Sony Looking Into Making WARFRAME A Shared PS4 & PC Cooperative Experience

Extremely satisfied with the hardware side of the development process, Digital Extreme expressed that the hardware is “a dream to work with” – “The unified memory and the architecture are amazing, allowing for general purpose threading with a GPU that is absolutely kick ass!” according to creative director Steve Sinclair.

We were also excited to find out that while nothing has yet to be confirmed, because fans have been asking whether they would be able to transfer their PC WARFRAME accounts over to the PS4 and vice versa, as well as cooperatively play on the PS4 together with their PC counterparts

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GentlemenRUs2005d ago

Yeah, This could work!

They did it with Portal2 so why not!

Grave2005d ago

Played Portal 2 on Steam and my bud was on PS3. Worked flawlessly. Seriously don't understand why this isn't in more games.

Mounce2005d ago

Because 360/PS3 was for the most part, where most games were made on and Microsoft would never allow anything shared. Microsoft barely likes to share anything on their consoles to their Windows OS.

Sony is fine with sharing things on PC, which essentially would be Windows Operated than Microsoft is to their own OS. Silly, no?

4 > 1 - Sony listens and gives features For gamers even if PC-purchasers can't give profit to Sony.

miyamoto2005d ago

and DC Universe online
so freedom

FamilyGuy2004d ago

FF14 is like this too and that's PS3 players with PC players, PS4 will be included too when it's released.

Sony has no problem with this so I expect a lot of titles to cross-over this way.

Lone_Man2005d ago

the war between mouse and gamepad...lukin 4ward to it...

kratoz12092005d ago

Its a Co-op MMO so it doesn't really matter.

BiggCMan2005d ago

Exactly, in co op it doesn't matter. Also, I play this game HEAVILY right now in the PC beta, and I personally know, the keyboard/mouse controls are HORRIBLE in this game. The only thing that's good is aiming and shooting with the mouse, but that is any game cuz a mouse is just too amazing.

But the keyboard layout is just terrible, and I just didn't feel like changing it at the time. So I tried out my PS3 controller, and never looked back. This game is definitely a more controller friendly game

akiraburn2005d ago

@BiggCMan, yeah I mentioned in another article some stuff about this. I've been dropping a lot of time in on the Warframe beta as well. For the first several weeks I was using Keyboard/Mouse, but even after customizing all the keys to a layout that seemed practical, I was still getting some pains in my hand. And mind you, I do a lot of PC gaming in addition to my PS3, so this was a bit unexpected. What it boils down to, is that this is the kind of game that needs a lot of simultaneous inputs, which is cool, but even with a mechanical keyboard I've found that your hand will get tired after a little while.

So I switched to using my PS3 controller with this as well (via MotionInJoy) and it feels much better and I'm able to play almost universally smoother. The only thing that I'm not a huge fan of is the way that they handled for hacking terminals using a controller. I've found that I'm much slower on them without having the mouse cursor, and there seems to be some issues with getting the right node to be highlighted sometimes. I'm sure that by the time they're out of beta this will be refined.

The only other problem with a controller (and it's a small one) is that you still have to use your mouse on the menu screen and whatnot, as opposed to your controller handling the cursor. I'm sure that will be updated in the near future though.

On topic, this is great news if it turns out to be accurate. I've been hoping for this to work out, as I have a lot of PSN friends that would be playing this and I'd like to game with them, but I wouldn't want to completely restart my account just to play with them. Got my fingers crossed for full confirmation.

hellvaguy2005d ago

war with a key board and mouse, gamepad is at a serious disadvantage (for fps shooters anyways). lots of research and tournaments done on it. google if u don't believe me.

Ju2005d ago

Well, some games support mouse/KB on PS3. UT3 and new Dust 514 (which also supports Move). I see no reason why this wouldn't be possible on the PS4. PC version supports controllers as well (native DS support on PC would be nice - but MotionJoy works just fine). UT could actually use a "controller filter" in match making. But ultimately this should be the players choice, no?

kratoz12092005d ago

Man i am so excited to play this game on the PS4 :D also cant wait to play Planetside 2 :D

Angeljuice2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

It won't be a 'war' it's cooperative play only.

r212005d ago

This will be the 3rd attempt on a PS console with cross platform play. IIRC first, like gentleman says, was Portal 2 and second was Dust 514 and Eve. Really wish we had cross console play as well. Unlikely with xbox 1 but could be cool to see Wii U/PS4 cross play :D

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