NFS: Rivals executive producer talks online multiplayer, PS4 vs Xbox One and Frostbite

Amid the madness of this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Pocket-lint grabbed some downtime with Marcus Nilsson, head honcho of newly formed Ghost Games and executive producer on upcoming Need For Speed: Rivals.

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kaozgamer1577d ago

i wonder if this game has splitscreen multiplayer?

BuffMordecai1577d ago

I really hope so, but based on the last couple of NFS games released, it probably won't have it.

B-radical1577d ago

Will there be a big difference between PS4 and Xbox One in the future?

"My personal view: I don't think so. It's also too early to really tell."

Also Hideo Kojima said the difference isn't big


HammadTheBeast1577d ago

Multi-platform devs don't usually take sides, and its mainly so people won't be disappointed when the console they said was better didn't look way better than the competition.

We'll see proof come launch, and in the end, the first party games will show the best of the consoles.

Also, just for you Sadist3: M$ also paid them to say that. Cha-ching.

PFFT1577d ago

Sure they did. Stupid excuses from stupid fanboys.

Sadist31577d ago

Don't worry. Pretty soon soon fool will post a comment saying, "That developer doesn't know what he's talking about. Microsoft paid him to say that."

PFFT1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

LMFAO!!! Too late. The fool reared its ugly head. and Soon more will follow.

HammadTheBeast1577d ago

My comment was a joke. SMH >__>

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