The Last of Us: The Infected Could Wield Weapons And Were More Grotesque During Concept Stage

During a phase of video game making, a developer at some point had to draw some concept art to understand what they would be getting themselves into. In most cases, multiple sketches are drawn of an in-game model with only a few of them actually being used in the game. It appears that in those early development stages, Naughty Dog had some different ideas for the infected, a few that could have possibly changed the game completely from what it is now.

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The_Infected1068d ago

I just hoped for an infected MP mode:(

dedicatedtogamers1068d ago

I'd bet you that when the DLC starts rolling out, a co-op horde mode will be included. Hordes of Hunters, infected, and even a mix (perhaps if they fought one another) is what you'll see.

So yeah. Just wait for the DLC. I guarantee you something like what I described will be added.

BluEx6101068d ago

Would be cool if you had your own camp and can actually see your survivors, hungry, or even sick people. And have to protect your camp against hunters/infected. Have some of your survivors help you out maybe. I'm sure infected would be added on later. Got my season pass, can't wait.


The artciel should add PS4 tag: "but maybe perhaps they’ll use these in the sequels (if there’s going to be one)." ROFL, and Naughty Dog registered domains for and to sell infected juice there? Lol Talking about sth obvious !

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SanMarco1068d ago

Where's our infected mp at?

NeXXXuS1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )


i'm having a blast with the online though. I'm sure they'll put more modes into it.

r211068d ago

Thankfully, they didnt have them in the game IMO. Probably wouldnt fit in with the sorta realistic stuff they presented in the game. Although, it'd be interesting to fight them though.

bunfighterii1068d ago

yeah agreed. The infected are not as frightening as I thought they'd be, compared to the human enemies I find them much easier to beat.

ArchangelMike1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

And that is one of the great things about TLoU, the infected are frightening (play it on survivor), humans are much more frightening though, but in a different way (again, play ti on survivor). It just proves the great balance of the game.

But yeah, infected Horde mode please ND.

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The story is too old to be commented.