Microsoft and the greatest hoax ever told

When they said black, now they say white.

Xbox One and Microsoft probably lost their credibility by changing concepts which were the bases of the new console.

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green1796d ago

"Sorry Microsoft, your product, now so close to the consumer as the competition, is the least interest me, because your credibility sucks. Because your arguments musty smelling, because sales figures have flipped the concept of your product"

The level of quality journalism found on N4 G never seizes to amaze me lol

dedicatedtogamers1795d ago

"never seizes to amaze me lol"

Irony comes when we least expect it.

green1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

How dare i callout someone for bad journalisim especially since it is an anti-xbox article.

And i was not even refering to his spelling. I was refering to his use of "musty smelling" and "credibility sucks". WHat is he, 12 years old? If you call yourself a journalist,you should never use such language.

Anyway, the article is right up your street so i do not need to argue with you.

bicfitness1795d ago

@ green The expression is "right up your alley", not 'right up your street'. Your command of the English language is about as tight as your grip on reality.

What the article states is true. Why would any educated consumer pick a box that was technologically hamstringed and built around features (always online, Kinect integration) that are being dropped left and right? Honest question, but does that instill you with confidence that MS has any clue what they are doing with this box? Does it not tell you how terribly they misread the market. If MS loses in the US and UK, which all signs are currently indicating, its game over for them. They have no other real strongholds. Cable companies aren't partnering with them because they have their own boxes to sell. I'm sure that MS can eventually eke out some measure of success, but it won't be whatever they envisioned for the brand, that much is clear. And it won't come as easily as they thought either.

Chaostar1795d ago

You do know it's Google translated right?

gamertk4211795d ago

@bic. I believe the term is hamstrung.

KillrateOmega1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

They certainly haven't been expiring a lot of confidence in the Xbox One lately, what with all the features that it was previously build around being dropped.

I guess they're just trying to get ready for summer by busting out the flip flops.

gamertk4211795d ago

On the contrary, it seems as if they did "expire" quite a bit of gamer confidence. Hopefully this changes.

KillrateOmega1795d ago


My bad. Meant to say 'inspiring'.


2pacalypsenow1795d ago

It wasn't a hoax ,it was real then they changed it

Jarhead17761795d ago

Ya. It's google translated.

Gaming4Ever1795d ago

The trust people have in them is clearly diminishing as times goes on. Can they restore it? That remains to be seen. God the 360 was a good console.

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