. No HDMI
2-Arcade (alittle bit more stuff) and Pro. YES HDMI
1- Elite

wageslave3736d ago

There are *three* Xbox 360s.

A) Arcade
B) Premium
C) Elite

Thats it. Thats all. Arcade replaced core, they were never available at the same time.

3. Three. Three models.

Breakfast3736d ago

As it stands, this article has a million reports, and 7 approvals. Lets see what happens.

Breakfast3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

LOL it got approved...

News-4-Sony-Fanboys 1
News-4-Gamers 0

InYourMom3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Despite all the reports this story still got approved. I agree with those in the Open Zone that said this.

News-4-Sony-Fanboys 1
News-4-Gamers 0

Now watch it hit 900 degrees with only 20 comments.

mboojigga3736d ago

Who bitc*es about the ads? Who is at the dashboard long enough to care?

name3736d ago

The only things ms messed up with is the rrod and standard hard drive. They proved already that they could survive using only a dvd, but the harddrive thing definetly changed the way games are developed this gen.

wageslave3736d ago

Thankfully the heat issues were resolved in mid-2007. And, everyone who has an issue gets a free fix.

Now, If only Sony would take my 3 failed PS2s and give me a replacement... oh wait.

dachiefsman3736d ago

read first paragraph....then came to the conclusion this guy is a [email protected]

that the problem with society we spend to much time bltching about things instead of appreciating the things most people in the world never experience.....

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