DriveClub - The official packshot

The packshot of DriveClub.

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core_51730d ago

Nice game, nice concept .. day one buy

Blackdeath_6631730d ago

why? just get PS+ get the game for free but with limited content then buy the bit of the game you're missing for much cheaper.

DeadlyFire1730d ago

Some of us just like disc collections. :P

inveni01730d ago

Yes, I've held onto my copy of Uncharted 3, even though PS+ wound up giving it to me for free.

Ksar1730d ago

looks ridiculous against forza 5.

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darkslayer2081730d ago

no doubt it has better visuals than Forza 5..It looks photo realistic ..

shadow27971729d ago

According to Digital Foundry, it has worse visuals and runs at half the frame rate. DriveClub is 30fps. Forza 5 runs at 60fps.

Credit where it's due. Turn10 knows their stuff.

HammadTheBeast1730d ago

Just pointing out, what was shown was an older build only 35% complete.

B_Rian891730d ago

i was kinda hoping they would just leave the PS4 logo on the covers instead of adding Only on Playstation.

unchartedxplorer1730d ago

I think they should leave it there. Saves the consumer spending hours trying to find the Xbox one version

Polysix1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I'm 50/50 - the PS4 box art/logos looks great and very 'collectible'. They could have put an easy peal sticker for the 'only on playstation' part. However it's gonna be funny in the retail stores when you see HOW MANY "Only for playstation" games are proudly displayed next to not that many XB1 exclusives.

I think they should definitely shout about their games being exclusives.

Redrever1730d ago

$69.99 hope it comes with a picture frame so i can hang it on a wall.

Ju1730d ago

That's Euro's and includes tax. So, it's not $69.99.

EazyC1730d ago

I much prefer the minimalist style cover art that was shown before, what happened to that? Not digging how it has people on the cover too, it should just be cars. Imo, anyway :)

Like this?:

IRetrouk1730d ago

I think that they are trying to get across that its a social racing game though i do agree with you.


I don't see people on the cover, I see hipster kids which more likey than not can't drive... Anyway, I don't think they'll use the same cover for US, they had a lot of success promoting social experiences in Europe, but in US I don't think most people that even like racing games would give that cover a second lookout.

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The story is too old to be commented.