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DriveClub - The official packshot

The packshot of DriveClub. (Driveclub, PS4)

Tripe_Down  +   404d ago
Nice game, nice concept .. day one buy
Blackdeath_663  +   404d ago
why? just get PS+ get the game for free but with limited content then buy the bit of the game you're missing for much cheaper.
DeadlyFire  +   404d ago
Some of us just like disc collections. :P
inveni0  +   404d ago
Yes, I've held onto my copy of Uncharted 3, even though PS+ wound up giving it to me for free.
Ksar  +   404d ago
looks ridiculous against forza 5.
Classyismyname   404d ago | Spam
darkslayer208  +   404d ago
no doubt it has better visuals than Forza 5..It looks photo realistic ..
shadow2797  +   404d ago
According to Digital Foundry, it has worse visuals and runs at half the frame rate. DriveClub is 30fps. Forza 5 runs at 60fps.

Credit where it's due. Turn10 knows their stuff.
HammadTheBeast  +   404d ago
Just pointing out, what was shown was an older build only 35% complete.
Shawtymann  +   404d ago
i was kinda hoping they would just leave the PS4 logo on the covers instead of adding Only on Playstation.
unchartedxplorer  +   404d ago
I think they should leave it there. Saves the consumer spending hours trying to find the Xbox one version
sAVAge_bEaST  +   403d ago
what xbox one owners?
Polysix  +   404d ago
I'm 50/50 - the PS4 box art/logos looks great and very 'collectible'. They could have put an easy peal sticker for the 'only on playstation' part. However it's gonna be funny in the retail stores when you see HOW MANY "Only for playstation" games are proudly displayed next to not that many XB1 exclusives.

I think they should definitely shout about their games being exclusives.
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Redrever  +   404d ago
$69.99 hope it comes with a picture frame so i can hang it on a wall.
Ju  +   404d ago
That's Euro's and includes tax. So, it's not $69.99.
EazyC  +   404d ago
I much prefer the minimalist style cover art that was shown before, what happened to that? Not digging how it has people on the cover too, it should just be cars. Imo, anyway :)

Like this?:

IRetrouk  +   404d ago
I think that they are trying to get across that its a social racing game though i do agree with you.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   403d ago
I don't see people on the cover, I see hipster kids which more likey than not can't drive... Anyway, I don't think they'll use the same cover for US, they had a lot of success promoting social experiences in Europe, but in US I don't think most people that even like racing games would give that cover a second lookout.
Destrania  +   404d ago
Can't wait to see how this game shapes up over the next 4-5 months. I know the final product will be outstanding.
TooTall19  +   404d ago
Along with Killzone of course!
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   404d ago
The best thing is that it will be free ^^ (for Plus members)
farhad2k8  +   404d ago
Looks much better than Forza 5, and it's a new IP!
The PS4 has immense power.
sarcastoid  +   404d ago
Looks decent. I'm disappointed they didn't go this route: https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.a...
Polysix  +   404d ago
good bit of art but I prefer the final design because it shows off the cars/representative graphic better!
PirateThom  +   404d ago
LoveSpuds  +   403d ago
I was really hopeful for Drive Club, being a Sony fan and moreover a big fan of the MotorStorm series.

Have to say, what was shown at E3 was a little underwhelming, there is still time for tweaking and polishing etc and you cannot judge the game by watching a couple of videos.

Like the boxart though, looks cool.
Man-E-Faces  +   403d ago
Terrible, ugly box art, you know if your going to put people on a game appealing to mostly men/boys, put some hot ladies on the cover and give me something to look at, dammit!
blanket14  +   403d ago
I would like proof about what shadow2797 is saying about drive club only running 30 fps I want a link and proof. sorry but unless its confirmed im not going to believe it.

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