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Hands-on with 'Killzone: Shadow Fall'

USA Today's hands-on with Killzone: Shadow Fall during E3 2013 (E3, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

pedrof93  +   484d ago
Cant wait for it :D
hennessey86  +   484d ago
I just hope
They sort the frame rate issues out, reading a digital foundry artical and it drops to as low as 25fps at some points. Hopefully they can achieve a steady 30 by launch because I cant wait to play it.
USEYOURFIST  +   484d ago
I agree a steady framerate would be nice. However Killzone 2 also had a framerate of below 30 quite often and it didnt impact my enjoyment of the game. Personally i feel framerate is the new jaggies for next gen, ie the thing everyone is really scrutinising and worrying about, where in reality it is not as big a deal as its made out to be...unless its massivley noticable obviously which i havent experienced that frequently this gen luckily.
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s8anicslayer  +   484d ago
It's been reserved with my PS4 on launch day...I am ecstatic and can't wait to play this game, I've always love the Killzone franchise since it introduced on the PS2
stage88  +   484d ago
Yes! This will be the launch game to get.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   484d ago
Its almost scarey that they have until November? to polish it.
glenn1979  +   484d ago
we now that the graphic will be awesome that's for shure ,but I wanna now about the gameplay how about the level design,is there gonna stealth element etc ect etc either way cant wait
Polysix  +   484d ago
Bring it unto me!
nominal266  +   484d ago
I wonder how they are going to tie in the universe from Killzone 2/3 into this. I know its set far into the future, but lets see some fan service in reference to the older games.
ChipChipperson  +   484d ago
I really hope that gameplay-wise, it's more like Killzone 1. I played that recently after dusting off my PS2 and it blows 2 and 3 out of the water with the amount of gameplay and weapons( even though I still enjoy them a lot).
mayberry  +   484d ago
Killzone is so BOSS! I will definitely get KS:SF. Im confident the gameplay and level design will be as top notch as every other game GG has released.
greedybear88  +   482d ago
Can't wait to play this game!
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