Ouya's $99 videogame console challenges pricier Xbox, PlayStation

Ouya's $99 Android videogame console goes on sale on Tuesday, the latest attempt by a growing crop of niche hardware makers to chip away at a market dominated by Sony Corp, Microsoft Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd.

Ouya hopes its cheaper cube-shaped console will prevail over the long-established gaming triumvirate's pricier hardware.

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NameRemoved00172004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

The article doesn't even mention the Ouya can use Nvidia Grid to stream the same games your playing right now/will be playing on the one/ps4.

zeal0us2004d ago

I doubt it will make a difference honestly. Ouya is just a niche product with the ability to run emulator, play indie games and media streamer. Basically a Roku box with more gaming compatibilities.

NameRemoved00172004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Lol its sad how uniformed the people on this site are. This is the last generation of traditional consoles. You will be forced to stream or buy a PC before this gen is over. Anyone that wants to reply and make themselves look like an idiot I will be glad to take a screenshot of your comments show show you when shit hits the fan and consoles die to streaming boxes in the next 5 years or so.

psyxon2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

@hdshatter Stop.

NameRemoved00172004d ago

Its amazing how easy it is to troll on this site... anonymoX has been turned off and this account will be dead and I will return to my normal account. Followers/stalkers/haters have been found, their bubbles will be decreased to one.

Have a wonderful night everyone.

M-M2004d ago


How does it feel to think you're trolling and having everyone else not caring what you say? People knew you were a troll from the start, no one ever believes what you're saying is real we're just playing along because it's funny to think you're trolling us.

psyxon2004d ago

damn this kid is dumb.

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zeal0us2004d ago

"You will be forced to stream or buy a PC before this gen is over." " consoles die to streaming boxes in the next 5 years or so. "

Man who told you that? In five years I'm pretty sure consoles will still be around especially see how long this gen has lasted. Sure you will see the rise of digital format but you will still see physical format around.

The fact that Ouya can do cloud gaming is great but the company waited to long to release the product. The device should've been release sooner while it was still relevant. Nvidia own product, Shield and MadCatz Mojo will overshadow the Ouya sadly.

Hicken2004d ago

You're joking, right?

The "future" you speak of requires internet infrastructure nowhere near enough people int he world will have in five years. PERHAPS by the end of the generation, it'll be viable for singleplayer games, but the latency that would exist in multiplayer would be ridiculous.

And at the rate the required infrastructure is being put in place, it'll take more than a decade before the US is ready, to say nothing of the rest of the world.

So no, not happening.

Kingthrash3602004d ago

lol..0 for 37 in tge agree/disagree 0 for 38.

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Animavicion2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAjajajajajaja jajajajajaja... ja... no.

PopRocks3592004d ago

Is the Ouya even relevant at this point? From what I've heard it's been delayed for so long that the already cheap tech is now even more outdated. Aside from open source game development, I can't see this being a massive success with anyone other those enthusiastic for indie game development.

With the PS4 and Nextbox duking it out and the Wii U somewhere in between, I don't see where the Ouya can fit in all this. Just my opinion mind you; I'm well aware that this thing can be a surprise smash hit once it hits shelves. I mean hell, the Kickstarter was already a roaring success. So who knows?

Summons752004d ago

No your pretty much right. People how've had hands on experience hate it. Devs dont support it and go to a place where you can reserve it and it comes to a surprise to the employees who know nothing about it. Ouya is a joke to gaming and how it even got funded was more likely thanks to people who have horrible credit, terrible money management or people who are under the generation that believes the infomercials on tv.

Hell even people who think cell phone games are actual games don't want this because thy already have angry birds on their phone and its portable.

This won't come close to even being a theat to SNM.

zeal0us2004d ago

Yeah the hardware inside is of it is outdated. It uses a Tegra 3. You average smartphone equipped with a S4Pro chip or Snapdragon 600 is stronger than it. Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 is just around the corner.

It would've been cool if they could have release the device last year instead of waiting this late when interest of it has died down. I'm pretty sure indie developers will flock to the PS4, especially with all the attention its been getting lately.

Soldierone2004d ago

It's a new generation. Every new generation all kinds of people try to jump in. A majority of them die before the new consoles release, while the others linger around a little longer.

Heck I was reading something, and even the damn "VR" (Virtual reality) goggles are trying to get sales again. Remember those all over Best Buy when PS3 and 360 released?

DeadlyFire2003d ago

Andriod's most powerful gaming component at the moment. Its not a great super system, but it does alright So we could see some titles like PS2 quality games at some point. Doubtful they will be perfect, but its an okay place for starter games. By 2014 it should surpass Wii and Gamecube quality graphics. By 2016/2017 it could compare to PS3/X360 game graphics. By 2019/2020 it could pass the WiiU with 500 or so Gigaflops, but then I expect PS5/Xbox 4 could be announced with 4 Tflops GPUs.

Its always gonna be a tech step behind, but it can fill the void where some nongamers could buy into it for less than $100 bucks and then get into the idea of a bigger powerful console in their house.

Ju2003d ago

I think they made one big mistake and this is not having low level HW access with the dev tools.

It's an Android console and then it isn't. Either you fully support Android and the Google Play store or you don't.

And if you don't, what's the point of limiting a already slow console to not allow the devs to squeeze the max out of the little box?

Sure, the NDK will most likely work, but it's not even mentioned in the ODK - nor really supported. A console is meant to be a closed environment and with it, it would be nice to try to squeeze the most out of the HW. The Tegra3 isn't state of the art, but done right it could be fun to work with. But with the tools they have it's just half the fun. We'll see. I might get me one...but, TBH, I think getting a tabled - which is faster and does all what the Ouya does makes just so much more sense.

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KillrateOmega2004d ago

Dude, I almost forgot that the Ouya existed...

Saints942004d ago

If I ever get one, I call it companion cube and stamp a heart on it.

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