The landscape of Next-Gen has changed once again

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: It would seem the Xbox One has re-secured it’s place as a guaranteed purchase for consumers after many doubts by consumers over it’s DRM and used game policies.

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NewMonday2002d ago

problem is they can't ship to many consoles this year, that is why many countries wont get it, and why they can't take more orders then they do in the USA .

a big reason they don't lower the price is because their are enough Xbox fans to buy all that is offered in the high price.

that is because they decided to live with low yield problem and not down-clock the XB1, but that leads to a smaller number of working units.

TheHybrid2002d ago

This was a really smart post. Good points. Makes perfect sense. They will likely lower the price once they sell to all the ppl willing to spend $500. If you can only make 300k X1s this year and there are 400k ppl like me ready to spend $500 on it, it would be absolutely nonsensical to lower the price.

JokesOnYou2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

newmonday any confirmation links of all seem to have an awful lot of information only a person working intimately with the X1 design would know, lol and I'm the one accused of being a Microsoft employee?

NewMonday2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF & JokesOnYou & gamertk421

the yield problems are real, they had 2 options, down-clock or get less working units, they went for the second option.

problem is MS still have to pay the cost of the un-usable manufactured parts, and that is why they cant take a big hit on the price.

right now they want to maintain a low distribution but large sell thru and the price will stay the same till next year at least.

in the business side it's a very interesting fight between MS and Sony.

SolidStoner2002d ago

WTF you all talking about chaaa.... ?

and who in the hell would want to read all over again what policies MS have now for xbone, it seems they can change it every month.... I dont trust that kind of business...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2002d ago

You still don't even know if that's true about low yield problems. You're just going off of Cboat. Ya, he's right at times, but also wrong too.

gamertk4212002d ago

Not sure if accurate, but didn't MS actually say there were no yield issues? This is significant only because if they did, and they usually don't speculate on rumors, then it is a message they clearly wanted public, in order to refute said rumor. Unless it was Harrison. No one knows what that bloke will say, lol.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2002d ago

Exactly. Just like they just came out yesterday to debunk the family share they were going to have being only for hour demos. It was for full games. Sometimes insiders are wrong.

NewMonday2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Greenberg said the comment was "false", but he didn't say what the "true" policy is, it's an age old PR trick, you have to word the question very clearly and not leave room for maneuver to get the truth out of him, like talking to a crossroads demon.

lets say "I have 9 games in my library, 9 people in my family sharing list are playing one separate game each at the same time, can they play indefinitely as long as they are connected?"

ExPresident2002d ago

I just find it unfortunate that websites are spewing all this support for the console when Microsoft showed their clear, anti-consumer, agenda with them at the start of their announcements.

Do not forget the company that tried to take your consumer rights from you because have no doubt they will try to do it again.

This isn't an attack against the "console" itself, rather than the company behind it so be clear on that. I'm all about having a variety of games and ways to play them, but be careful who you get in bed with.

gamertk4212002d ago

Hopefully they've learned that choice is paramount to innovation. I myself loved what they were trying to accomplish, but hated the way it was presented, and how the information was disseminated. Many aren't quite ready to take that drastic of a leap, but may opt in to it in 2-3 years when online services are much more robust than they are now. The policies they were trying to implement were not popular, but I believe a big part of that was because they did a horrendous job of explaining why each of those policies were implemented. Oh well, now they know that the next jump will probably require baby steps to achieve.

solidworm2002d ago

There will always be enough people who are willing to get screwed over and still pay for the pleasure. The human race is a sad set.

koolaid2512002d ago

They have the same policies as Sony does now. They are on an even playing field now.

solidworm2002d ago

Yes but if it wasnt for SONY/consumers/getting belted in the pre-orders they would have continued and screwed people too lame to stand up. I am not one of those sheep and will not easily forgive or forget what they tried to do. If someone tries to screw your wife but you catch them first does that make it OK?

Delive2002d ago

Not really an even field. Sony has their services outside their paywall. Netflix and movie services. F2P games like warframe and planetside 2. All of this does not require ps+. So far, gold is still required for like functions on xbo. Yes they both allow trading of used games and offline play, but those were not the only policies separating them. I like that they made the changes, but it still has not showed me that it is for us, the gamers, and not because of pressure from gamestop like stores or preorder discrepancies between ps4 and xbo.would they have changed if those 2 factors were not there?

blanket142002d ago

@koolaid they are not on the same playing field as sony at all, sony doesnt require kinect they dont need AA batteries in the controllers the ps4 is 50 percwnt more power and is 1oo dollars cheaper.and sony has not lied to customers or keep switching thier mind on stuff over and over. so please explain how they are on the same playing field I just

SpinalRemains1382002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

No they do not.

On Live, you MUST pay to subscribe to Live to do ANYTHING online. Anything online lives behind a paywall.

-free 2 play
-Web browser
-x game chat

PS4, the subscription for 50$ is required for multiplayer titles which cost money only.

Web browser
X game chat
PS store minis

all still free to use.

To say their policies are equal is to be lying.

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CoolBeansRus2002d ago

I think this is good. I dont want Microsoft getting kicked out of the console market because there will be no competition then, and things will get really bad.

Competition is good, choice is good.

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