Rumor: GTA will be return to Vice City in 2009?

A Belgian provider of significant size has recently received a joint Take Two in which the 2009 line up of the firm. On the one-2009 a paragraph much interesting:

"Grand Theft Auto Sequel (Not Announced): Find Vice City, plagued by corruption and decadence. Your case is being undermined by the local police, your mission is to rebuild the bar and to reaffirm at the head of the city of one thousand colors.

We await news of Take-Two on the issue before jumping to the ceiling for joy. We remind you that just GTA Vice City was released less than a year after GTA 3"

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BigKev453677d ago

It would be cool if it returned to Miami.

kid from brooklyn3677d ago

How bout GTA in Vegas....Possibly the greatest game of all time with gambling, casinos, bars, clubs & strippers. I would love to beat the sh-t out of a high roller at a craps table and take a couple hundred thousand from him!

Megaton3677d ago

I'd like it to go international.

Hong Kong? Berlin? Tokyo? St. Petersburg? London? (yes, I know there was a PS1 GTA here, but that doesn't really count =P).

Vegas would be best for another American GTA.

reaferfore203677d ago

London would be cool again. How about Jerusalem? That would be insane.

Kami3677d ago

just imagine
GTA: Mexico City

CrazyMystical3676d ago

they need to come ps exclusive again & drop at least 3 cities in one game/disc

can u imagine a redone sanandreas, a redone vice city, & the current liberty city in one game/disc

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Gran_Turismo3677d ago

Well, if they did Vice then San Andreas, and for GTA 5 did something like London, and other locations, that wouls be bad... although i want to see something new in the next GTA 4 Spin-off

TheHater3677d ago

I guess they are running out of Cities to have the GTA series in. LOL....:)
But I would love to see, if true, how Vice City look like with the current gen graphic

pricklypete3677d ago

Vice City I played for 4 years after it came out.

The music, environments and the characters were the best.

too bad you couldn't swim... even though it was florida... wtf

(vice city stories - meh)

Bring Back Mr. Vercetti!

jollygoodchap83677d ago

Ray Liotta did some awesome voice work on Vice City

It was also my favorite.

LOFT3163677d ago

Vice city is my favorite the best in my opinion
Like i said can you imagine Vice City in a next gen remake in all is HD Glory
It would look Just Awsome

Marceles3677d ago

I agree, Vice City was the most fun I've had playing GTA. A good story, good soundtrack, good voice acting, fun gameplay, and just enough to do without overdoing it

Danja3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Vice City is my fave GTA game ....everything thing was just done right...voice acting....the music rocked...the radio broadcast was funny as hell.....and who could forget lawyer not ...

I hope they actually take back GTA to Vice City long as they're using "Tommy' and not 'Lance"...

Iron Man 23677d ago

LOL I agree also,GTA Vice City was better than San Andreas IMO and I enjoyed it way more than I did San Andreas on the PS2;)

Danja3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

funny everyone who wants a GTA Vice City game on next gen consoles gets dis-agrees..

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LOFT3163677d ago

Of Vice City
Would be Awsome
Sure hope it's true

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