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Submitted by NameRemoved0017 967d ago | article

AMD won the next-gen console war, and PC gamers could reap the reward

Sony and Microsoft will be duking out the next console war for years to come, but there's one company that wins no matter what: chipmaker AMD, which managed to put processors in every new console, including the Nintendo Wii U, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. If you buy any new game console this holiday, you'll be helping to fill AMD's depleted coffers — but AMD's sweep could have far more significance than that. The company's dominance in next-gen consoles could actually make PC gaming more relevant than it's been in ages. (AMD, Next-Gen, PC)

B-radical  +   967d ago
Ill reap my reward when maxwell comes out on pc
Orpheus  +   967d ago
The ones who disagreed have sinned.
Ignorance is their sin! :P
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blackmagic  +   967d ago
posted in the wrong spot
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Transporter47  +   967d ago
Looks like Nvidia is going to have a run for its money now.
Somebody  +   967d ago
I don't know...MS and Sony chose AMD simply because Nvidia offered a much higher price for their hardware. AMD was more than willing to offer a much lower price because things were not looking too good for it in the PC sector. I mean the article itself has a link talking about how AMD is struggling last year.

Nvidia is running to its banks to make more better hardware for the PC users.
Transporter47  +   967d ago
AMD give you more Performance for your Buck. Nvidia pumps the price quite a bit with comparable specs of an Nvidia and ATI card. I build computers i tend to always look at prices and performance
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blackmagic  +   967d ago
To quote cinemablend
Nvidia GTX says 'Hi' (the quote will make sense after clicking the link)

I like and own AMD but I openly admit that they are playing a defensive game with intel and nvidia
dcbronco  +   966d ago
Nvidia is not in that great a position. They could have used that console money regardless of what they claim. Tegra 4 has been a complete failure. AMD is coming into their own and are on the forefront of CPU technology. And it will be the consoles that prove their superior design. Nvidia might have a chance with Tegra 5, but AMD might lock down the market with Jaguar APUs in tablets and phones. If that happens, the roles will reverse and it will be Nvidia wondering if they will survive. I wouldn't buy any Intel or Nvidia stock.
Somebody  +   966d ago
I'm not doubting AMD gives us more performance for your buck. A lot of people stand by that claim so it's got to be true. I've own a couple of AMD cards and made my own PCs so I should know. And yet, AMD still struggled while Nvidia, who is pumping out much more expensive cards, still dominates.

Now, came along next gen with AMD as the main hardware maker and suddenly everyone shouting Nvidia is dead! Remember the days when everyone shouted the "PC gaming is dead"? Look how that turned out.

It's still very early in the game to say stuff like (that guy is running or that guy is dead) that especially when Nvidia still has a lot of money to hunker down and build their next killer hardware. AMD on the other hand would be very busy getting game developers settle in and pumping the hardware to meet demands. Didn't ATI had a great head start when Nvidia was too busy with the original X Box?
fossilfern  +   966d ago
Have to disagree both Nvidia and AMD knock back and forth for the performance crown. its not one sided.
Tsar4ever  +   959d ago
Your right, "Somebody", but I see this a definite WIN for all gamers, PC/Console/Mobile alike because as of starting next-gen,(*except for Wii U) The universal hardware & instruction set code for vgaming has been officially standardized, as PC X86-64 hardware. Porting games across all platforms would be much easier & cheaper, as said in this article.

All the gaming community need to do now is find a way to convince Sony, Microsoft & PC sector to agree to design compatible online servers so all platforms pc/console can all play together & compete off the same type of multiplayer games that come in all platforms as a "cross platform gaming" solution, there's no reason they can't do THIS time being that consoles/PC sharing the same X86 code/hardware.

This article should've read "AMD Command modes the next-gen console war, and pc gamers could reap the rewards." as in Comm Mode in BF4 multiplayer,
Somebody  +   959d ago

It should be a win for all but in the world of exclusivity, hardware or software wise, it's not that clear cut. There have been quite a number of articles after the PS4 first announcement that seem to give off the vibe that next gen multiplatform games will only give AMD the advantage while Nvidia will be spending a lot of time playing catch up with optimization.

It would be ideal for everyone in the industry to think about the other guys but innovation is based on competition and rivalries.
RiPPn  +   967d ago
It's going to be great that games will actually start taking advantage of multithreading. Should take full advantage these 8-core at Athlons.
NarooN  +   967d ago
There's no such thing as an octocore Athlon, lol.
RiPPn  +   967d ago
Sorry for some reason I thought the FX line had the Athlon name, ie: Athlon FX-8350. Guess I was wrong but the FX line are the ones I was referring to.
cunnilumpkin  +   967d ago
pc gaming always feels like its rewarding me, and here comes that steam summer sale!!!

chrispseuphoria  +   967d ago
PC Gaming is great but I play the majority of my games on the PS3. It's where most of my friends go to, it's easy to set up and the exclusives are excellent (The Last of Us especially). I don't think gamers are going to drop consoles this generation for PC due to these factors.
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TechnicianTed  +   967d ago
No one is saying they will, this article isn't about that.
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cyguration  +   967d ago
They obviously didn't win E3 for the Xbox One...Microsoft needed a little help from someone else...*cough*Nvidia*cough*
NioRide  +   967d ago
I was going through the codes on Codies new GRID 2, It actually supports 8 core systems, 5 are for the game and 2 are for the physics. I thought that was rather neet that they actually put that together.
FlyingFoxy  +   966d ago
Hopefully this means better framerates on PC's with mid/high end graphics cards, since some games like Crysis run poorly even at 1080P with high end cards.

Still 1080P is the sweet spot, but it should get a nice boost now with even better optimized games, and no low framerates and always over 60 hopefully.

But it seems like Source engine 2 isn't far away now, so i'll likely upgrade my video card/whole computer if i7 isn't good enough then.
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kingPoS  +   966d ago
It's a win win situation. Both console & PC gamers can benefit from AMD's progress.

What's not to like?
hellvaguy  +   966d ago
The benefits from next-console to pc has more to do with x86 processors, not AMD.
kingPoS  +   966d ago
Yes, yes... By way of the two platforms having similar architecture, the end result will in more efficient coding for both.
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hellvaguy  +   966d ago
The architecture is referring to the cpu x86 not the gpu. Xbox and sony have already been using gpu's from amd in the previous generations.
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CaulkSlap  +   966d ago
Yeah these new console's will be a great for PC gamers. First of all I'm glad 360/PS3 will no longer be the baseline for development. No matter what fidelity improvements our PC hardware can do, the core game is still designed for 2006 era specs.

The transition to x86 across all platforms will ease development and hopefully make scaling games up for PC hardware much smoother. Currently a lot of console ports run badly and don't take any advantage of far superior PC specs. I look forward to a future where every PC version has extensive graphical settings adjustments and efficiently uses my $1500 worth of components.

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