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GR writes: "Cryptic Studios has been one of many important contributors to the MMO genre over the years with games like City of Heroes and Champions Online. But now it’s decided to take a crack at one of gaming's most beloved IPs: Dungeons & Dragons. It isn’t the first time the fantasy world of D&D has shaken hands with online RPGs, but it’s the most thoughtful rendition yet."

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dbjj120881883d ago

Fair review. 7/10 isn't too bad for a F2P and the group finder sounds cool. I'll check this one out.

JonnyBigBoss1883d ago

It has a group finder, man. A group finder.

knifefight1882d ago

What does that even do, though!?

NioRide1882d ago

Played it during the Beta, And it was a lot of fun, but we ended up dropping it once we figured that all the end game gear would be pay to own..

Fun none the less but other better titles out there.