For Nintendo, the Impossible is Possible

Richard George - Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime talk about Nintendo's future.

"The fact of the matter is that we’ve been here constantly. We’ve been betraying people’s expectations, in a good way, for a long time."

Satoru Iwata's confidence, both in his company's strategy and products, is inescapable. I walked into my meeting with Nintendo's global president with a list of questions asking about Nintendo's past mistakes and options for the future. And while I did ask those questions, I left with a better understanding of what Iwata hoped to accomplish, and why he is still confident that the oldest company in the games industry can turn its fortunes around. Iwata speaks with an unwavering, yet friendly and optimistic, conviction. He's realistic about Nintendo's struggles and weaknesses, while still describing all past choices within a framework of a company that time and time again has defied the odds and overcome hurdles that might spell the doom of any other company.

"Have you heard of the theory or the story of the four-minute mile?" Iwata asked me, leaning forward with a fixed, unwavering yet not unfriendly gaze.

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thomasmiller1880d ago

I agree much to the dismay of the sony and microsoft trolls,
Nintendo WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND!!! they have lasted over 100 years and they will last another 100 years, and the trolls will still be talking about how nintendo will fail BLAH,BLAH BLAH! HEY What ever helps them sleep better!

BullyMangler1880d ago

ha haa yeah exactly, whatever makes them feeL better hua haa . . and when someone says, "Nintendo is best gaming company" thats is a fact . not some fanboy spilling saliva . is a fact that nintendo has yet to be outcompeted.

kirbyu1879d ago

Nintendo haters shouldn't exist, because if it weren't for Nintendo, video games wouldn't exist.

_QQ_1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

They have proven this countless times.

tehpees31880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I think Wii U will find it's feet in the end. "Crisis" it may be in but it isn't something their franchises can't fix.

Nintendo offer something completely different to Sony and MS. That will see them through.

Flavor1880d ago

No one was talking about Nintendo at e3. Just saying.

thaimasker1880d ago

and yet the games they have shown will outsell mostly all shown...especially pokemon..just sayin.

jimmywolf1880d ago

just like CoD sell millions every time, does mean it good. casual an kids look for the flavor of the month an jump. Nintendo just so happens too always focus on that demographic

Trago13371880d ago

Remember how bad everyone thought Sony was DONE this gen when the PS3 first Launched, and it didn't get it's first system seller until almost TWO years after it was released.

The Wii U's been out for almost half a year, and everyone want Nintendo to go third party WTF?

byeGollum1880d ago

The Internet doesn't really count for the majority thankfully. .

jimmywolf1880d ago

key difference
1) sony had very expensive hardware while x box, wii were cheaper at the time offered almost the same thing

2)sony was hard to make games for developers wanted easy too make quick return why x box was favored too develop for an wii got 90% shovelware

3)wii U released late in console cycle had a chance too leap forward with technology instead went with cheaper parts too minimize lose

4) since it "next gen" it has too stand against x box one an ps4, after people see the difference as what others can offer, it will be a hard sell too go wii again in till the price drop

5) last point just my speculation, the wii U if it does do well or not, it will only last another 2-3 more years, before Nintendo jumps ship too better compete with ps4 x box one, as they have a history of making a lot of consoles or "revisions"

Trago13371880d ago

While that's true, you shoud also take in to consideration that Nintendo haven't had virtually any marketing for the Wii U.

Also, what big Killer game has been released for the system? Exactly. If they released all of their big games already and was STILL tanking, then I'd agree with you.

Also, since people saw the difference between the Vita and 3DS, How come everyone has yet to buy a Vita instead of a 3DS? The handheld has killer games. The Vita, while has some decent exclusives Lacks that killer app.

Same situation with the Wii U. Now Nintendo are gonna start releasing a new exclusive every month from August 'till the end of the year, with the really big guns being released in 2014.

I'd say that's pretty solid considering the big amounts of bad press, etc.

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