New Dragon’s Crown Videos Show the Game’s Mounts

In Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown, players will be able to mount a variety of deadly beasts. Aside from transporting characters quickly from one place to another, the mounts can also be used to attack enemies. Atlus released two brief game-play videos showing off these dangerous allies.

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Xer0_SiN1919d ago

dang! i been playing the heck out of dungeons and dragons in anticipation for this game. shadows over mystara makes me crave dragons crown even more LOL.

Inception1919d ago

What version you will buy for Dragon's Crown? PS3 / Vita?

GdaTyler1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

For me I would get the Vita version. Having this on the go is awesome, especially if I need a bathroom break and want to continue playing, ok just kidding :p

I wish it was cross-buy so I could get both. :'(

Xer0_SiN1919d ago

i love the vita, but im gonna show the ps3 some love. if i really like it, i wouldnt mind supporting the cause and buying it for the vita also >=). im not a real active HARDCORE gamer but ill game when i have a title i been waiting for a while. feel free to look me up with the time comes. right now im enjoying d&d and the last of us.

psn: Xer0_SiN

b_one1919d ago

Vita for me, dont know but seems it will be better there.

Knushwood Butt1918d ago

I've gone for the Vita version.

As for mounts, I'd like to mount... Ah, forget it.

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yeahokchief1918d ago

trying to get all my friends to buy this on launch for ps3. gonna be such a good game. you can get a great deal on it at amazon too!

i will hold off on vita version for a while since my vitas memory card is full. need to work on my my backlog.