Canadian Gaming Deals: June 21st – 27th, 2013 – Wii U for $149.99 With 5 Trades

If you couldn’t tell from the title it’s a pretty slow week for PlayStation related deals, with the Wii U for $149.99 with 5 trade-ins at Future Shop and Best Buy being the newsiest deal. Besides that, you can expect God of War: Ascension for $29.99, along with the chance to receive $100 off a PS4 or Xbox One at EB Games with some trades.

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TrendyGamers1639d ago

Wow, big deal for the Wii U if you have some newer games to trade.

Xof1639d ago

Only "select titles," all of which are new games worth at least $30-40 used. So, obviously, it's not really as good of a deal as it sounds.

JonnyBigBoss1639d ago

That's a great deal if you want a console that makes you wait 2 years for good games.

Animavicion1639d ago

is actually at the end of 2013, so it would be like half year :p

PopRocks3591639d ago

I was gonna say, it's only been half a year and those good games come out during summer. Also what about Monster Hunter and Lego City?

Animavicion1639d ago

@PopRocks359 are good games, but they are not blockbuster releases.

PopRocks3591639d ago

Fair point lol. But by and large they are at least GOOD games. That's what matters most, or at least should IMO.

Animavicion1639d ago

@PopRocks359 I know, but if they are not good sales does not help much promote the newly released console.

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NameRemoved00171639d ago

Or sell 5 new games on eBay and get the wii u for $50-$100.

knifefight1639d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Way more money in selling things yourself, but I guess there's an appeal to the convenience.